August 20 2014

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Nice To Meet You, My Good Fellow


BarberBack when he cofounded the original F.S.C. Barber in the back of Freemans Sporting Club on the Lower East Side, Sam Buffa was ahead of the curve on men’s growing grooming fascination. Most guys had a barber; few had one who was still prepared to offer a straight-razor shave or a tin of mustache wax. (Their grandfathers might have.) An empire rose. The original F.S.C. begat offspring in the West Village and San Francisco, and Barber & Supply in Williamsburg. Now, having split with his original partner, Taavo Somer, Buffa has opened the latest link in the chain, Fellow Barber by F.S.C., in Soho. It offers the same cuts, trims, and shaves as the other branches, in the same twenties-vintage barber’s chairs, but with a more pared-down, less urban-lumberjack vibe, and an important new twist: It now stocks an apothecary’s worth of men’s grooming products. “We’re going a little more modern,” Buffa said, gazing at the shelves lined with Malin + Goetz hair products, Geo. F. Trumper fragrances, Japanese Cool Grease pomade, and Santa Maria Novella soaps. “The idea is putting the apothecary on the same level as the barber services.” (The West Village and San Francisco F.S.C. Barber outposts will now go by Fellow Barber as well; the original L.E.S. space will transition to Freemans Sporting Club retail.)

In an earlier, more foolish era, such an emphasis on creams, oils, and unguents might have been branded metrosexual. But more and more, it seems, guys are ready to pay for products that work (and smell) better. “We’ve seen our guy grow with us,” Buffa said. “When we first opened, he shopped at Duane Reade.” Not to be found there: fragrance sprays and incense from the California foragers at Juniper Ridge, Japanese Binchotan-charcoal toothbrushes, and the just-shy-of-parody staples such as Dr. Dittmar mustache wax and Prospector Co. beard oil. In the service of all of these products, Fellow will have a full-time grooming guide to offer guidance and pilot an “essentials” program to note customers’ favorite products and redeliver them, automatically, at agreed-upon intervals. To start, this service will be limited to a ten-block radius only. Yes, almost all of its products are now available for sale on the shop’s Web site, But once the spacious backyard is completed—one that, tantalizingly, connects to the back patio of like-minded neighbors, Saturdays Surf—a visit to the brick-and-mortar pile shouldn’t be too hard a sell.

Fellow Barber is now open at 33 Crosby Street, NYC.

Beauty 411: Jenni Kayne


Jenni KayneA chic flat shoe can be hard to find. So that it happens to be the hero product of L.A.-based designer Jenni Kayne’s eponymous line should come as no surprise. We speak specifically of her D’Orsay flat. Perfectly cut for ultimate foot flattery, highly wearable, and available in a veritable Crayola box of colors, they have graced the feet of many a style-setter, both famous and not. Besides dreaming up a pair of flats par excellence, Kayne, who launched her brand while still a teenager, is known for dealing in clothes with a simple but sophisticated appeal—modern easy-wear, if you will. She has also recently turned her attention to the wide world of personal blogs with the launch of Rip + Tan, a very Goop-esque lifestyle site named after her kids, Ripley and Tanner, with everything from recipes to product finds. This year marks Jenni Kayne’s (the brand, that is) tenth birthday, a perfect time, we think, to check in with her and get the scoop on some of her own beauty favorites.

“My best friend, Nicole Simone, turned me on to Jessica’s just over eight years ago, and I go religiously every week. It’s totally old-school. They have amazing nail polishes, and the manicures are the best. It has become such a part of my routine that I don’t feel like I can breathe if I skip a week.”

For more information, visit here.

“I go once a week for acupuncture, to try to stay balanced and have a relaxing hour to myself. It keeps me healthy and sane. I drink their Chinese herbs daily—they keep me from getting sick and definitely shorten colds when I get them.”

For more information, visit

“Terri is the best. I always leave glowing, balanced, and relaxed. I try to go once every two months. She also makes amazing products—I use her Stem Cell Moisturizer daily.”

