August 22 2014

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Body By Sachajuan


Sachajuan is one of those special hair-care brands that stays with you. The Swedish-born line that arrived stateside four years ago, courtesy of Woodley & Bunny sister act Erin and Misha Anderson, is almost a household name at this point, known by discerning beauty consumers for its effective ocean silk technology, which combines two different kinds of alga to help heal the hair shaft, and a truly distinct aroma. We are not lying when we say that we can sniff out Sachajuan products in strangers’ homes—call it a fun party trick. Recently, founders Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind have turned their formulating—and fragrance—know-how into a successful body-care range, which just launched stateside this month. Rooted in an oat-beta-glucan complex that penetrates deep into skin to help stimulate collagen, the six-piece collection of three body lotions and three corresponding body washes is highly effective. But it’s the carefully curated scents that will leave a lasting impression. Ginger Flower boasts essences of bergamot and lemon; Spicy Citrus features hints of cardamom, lemon, and coriander; and Shiny Citrus has an effervescent tinge of mandarin and mint. They’re sure to impress at your next house party.

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Photo: Courtesy of Sachajuan

Sachajuan Strikes Oil


Hair oils are sort of like BB creams these days; any line looking to contend in the global market has one. Not all multifunctional hair oils are created equal, though; there’s a certain standard by which we judge them that we’ve compiled here for your reading pleasure: A good hair oil should never leave your strands greasy, should treat dry and brittle ends while styling them, and should leave a light-reflecting sheen on even the dullest of locks. The Scandinavian hair geniuses at Sachajuan likely had this three-part plan in mind when they formulated their new all-purpose elixir. A seabuckthorn, sunflower, and rosemary oil blend with a 10 percent argan oil base (an impressive figure, as these things go), the golden fluid works on both wet and dry hair to restore smoothness and repair damage by coating the cuticle and boosting elasticity, which ensures less future damage from normal wear and tear. Plus, it has that signature Sachajuan aroma—a powdery floral scent that we’ll admit to being able to recognize in strangers’ bathrooms. Call it a beauty party trick.

Photo: Courtesy of

Beauty And The Beat: Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss Goes From Business Casual To “Bombastic, Energetic, And Tough”


With a varied career path that has included stints singing in the teen pop group RubyBlue and teaching the fourth grade, you’d hardly expect Alexis Krauss to have a soft spot for spiked leather jackets, big hoop earrings, and blunt jet-black bangs. Yet the Sleigh Bells front woman has developed a badass onstage persona that pairs perfectly with the band’s chainsaw rock sound. Since forming the Brooklyn-based outfit with Derek Miller in 2008, the twosome has released two albums (the latest, Reign of Terror, came out earlier this year) and garnered a diverse range of fans—including M.I.A., who signed them to her music label—and the throngs of kids who come to their sold-out shows to watch Krauss sing, dance, and headbang her way through the set. How does she maintain the high-level energy, night after night? “I try to stay as sober, well rested, and active as possible,” she explains, adding, “I bring my bike on the road with me and lately I’ve been practicing a lot of hot yoga—it’s an incredible challenge but the payoff is worth it!” Before heading out on a two-month tour, which takes Sleigh Bells across the U.S. and through Europe, Krauss let in on a few of her other tricks, including how to trim tough-girl bangs, doing your own nail art, and what it feels like to get a custom-made jacket from Nicola Formichetti.

What has been the biggest difference between releasing the first and second albums?
Our confidence levels. We are more assertive and more capable of making smarter business and creative decisions. We’ve learned to never compromise and to never succumb to the pressure or expectations of others. We no longer feel like the new kids on the block, and as a result we are more comfortable being who we want to be.

Rock ‘n’ roll has its fair share of tough girls. What is it about certain symbols of toughness—be it leather jackets or jet-black hair—that you think appeals to a lot of female performers?
I can only speak for myself, and in our case the band’s aesthetic is inextricably linked to the music we make. I want my style to represent our sound, which is bombastic, energetic, and tough while also being playful, innocent, and feminine. I like wearing clothes that represent that juxtaposition, whether it be pairing a studded leather jacket with a pair of pastel daisy dukes or classic white Keds with shredded fishnet stockings. I’m also constantly referencing the looks of rock ‘n’ roll’s most badass women, like Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Lita Ford, Debbie Harry, or Mary Weiss, to name a few.

So your look is pretty thought-out?
Honestly, it’s something that I’m constantly thinking about and cultivating. When I began performing in Sleigh Bells I was still teaching fourth grade, and it took some time to transition my wardrobe from business casual to what it is today. I did tons of research looking into designers and cultivating relationships with my favorites. I love working closely with small labels such as Obesity & Speed and Bambi and Manson to create looks that are compatible with mine and the band’s sensibilities. Like many women I love experimenting with clothing and makeup and I’m always pushing myself to take risks and try different things.

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Braids, Four Ways


We’ve never been bashful about sharing our love for braids in all their various incarnations on this blog—and for good reason. It’s utterly fascinating to us how one pretty basic technique (left, under, right, over) can be translated into so many different looks, all of which happen to be totally humidity-resistant. As summer winds down and an immovable raincloud settles above Manhattan, we asked the lovely ladies of Woodley & Bunny—stylist and co-founder Erin Anderson and stylist Katherine Munro—to share their favorite weather-proof braided ‘dos. Consider them good indoor activities to keep you busy during the scattered thunderstorms they’re predicting for the weekend.

The Pastel Side Plait
1. Spray a liberal amount of Sachajuan Ocean Mist through wet hair, create a side part, and then rough-dry using your hands instead of a brush.
2. Place individual colored clip-in extensions randomly throughout hair.
3. Run a pinky-sized dab of Sachajuan Hair Wax through the ends.
4. Gather hair to one side, do a two-strand braid, and tie with an elastic. Gently pull pieces out of the braid from the center to create a more lived-in look.
5. Finish with Sachajuan Volume Powder.

The Boku Braids
1. Apply a generous amount of Sachajuan Mousse all over and a dollop of Sachajuan Root Lift at the roots for added body. Blow-dry with a round brush.
2. Part hair in the middle and divide each section in two, French braiding both side sections to the nape of the neck and leaving the back sections loose. Secure with elastics.
3. Braid the loose hair using a classic three-strand braid technique and secure.
4. Leave loose or pin up randomly for allover texture.

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Woodley & Bunny Goes Digital


Despite electing to shut down the clothing arm of their Williamsburg-based salon-boutique-apothecary triple play earlier this summer, Woodley & Bunny’s beauty business is booming. Sisters and co-owners Erin and Misha Anderson have just launched an e-commerce site for the well-edited selection of products from Sachajuan, Lipstick Queen, and Nuxe, among others, available at their North 10th Street storefront. Putting on hipster-approved leggings, riding boots, and a fedora to brave the Bedford Avenue L train stop just to get your beauty fix is no longer necessary—hurray.

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images