August 29 2014

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Clay Nation


beautyAfter a recent excursion to Martha’s Vineyard, a friend with an impeccable eye for beauty trends told me that she observed beachgoers slathering themselves in clay from the brightly colored Gay Head Cliffs. (Side note: These steep ridges are attached to one of the few nude beaches left in the U.S.). While incorporating clay into beauty rituals is not a new phenomenon—Cleopatra is said to have used it to preserve her complexion—it made me think of the many options that don’t require a ferry or a flight to this Massachusetts island in order to receive the benefits of the natural substance.

Two of my favorites: The Ageless Clarity White Clay Treatment Mask from Nuance Salma Hayek contains kaolin (a soft white clay), lemon extract, and camphor to detoxify, exfoliate, and soothe sensitive skin. And Clayspray, a brand that recently arrived Stateside from Spain and includes a range of white- and red-clay emulsions for your face infused with super-moisturizing macromolecular hydrogel. My go-to for toning down T-zone shine and eliminating impurities: Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay, a blend of collagen-boosting silica, healing magnesium, and circulation-improving iron. Plus, its airtight container ensures this formula never dries up. While I’m all for breaking the mold and taking on a beauty adventure, I’ll go for one of these at-home options over stripping down to my birthday suit outdoors any day.

Photos: Courtesy of Poke PR; Nuance Salma Hayek; Clayspray

Free Paris!; Katy Perry Catches The Perfume Bug; And More…


Paris Hilton has been vindicated! Sort of. HairTech International Inc., which was suing the heiress on grounds that she wore a competitor’s locks in 2008 and skipped out on launch-party hosting duties back in ’07, has dropped all of its charges. [TMZ]

“The folks in Japan are working on olfactory technology to allow [the mobile phone] to replace fragrance or so fragrance could be used in applications.” YES. [NYT]

is spending the new year in St. Bart’s (where else?) and is sporting the perfect accessory: beach hair. [Just Jared]

Purr, Katy Perry’s debut signature scent, has apparently whet the pop star’s appetite for fragrance. “It’s going to engage all the senses,” she recently said of her upcoming 2011 European tour. “We’re looking into alternative stuff like smell. We’re talking to a couple of companies at the moment about creating an aroma for the performance.” [CTV]

Carey Mulligan says she went through a “phase of not being comfortable with myself,” when she used to starve herself to appear thinner on camera and on stage. But that’s over now. “I’m not going to restrict myself or make myself miserable. I finally came to the realization that it doesn’t matter”—good advice for those of you planning a post-NYE crash diet. [Contact Music]

Photo: Courtesy of Katy Perry Purr

Guerlain To Update Shalimar; Jennifer Aniston Drinks Smart, Eats Solids; And More…


It appears as though Jade Jagger is getting in on the beauty game. The rock progeny-cum-jewelry designer has signed on to update Guerlain’s 85-year-old Shalimar bottle, due out this fall. If you’ll recall, Keith Richards’ wife and daughters used to front the perfume’s ad campaign; it seems as though Guerlain has decided to keep things in the family Stones. [WWD]

“I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating.” —Megan Fox, actress, role model, and self-proclaimed germaphobe. Sexiest woman alive, eh? [Independent]

At least now we know Fox isn’t on Hollywood’s newfangled baby food diet (pureeing food requires a fair bit of effort). And for that matter, neither is Jennifer Aniston, who has recently denied reports that she went off solids to shed pounds for a new role. Those washboard abs she’s sporting in her new Smart Water campaign are all thanks to running, yoga, and “hydration [she] can feel.” [Huff Po]

Salma Hayek Pinault is anti-Botox—and plastic surgery in general, as per the new issue of InStyle. But how does she feel about the new “no-trace face” techniques? [USA Today]

By now, most Twi-hard fans are aware that Robert Pattinson has cut his hair. What you may not have heard, however, is that some of those floppy brown discarded locks have gone missing. Look out for the eBay auction coming soon. [MTV U.K.]

Photo: Lorenvu / Sipa Press