For more information, visit

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Santa Maria Novella In Expansion Mode, Beyoncé’s In-Flight Beauty Routine, And More…


It just got easier to get your hands on Santa Maria Novella’s storied bath and body products. The thirteenth-century Florentine brand’s U.S. distributor, Lafco, will open a fifth free-standing store for the brand this May in Maryland, with its eyes on Denver and Toronto for continued growth. [WWD]

Aesop is also expounding on its U.S. expansion. The Aussie skincare favorite has revealed that it will open four, not three, New York stores by Christmas, including a kiosk in Grand Central station, standalone storefronts in Greenwich Village and Nolita (as previously reported), and a Bleecker Street flagship, if everything goes according to plan. [Racked]

After a whirlwind weekend of outfit changes and café hopping in Paris, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are headed back to the states. Bey’s in-flight beauty look? A middle-parted low-laying bun and a bright red lip—L’Oréal Infallible, presumably. It’s just like her commercial says: When she has to be on, there’s only one lipstick she trusts to stay on…through an eight-hour flight and then some. [Just Jared]

Pucker up for Morphine Lips—a new balm that contains 4 percent benzocaine to numb your lips into a permanent pout. The brand tried a 12 percent formulation at first, but it reportedly “numbed your whole face.” Not cute. [Fashionista]

Photo: Courtesy of Just Jared / Flynet Online

Santa Maria Novella Gets More Face Time


The Lafco boutique on New York’s Lafayette Street is pretty much the ultimate respite for the shopping-weary. A quiet, airy space packed with a treasure trove of beauty products, it shares little in common with the mega-brand stores lining nearby lower Broadway. Its most admirable feature, of course, is that it’s the sole U.S. importer of the 400-year-old Santa Maria Novella line. Shelves are lined with classics from the Florentine brand, like its Rose Water (which works wonders on puffy eyes and overheated skin) and Acqua di Colonia fragrance (go for the Honeysuckle or Violet scents), as well as its Anti-Hysteria Water, which dates back to 1614, when it was used to calm women driven into a frenzy by tight corsets (now it soothes both indigestion and motion sickness). The well-appointed shop has just started stocking the new Aetus Salubris face collection as well. Latin for “time of life,” the four-piece range comprises the rich, milk-thistle-based Nonox Day Cream, the Indian mulberry and algae-filled replenishing Noni Night Cream, and the super-emollient Protective Oil. We’ve become particularly fond of the apple stem cell-packed, antiaging Regenerative Serum, designed to brighten and smooth the skin while helping to ward off UV damage. Its lightweight texture and effective formula should make for a stellar summer moisturizer, if and when warmer weather ever arrives.

The 411: Jon Bresler


Making the jump from lawyer to purveyor of high-end European personal care products may seem like an odd transition to some. But not to LAFCO New York founder Jon Bresler. Fans know Bresler as the man who convinced Italian brand Santa Maria Novella to let him import its prestigious bath, body, and fragrance products to America for the first time. But the thirteenth-century pharmacist-cum-beauty brand isn’t the only Southern European standout he’s responsible for bringing to our attention. LAFCO opened its flagship over ten years ago with Claus Porto, a 130-year-old, family-owned Portuguese soap-making outfit that Bresler updated with archive-sourced brightly colored Art Deco wrappings. After that, he turned his attention to Eau d’Italie fragrances and perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi’s covetable niche line. Now also selling an eponymous brand of scented candles created in collaboration with creative director Vincent LaRouche, Bresler’s Nolita boutique boasts satellite locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami. Here, he shares his favorite primping essentials—no, not all self-proclaimed “beauty junkies” are female.

The Pro: Jon Bresler, founder of LAFCO NYC.

The Destination Spa: Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires

“I run a very hands-on type of business and visit this bucolic spot at least three times a year to unwind and regenerate. The elegant ambience and perfect accommodations are balanced with the breathtaking grounds and scenery. I discovered my ‘Breathing Guru,’ Mark, and his class, The Power of Breath, on one of my recent visits. These particular classes have literally changed my life.”

Canyon Ranch, 165 Kemble St., Lenox, Mass., (800) 742-9000,

The Hot Little Number: LAFCO’s House & Home Bedroom Candle

“Being in the beauty business, I know that sleep is essential for true and complete health, since while we are resting, our bodies are building, repairing, regenerating, and stocking up for the onslaught of the next day. This candle’s soothing chamomile lavender fragrance lingers on, creating a truly restful environment. There is really nothing quite like it.”

LAFCO House & Home Master Bedroom Candle, $55,

The Skincare Must-Have: Erbe Rosemary Toner

“During a facial at the Erbe Spa [in Soho], I received the most beneficial beauty advice. The facialist told me one of the most damaging things for one’s skin is the chemical and pollutant residue left on your face by tap water, so she recommended using a toner [instead]. Ever since, I’ve been using Erbe’s rosemary toner post-cleansing and shaving. It’s calming and balancing.”

Erbe Rosemary Water, $66,

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