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It’s My Birthday And I’ll Go Blonde If I Want To; Complement Your Button-Up With A Beehive; And More


Ruby Jean WilsonFormer muse to Marc Jacobs and current catwalker Ruby Jean Wilson makes a triumphant return to blonde in honor of her birthday. Having your cake and getting a dye job, too—now that’s what I call a celebration. [Instagram]

Speaking of strands, Uniqlo debuted a new microsite, HairDo, that offers GIF-style how-tos on everything from beehives to braids. You’ll never make the mistake of pairing your turtleneck with a ponytail again. [The Cut]

Rihanna, like today’s birthday girl, opted to make a change—the difference being that the pop star’s transformation is far more permanent…and painful. A chisel and a mallet (yes, you read that right) were used to stamp her hand with a traditional Maori tattoo in honor of a recent trip to New Zealand. They don’t call her Bad Gal RiRi for nothing. []

Channeling your inner mountain man just got easier, and doesn’t even require pitching a tent. Take an excursion to the wild—otherwise known as Williamsburg—to see Hall Newbegin, founder of Juniper Ridge (a brand that brings the notion of backpacking to your bathroom via all-natural soaps and cologne) in action. He’s kicking off his two-month pop-up shop at Fellow Barber in Brooklyn by steaming raw ingredients (like foraged fir) on-site with a whiskey distiller. Newbegin told T that he encourages the public to bring their own “trimmings” to create bespoke scents. Will hipsters show up with PBR, American Spirits ambers, and grizzly beard clippings in hand? Only time shall tell. [T]

*UPDATE: Ruby Jean Wilson’s dramatic dye job turned out to be a wig. Here’s hoping she’ll take the plunge (for real, this time) at 21.

Fall’s Short Story


Last season, the chin-grazing crop wasn’t so much a trend as a phenomenon. Karlie Kloss may have gotten all the attention when she turned up to the Victoria’s Secret show in November, her mousy brown hair a few inches shorter, but Aline Weber, Ruby Aldridge, and Daria Werbowy had already blazed the edgy, chopped trail for Spring. It’s been interesting to watch hairstylists deal with models’ newfound affinity for short hair. For the most part, they have been content to let the girls with cuts walk without extensions, a rare move that bucks uniformity on the runway. But in a few other more telling instances, they have chosen to take everyone short—make that shorter. Following Guido Palau’s sprinkling of pixie dust backstage at Dior Couture in January, wispy boy cuts and shags have been making waves at the Fall shows. Ruby Jean Wilson started the season with a freshly shorn gamine style, while the shag that Palau gave British It girl Edie Campbell before the collections has not only earned her top billing at shows like Burberry Prorsum, Giles and Marc Jacobs but also inspired the army of impersonators Jacobs sent down his Fall runway. Add to this the floppy coif Swedish stunner Ellinore Erichsen sported at Christopher Kane and Sam McKnight’s recent masculine faux fringes at Clements Ribeiro, not to mention the shows’ overarching punk undercurrents, and there seems to be a new lustful length in town. We’ll see if it holds up in Milan and Paris.


Ruby Jean Wilson: From Brunette To Blonde, And Back


Ruby Jean Wilson made headlines back in September when she opened Marc Jacobs’ Spring show with a mattified platinum dye job that Guido Palau teased and tousled to create one of the more convincing Edie Sedgwick tributes on record. “I was bored with [it],” the 19-year-old Scottish beauty told us backstage of her formerly brunette hair, which ION Studio’s Mauricio Bermudez transformed into a rooty white blonde before Women and Supreme founder Paul Rowland hacked Wilson’s hair into a chin-grazing bob. Four months later and it appears as if Marc’s muse was ready for another change. Wilson stars alongside Janice Alida in Jacobs’ pre-fall Louis Vuitton lookbook, and at stylist extraordinaire Katie Grand’s request, she is sporting deep chocolate strands, a faded boy crop, and a very heavy set of bangs courtesy of hairstylist Malcolm Edwards and colorist Amy Fish. A bold move before the Fall shows start next month, to be sure, but hey—you don’t score consecutive Marc Jacobs-designed campaigns resting on your laurels. Thoughts on Ruby’s new look?

