August 2 2014

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Get Arms Like Sarah Jessica Parker’s—in Less Than Five Minutes!


Summer has officially arrived and baring arms isn’t so much a choice as a necessity. If you want to tone and sculpt in less than five minutes, try this weight-free workout (favored by Sarah Jessica Parker) courtesy of fitness guru Anna Kaiser at AKT in Motion. While it won’t replace a trip to the gym—Kaiser refers to this video as more of a “tease”—it can “strengthen your intrinsic muscles in an eccentric way.” Grab a hand towel, click play once a day for the next two weeks, and get into tank-top-ready shape in no time.

The UES Gets a Brand New Set of Moves


AKT in MotionAnna Kaiser doesn’t just have a body that rivals Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker’s ultra-toned figures—she counts them among her clients. And aside from making celebrities sweat, this trainer has a pedigree that includes dancing backup for Shakira, touring internationally with Fame!, performing on Broadway for the fiftieth anniversary of West Side Story, and serving as Tracy Anderson’s chief content officer. Her “technique” (I was quickly corrected when I referred to it as a “method”), AKT in Motion, has garnered a following that spans from the Upper East Side to Soho. Now, Kaiser is finally opening her six-thousand-square-foot flagship on 84th Street between Second and Third Avenues. (For the downtown set that doesn’t dare venture above 14th Street, the 52 Mercer Street studio will remain open).

Her permanent address features a large class studio, two smaller private studios, and a treatment room (for massage therapy and acupuncture). There is also functional diagnostic nutritionist available on site for consultations and a lounge where you can grab a coffee, shoot out a few emails, and catch up with friends after class. “You go to these boutique fitness studios and there’s no place to hang out,” she said. “You’re thrown back out on the street when the next forty people come to class…It’s so important to be able to sit down, have a conversation with a friend, and make fitness a part of your life.” As someone who thoroughly enjoys the “cool-down” portion of most workouts, I could definitely get into this couch/magazine situation. Of course there are changing rooms equipped with showers, and for the more dedicated students, locker rentals that include laundry service so you don’t have to enjoy the free upper-body warm-up you get by lugging a gym bag up and down the subway stairs.

As for the technique, one would think that, since Kaiser comes from a dance background, her classes would involve choreography designed for people with rhythm (note: I am not a member of this coordinated group), but she assures me that beginners can keep up with AKT (the first level that lasts a full hour). “It’s geared more toward calisthenics than plyometrics—[essentially] heightened pedestrian movement,” she explained. “You’re not going to be doing pirouettes and leaps…but really using your body in all planes of motion so that there’s a lateral transfer, allowing you to get the best and most proportional results.” Happy Hour, the intermediate class, does not involve cheap booze as the name suggests, but instead shocks the system by taking the beginner-level movements and incorporating them into a dance sequence. For the advanced, there’s S&M—a ninety-minute interval session that works you from head to toe.

Personal training is also offered by Kaiser’s team, all of whom danced professionally for five years or more and are trained in everything from prenatal yoga to PRX. “This is really important to me because dancers have a different relationship to movement and to their bodies—they’ve been using their body as a tool their entire lives,” she said. She encourages clients to work one-on-one in addition to taking group classes to tailor the technique to their bodies and goals. Semi-privates, or “Team Trains,” are also available with up to five people. You don’t even need to have SJP or Ripa’s deep pockets to get involved: A monthly, unlimited membership is $450 (this includes access to the downtown location, and a trainer is assigned to you to answer any and all questions), while à la carte classes are $35 for sixty minutes and $45 for ninety. But for the first two weeks at the flagship (November 1 through 15), unlimited classes will be $84 per week (a nod to the studio’s address)—making Kaiser’s dance revolution available to the people.

Opening November 1, 244 East 84th Street, New York, (212) 858-0305;

Photos: Michelle Rose

A VS Angel Shares Her Show Prep Secrets; Hair Toppers At The Horse Races; Biel’s Beauty Secrets; And More…


Wondering how the Angels are prepping for next week’s Victoria’s Secret show? Aside from boxing in the morning and Pilates at night, Candice Swanepoel is getting facials and using Oribe treatments for her hair. [Allure]

Karl Lagerfeld has created a capsule collection of beauty products, including nail polishes and eye shadows, for Sephora. He’s also designed a snow globe with a doll of himself for the beauty giant, due out November 6. [WWD]

Celebrities stepped out for Australia’s Crown Oaks Day horse races wearing eye-catching hair accessories, from Elizabeth Hurley’s white orchid topper to Sarah Jessica Parker’s bejeweled hair clip. Yea or nay? [Bella Sugar]

In the latest Elle, cover girl Jessica Biel reveals the secret to her “soft pink but ultraglossy pout” is Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Peony. As for her fit body, the secret isn’t something you can buy: “I grew up using my body, playing soccer, doing gymnastics. I’m just not one of those people who are super-duper skinny.” [Elle]


SJP Goes Retro; Lady Gaga’s Hairy Situation; And More…


Sarah Jessica Parker went big last night at the Robin Hood Foundation gala in New York with an extra-voluminous bouffant—a further testament that the sixties are indeed huge for fall. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. [E!]

Hot on the heels of “Judas,” Lady Gaga is set to drop yet another track off of the much-anticipated Born This Way album. This one is called “Hair,” and needless to say, we can’t wait to see what kind of weaves, wigs, and extensions make it into the video. [MTV]

According to a new survey, tanning salons in the U.S. aren’t doing nearly enough to warn teenagers about the risks associated with tanning beds. What part about UV light beds being as cancer-causing as arsenic, asbestos, and mustard gas don’t these people understand?! [U.S. News & World Report]

Kate Middleton’s no-makeup-artist-needed wedding day mantra is sparking both brides and beauty companies to follow her lead. To wit, Urban Decay has just released an Urban Bride kit that’s packed with wedding day touch-up tools and a setting spray so you can paint your own face and rest assured it won’t move. [Bella Sugar]

Photo: Victor Chavez / Getty Images

Julia Robert’s Mane Man, Now Making House Calls


When you see a famous person on a magazine cover or the red carpet with cascading waves of airy hair, chances are Serge Normant has run his fingers through it. The beloved French stylist has tended to the tresses of America’s sweethearts (Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon) and all the major supers (Linda, Christy, Cindy). After a successful, long-running relationship with John Frieda, where he served as a creative director, Normant recently parted ways to develop his own line of eponymous haircare, which we’ve been eagerly waiting to try out. The eight-piece collection is formulated with Keravis, a vegetable-derived strengthening complex, along with natural ingredients and high-tech compounds that work like skincare creams to repair the hair cuticle while also imparting that enviable shine and free-flowing movement that Normant is famous for. When asked to pick out his favorites, Normant points to the Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray, a weightless frizz-tamer made with camellia and olive fruit oil that can be applied wet or dry; and the Meta Revive Dry Shampoo with Cedar Bark, which adds wind-blown texture but doesn’t leave strands stiff and dull—or powdery white (it’s a transparent mist). We recently saw the Meta Lush Volumizer in action on a photo shoot and were impressed with how it doubled the thickness of every model’s hair and made it glisten, and then glisten some more. Normant has hinted that there are more products in the works, the first being a set of dry shampoos to match different hair colors. The core collection just launched on the stylist’s Web site; let the virtual pillaging begin.

Photo: Courtesy of Serge Normant