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Body By Palin; Scarlett Goes Hitchcock Blonde; And More…


Never mind those slightly unsettling pictures of the former governor of Alaska looking rail-thin—and sporting some…interesting highlights and frosted lipstick—that surfaced online yesterday. Sarah Palin is just fine, she says—and in the process of writing a health and fitness book. [People]

The beauty press can’t get enough of Brad Pitt as the debut of his first Chanel No. 5 ad grows near. Pitt’s latest blog fodder? Dreadlocks. The blond heartthrob gets all twisted up for the latest issue of Interview magazine. [Grazia]

Speaking of blonde heartthrobs, Scarlett Johansson and her flaxen locks experiment with a sixties-era set in the trailer for next month’s Hitchcock.[Just Jared]

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Lisa Hoffman X Tom Binns; Sarah Palin’s SoCal Beauty Moment; And More…


Beauty baubles have always been just fine by us, but Lisa Hoffman just made her perfumed trinkets that much more covetable by enlisting the, er, packaging services of jewelry designer Tom Binns. Yes,we would wear that aromatic necklace-turned-diffuser, pictured above. [WWD]

Bye-bye, back-combed bump; hello, frosted lipstick, questionable highlights, and a noticeably-thin frame. Sarah Palin gets a makeover, Hollywood style. [The Cut]

Ben Affleck’s shaggy, side-swept hair in the new flick Argo was not a Justin Bieber homage, OK? “I am a big fan of Justin Bieber’s, but I was not trying to emulate his haircut,” Affleck insists. “I felt like I was more of a Kurt Russell in Escape From New York vibe.” [CBS]

Let it be known: Pulling out one gray hair will not make two more grow in its place, according to Philip Kingsley Clinic trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips. It won’t prevent that single silver strand from growing back either, however. [Huff Po]

Jean Paul Gaultier has just released his latest bottle design for Diet Coke, which features a tattooed female silhouette—and an equally inked-up Daisy Lowe as spokesperson. [Telegraph]

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Hoffman

Being Sarah Palin’s Hair And Makeup; Lindsay’s Red Alert; and More..


Julianne Moore is a dead ringer for Sarah Palin in the new HBO flick Game Changer, which has a lot to do with an impressive hair and makeup job. “I’ve never been tan in my life, so we had to cover up my freckles, then darken my skin, and there was contouring,” says Moore, who spent two hours in the makeup chair each morning to get into character. Re-drawn lip lines, fake nails, and carefully selected contacts also helped along the transformation. “I asked to make the iris of the lens bigger than my iris. She has enormous brown eyes, so it made my eyes look bigger.” [People]

WWD caught up with fashion’s favorite hairstylist, Guido Palau, to find out what inspires the man Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada trust to make coiffing history each season, and according to Palau, he’s a sponge for information. “If I see something once, it goes in [my head],” he says. “It could be a painting or a building or a texture of hair or someone’s hair on the street or a movie or a moment. If I like it, it somehow gets stored in my brain and will come out at a certain moment. Style comes from everywhere. You just have to be open to it and take it all in.” [WWD]

Nicholas Kirkwood had a specific someone’s hair in mind when he designed a pair of shoes with a red ponytail dangling off the back. “It’s like a Florence and the Machine kind of red,” he says of the detail on the Jean Cocteau and Elsa Schiaparelli-inspired boot. [Fashionista]

Lindsay Lohan is making beauty headlines today—and the buzz has nothing to do with the did-she-or-didn’t-she speculation over her perfectly pouty lips: The natural redhead has cashed in her platinum-blond locks for a shade of light auburn. [Perez Hilton]

According to data from leading plastic surgeons around the world, the most sought-after female features include Taylor Swift’s hair, Natalie Portman’s nose, Anne Hathaway’s eyes, Scarlett Johansson’s lips, January Jones’ cheeks, and Halle Berry’s jawline—which equals one weird-looking composite. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Credit: Phillip V. Caruso/HBO

The “Sarah” Gets An Update; Sandra, In The Flesh—And In 3-D; And More…


Sarah Palin has updated her signature bangs and beehive hairstyle with—wait for it—waves! The conservative pundit debuted the new look during a recent cameo on Fox News (obviously). [Huff Po]

In other hair makeover news, Cameron Diaz was spotted sporting a shorter—and blonder—crop on a recent Hawaiian vacation. [E!]

In a groundbreaking bit of investigative journalism, the Times has found that most experts agree: You should apply your base makeup in the comfort of your own home and only fill your makeup bag with “essentials” for touch-ups. Stop the presses. [NYT]

Get this: For her next film, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity (due out in October), Sandra Bullock will appear without makeup—and in 3-D! “God help us all when my face comes rushing at you with no makeup on,” the actress jokes. [Marie

Speaking of Bullock, her go-to fitness instructor, Simone De La Rue, is poised to unseat Tracy Anderson as the Hollywood set’s preferred workout guru. Body By Simone (or BBS), the New York-based trainer’s core-strengthening program combining pilates, yoga, and dance, is already the chosen exercise method of A-listers like Anne Hathaway and Matt Damon. [Daily Mail]

Photo: AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock

Garance Talks Beauty Tips; Big Hair Alaska To Air On TLC; And More…


Garance Doré, the fashion set’s favorite street-style photographer, has turned her attention to beauty tips, gathering an archive of “best worst” advice from friends and readers. Topping the list: nail polish for pimples and Preparation H for under-eye puffiness. []

Sarah Palin signed on with TLC for her own reality show last year, and now her hair salon in Wasilla, Alaska, is following suit, inking its own deal with the network. First up: a two-part series on the history of the beehive. [msnbc]

Justin Bieber’s Someday fragrance may be a landmark retail success, but girlfriend Selena Gomez isn’t particularly impressed. The Disney star apparently wears eau de Bieber, a gift from her man, but her heart belongs to Anna Sui’s Summer of Love. [OK! U.K.]

In other celeb fragrance news, Kim Kardashian has released a special limited-edition fragrance called Love, to “celebrate this special time in [her] life.” It case you hadn’t heard, Kardashian is marrying Nets forward Kris Humphries this fall in what should amount to a media circus that rivals the Royal nuptials. The ceremony will be televised, in case there was any doubt. [Celeb Buzz]

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images