Photo: Alessandro Garafalo/; Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Poor Little Rich Girls, Backstage At Marc Jacobs


“I was bored with my hair,” Ruby Jean Wilson said nonchalantly backstage at Marc Jacobs, explaining why two months ago, she decided to cash in her dark brunette locks for a rooty, white-blond dye job. There’s no way she could’ve known that the color would land her both opening—and closing—duties on Jacobs’ Spring runway.

“A lot of the girls are based on [her]. Sometimes a girl comes in and becomes Marc’s muse,” Guido Palau admitted, explaining the impetus for the beauty look—which also included a nod to that original peroxide-blonde, big-browed icon, Edie Sedgwick. “She’s a punky New York girl, for sure, and she might be a little rich,” the Redken creative consultant continued, further describing Marc’s woman this season, who got a severely deep side part and a ton of texture thanks to a generous helping of Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Mousse Foam, its Refresh 01 Aerosol Hair Powder Dry Shampoo, and a new product called Quick Tease, which Palau described as having a quality between “a fiber and a spray.” The coiffing star added a touch of volume to the back of the crown—”not like Amy Winehouse, though that’s not the point,” he clarified—and gathered the lengths (some of which had been dyed Ruby’s precise shade of platinum or a contrasting matte black courtesy of Laurie Foley), securing them into a low ponytail. “I love your hair. It’s gorgeous,” Jacobs told a newly raven-haired Irina Lazareanu as we worked the room, checking on models’ progress.

François Nars was given the same Edie directive, which could not have been better timed considering his brand’s recent collaboration with the Andy Warhol foundation. “Everything is a coincidence,” Nars joked of the crossover that saw him on familiar ground. “This is more updated,” he said of this particular sixties homage, careful not to use the word “modern,” which “doesn’t mean anything,” as far as he’s concerned. “I took out the hardness of Edie’s look and kept the freshness,” he elaborated, prepping skin with his Sheer Glow Foundation and forthcoming Radiant Creamy Concealers and paling it out with his new-for-spring Light Reflecting Powder. Sculpting lids with the neutral shades from his Duo Eyeshadows in Key Largo and Portobello, Nars lined the upper lash line and the outer corner of the lower lash line with his Eyeliner Pencil in Black Moon, drawing a similar stroke through the crease—or “the banane” (a banana line), as they say in French—which he set with the onyx pigment from his Duo Eyeshadow in Pandora. Brows were beefed up to Edie proportions with his Single Eyeshadows in Bengali and Bali before Nars treated upper and lower lashes to multiple whips of his Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara. Poor little rich girls never looked better.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Meet Marc’s Muse


“Sometimes a girl comes in and becomes Marc’s muse,” Guido Palau explained backstage at Marc Jacobs of how he and makeup legend François Nars approached the designer’s Spring beauty look (more on that in a bit). “[This season], a lot of girls are based on Ruby.” That’d be Ruby Jean Wilson, who may have made the best decision of her career when she bleached her brunette hair and chopped it short at the beginning of the summer, thus inadvertently becoming the perfect face of Jacobs’ Edie Sedgwick-inspired collection. “I was bored with [it],” the 19-year-old Scottish stunner said of why she asked ION Studio’s Mauricio Bermudez to take her from chocolate brown to a rooty white platinum, after which Paul Rowland, the indelible Women and Supreme founder who headed to Ford two years ago, “hacked into it.” (Rowland, incidentally, has been responsible for a few of the season’s standout styling sessions so far, including Erin Macdonald’s short undercut and the pageboy bowl cut Athena Wilson debuted on the Marc runway as well.) As for what it feels like to be called Marc Jacobs’ “muse,” Wilson struggled to find the right words. “It’s an honor,” she finally mustered. “Since I started modeling, I’ve always loved [Marc's] shows. His girls have always been something I’ve taken inspiration from.” And so the inspired becomes the inspirer.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /