September 2 2014

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Toys In Babeland


Call it a salon with benefits. In addition to a menu of cuts, colors, and luxe treatments, the walls at Patrick Melville, which reopened in May, are frequently lined with fine art by the likes of Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, thanks to a partnership with Soho’s William Bennett Gallery. And starting this week, you can channel your altruistic side while enjoying the Alice in Wonderland-themed Dalí paintings that are currently on display. From Thanksgiving through Christmas, all cuts and blowouts are 15 percent off if you bring a toy to be donated to New York City children in need. There’s a little something else in it for you, too; the salon happens to be connected to The Sports Club/L.A. in Rockefeller Center and booking any service grants you a two-hour grace period before or after your appointment to use the facility free of charge. Note: They’re taking appointments bright and early on Black Friday, so you can get a shop-till-you-drop blow-out—and start working off that turkey dinner.

Photo: Courtesy of the Patrick Melville Salon

Prada Makes Art Out Of Fragrance


When Prada introduced its Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger fragrance this past spring, it was on our summer favorites’ list before we even toyed with the idea of spritzing it onto our skin. The rectangular glass flacon came housed in one of the prettiest boxes we’ve ever seen, which made us want to like the orange blossom absolute eau despite the fact that we tend to shy away from similarly scented perfumes. (Full disclosure: The entire package sat, unopened, on our kitchen table for a few weeks so any visitors to our apartment might be able to marvel at the iconic green, pink, and orange floral wallpaper print that Miuccia Prada featured in her Fall 2003 collection.) Fortunately, we liked the warm, fresh scent even more when we eventually opened it—thus marginally justifying leaving the carton around for all to see. The Musée d’Orsay in Paris apparently relates to our obsession with its visual allure and has included the fragrance in its new exhibition entitled Art Nouveau Revival, which opened this week and is dedicated to re-evaluating the impact of the movement on contemporary culture. Prada’s pattern will be shown alongside work by artists like Man Ray, Salvador Dalí, and Aubrey Beardsley through February, giving us a legitimate reason to put the box back on display in our own home as an objet d’art.

Photo: Courtesy of Prada

Cuts and Colors, Now A Cultural Experience


Fusing art and beauty in a salon setting is starting to become something of a trend among New York’s newest hair haunts. ION Studio, which opened last fall to rave reviews about its green design and expert styling, hosts rotating exhibitions at its Wooster Street digs (the Italian founders’ most recent curatorial jaunt featured the paintings and photographs of Mexico City-born artist Erika Harrsch). And last night, the Patrick Melville Salon and Spa opened its newly remodeled doors to celebrate a unique partnership with Soho’s William Bennett Gallery. Celebrity hairstylist Patrick Melville and his partner in crime, colorist Rick Wellman, hope to redefine the typical salon atmosphere by integrating the beauty of art into the art of beauty, they explain, lining the walls of their Rockefeller Plaza space with rare works by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Marc Chagall, and Joan Miró. The collection will rotate every six weeks, a timeframe that correlates with the average duration of a cut and color, and is intended to bring a more complete sensory experience to the clientele: You’ll come for their exclusive Bio-Lights organic highlighting technique and a little on-site acupuncture, and stay to ruminate on cubism.

Photo: Albert Michael/