August 21 2014

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Sally Hershberger, On The Cheap


Last week, I made a trip to Sally Hershberger’s Meatpacking District salon, a.k.a. the home of the $800 haircut, at the behest of the stylist herself. As appropriate prep for two days of face time on HSN, Hershberger invited a group of beauty editors to be her practice audience before she went in front of the cameras. And so I witnessed a preview of her new Luxe Layers Protective Blow Out Gel, which is meant to provide Hershberger’s patented “sexy, cool” factor at home. Useful on wet or dry hair, the gel is designed as a thermal protector to prevent heat damage and preserve color and uses an amino acid blend, completely devoid of alcohol and silicone, to leave hair strong without that brittle feeling that is typical of an at-home attempt at a salon-caliber blowout. When she was finished drying her volunteer’s hair, Hershberger made the would-be model walk around the room so the rest of us could touch her smooth locks. Awkwardness aside, her strands were super-soft, and not in a languid, motionless way, either. The product left some guts in the hair to allow for better styling and it definitely seemed to achieve the “hairdresser in the bottle” effect that Hershberger was going for. And at $18, a fraction of what it costs to actually sit in her chair, it’s the kind of stylist you can make frequent appointments with.

Photo: Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Sally Hershberger Talks Layers


We have something of a love-hate relationship with layers. We appreciate how they can help frame the face when added to longer styles or really create texture in choppy, shorter looks, but they will forever be stigmatized in our minds, a holdover effect from when the Friends-obsessed masses gave them a bad name in the mid-nineties. But according to celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger, you don’t need to get “the Rachel” to capitalize on the technique. We chatted with the shear genius about what she sees as the essential element for spring and fall styles, and got some tips to help you make the most of any cut.

So, the layered looks you’re seeing for spring/summer—are they somehow different from layered styles of old?

Well, the sexy, tousled look you get when you have layered hair has always been popular, but I think more women are turning to this style because it’s very versatile, and when cut right and styled with products designed specifically for layers, you can extend the time between cuts without sacrificing shape. The specific look for spring and summer is a little cleaner than what we’ve seen before, but it still has great movement—it’s about being piece-y without the choppiness of some earlier layered styles.

By piece-y do you mean short?

It’s more about great texture than a “must-have” length. Drew Barrymore (particularly in her recent W cover) is a good example of how the look can be worn at a shorter length, and Giselle’s longer layers are unbelievable.

What about cutting technique? Are there certain things that work better for different hair types?

If you have thin hair, you want to leave your layers long to avoid stringiness, but in general there’s much more flexibility in doing the look on thick hair. You can go shorter with the layers because you don’t have to worry about the ends looking lifeless. And if you have a ton of hair, longer layers will naturally stick together, which will give the style great definition and movement. I like to cut layers, then blend them into the style, and then go back and treat them with a razor to get incredible definition and separation.

As far as products go, is there something specific you would recommend to play up these cuts?

Well, 90 percent of women have layers in their hair, but until recently there were never products out there that really made the most of them. My Shagg Spray was the first product that enhanced layers and it was an instant hit, so I decided to create a whole line around layered hair. The Shagg Collection was the first complete line for layers and the products are designed to add definition and movement to any layered cut. I use the Shagg Spray or Shagg Rocks Liquid Gel to give hair some kick—then you just need to use your hands to create perfect, piece-y texture.

Do you think this collective newfound love for texture is going to carry over into fall?

I think the eighties are making an incredible comeback through fashion and makeup, and hair is no exception, which means raspy texture and more product. That being said, shorter layered styles that range from just off-the-shoulder bobs with light layering around the face to pixie cuts are going to be big. These looks are incredibly versatile and can be styled as sleek, sexy/messy with texture, or something a little more out there with a lot of attitude.

Photo: Courtesy of Sally Hershberger

Sally Hershberger Mingles With The Masses


It may cost upward of $800 to have your hair cut by Sally Hershberger, but today the celebrity hairstylist proves that she’s got mass appeal. Hershberger and a troop of stylists from her New York City salons will be on hand at the new Walgreens in Times Square from 1 to 5 p.m. offering demonstrations, conducting a Q&A session, and giving out 500 full-size bottles of the shear genius’ Shagg Spray as well as 400 $2 coupons for other products from her Professional Hair Care Line (if you were unaware, the drugstore giant added Hershberger to its new roster of high-end brands at the beginning of the year). There will also be a raffle for a free haircut at one of Hershberger’s two Manhattan-based salons, followed by an appearance by the stylist herself at 3:30. Walgreens is located at 1471 Broadway, although if you get disoriented amid all the fanfare, look up; its huge LED spectacular should tip you off.

Photo: Courtesy of Sally Hershberger