August 29 2014

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16 posts tagged "Sarah Palin"

The Couple That Cleanses Together, Stays Together; And More…


Ashton and Demi are on day two of the Master Cleanse, and it’s apparently “better than the 1st,” Mrs. Kutcher recently tweeted. As with Jessica Simpson’s recent Twitter admission to shocking her system with a vegan diet, the Kutchers’ lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup diet has nothing to do with weight management, and everything to do with health. Whatever it takes to keep those fires of marital passion ablaze, we guess. [OK! Magazine]

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is a natural blonde who started dyeing her hair that signature fiery shade of red when she was 10 because she wanted to look like Anne of Green Gables. Now you know. [NYDN]

Even if you don’t buy into aromatherapy, a new finding may entice you to suspend your disbelief: According to researchers, a deep, long whiff of jasmine can mimic the effect of Valium. And so dawns the day of floral sedatives. [Day Press News]

Amy Strozzi, Sarah Palin’s makeup artist from the 2008 campaign circuit, has been nominated for an Emmy—for the show So You Think You Can Dance, not for any recent Palin appearances. Although she sure did earn that sizable paycheck from the GOP in the Palin vs. Biden vice presidential debate showdown. (Strozzi loves her some bronzer.) [CNN]

Photo: Sara De Boer / Startraks Photo

More Tony Awards Beauty, Sarah Palin’s New Endowment, And More…


We’ve already told you about our favorite Tony Awards beauty moment, but there was another highlight last night that deserves a shout-out. The side-swept updo that Cate Blanchett appeared to be sporting on the red carpet was not an updo at all but a newly cropped, side-shaved boy cut. [People Style Watch]

Sarah Palin’s boobs have gone rogue—or have they? The blogosphere is currently at odds over new reports that claim the former vice presidential candidate has undergone breast augmentation surgery. Anything to win the popular vote in 2012, right? [Us Weekly]

If a hypersensitivity about your upper-arm issues has kept you in long sleeves this summer, free weights and push-ups are not the only answer. Injectables and bursts of radio-frequency energy are all the rage for toning your triceps and enhancing the surface appearance of skin. Break out those strappy tanks! [Daily Mail]

Photo: Jennifer Graylock / AP Photo

Girls Just Want To Be Women, Models Without Makeup, And More…


Cosmetics use among tweens is reportedly on the rise, and it’s the parents—and aggressive makeup marketing campaigns aimed at the young-girl demographic—that are to blame. Ah, they grow up so fast—or at least they look like they do when they’re covered in bronzer, lipstick, and mascara. [NYT]

More updates from People‘s Most Beautiful issue. Heidi Klum has chosen to pose for the magazine’s annual issue sans maquillage. She looks different without the help of foundation and airbrushing—in a good way, though. [Huff Po]

In other supermodels-without-makeup news, barefaced images of the more than 50 curvaceous ladies who walked in Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2010 show are now available for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps not surprisingly, Lara Stone, Adriana Lima, and co. still look dead sexy. [Huff Po]

A new study shows that fair-skinned, freckle-faced redheads are the most common tanning-bed offenders. At least they have a role model in Lindsay Lohan and her UV ray-safe Sevin Nyne self-tanner. (No, we never thought we’d be using the words “role model” to describe LiLo, either.) [Daily Mail]

The woman who beat out Sarah Palin for the Miss Alaska title in 1984 is apparently out to best her again by getting in on the politics game. Former beauty queen Maryline Blackburn is running for a Republican seat in the Georgia House of Representatives. Unlike Palin, however, Blackburn voted for Obama in 2008. And the plot thickens… [MSNBC]

Photo: Greg Kessler

R.I.P Yves, Tyra Says Farewell, And More…


Yves Rocher, a pioneer of plant-based cosmetics and the founder of the eponymous natural beauty company, died of a stroke on Saturday. The green beauty movement will always be in his debt. [WWD]

New developments in the “Because he’s worth it” trial. Liliane Bettencourt, the 87-year-old L’Oréal heiress, is refusing to undergo psychological evaluations to help establish whether she was lucid when she made photographer François-Marie Banier the recipient of “gifts” valued at about $1.44 billion. This one will run and run. [WWD]

In other L’Oréal news, the French company has a suggestion for your 2010 book list. Its new 100,000 Years of Beauty comprises five volumes of essays by more than 300 academics, writing about cosmetics and aesthetic preferences since the dawn of time. As for future predictions, girly girls beware: It’s all about androgyny. [Allure]

With new year’s resolutions on the mind, some Sarah Palin followers are wondering if the politician will “go rogue” with her hairstyle in 2010. Curious as to what she’d look like with, say, the Hillary Clinton? Click here for an entertaining exercise in Photoshopping. [Examiner]

First Oprah, now Tyra. Banks has announced that this will be the last season of her acclaimed talk show. But the tapeworm-diet, etc., exposés will hopefully continue on the big screen; Tyra is launching her own film-production company with the promise to “help us all feel as fierce as we truly are.” [People]

Don’t be surprised if you encounter an army of Avon ladies and Mary Kay proselytizers should you venture to the Far East any time soon. Direct-beauty-sales operations—among other things—are flourishing in China. [NYT]

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Botax Is Here, Rachel Zoe: Beauty Blogger, And More…


Elective cosmetic surgery just got a little more spendy. [Fox News]

Let it be known: Sun-kissed skin is a “Zoe Do.” []

No need to go under the knife for that eye job you’ve been thinking about. A laser’ll do ya just fine. [NYT]

Perfumers searching for a way to overcome a decline in fragrance should look to the atomizer. [NYT]

Sarah Palin is launching a new fragrance, aptly called Eau de Maverick. We kid, we kid. (Although it’s not that outlandish of a proposition.) [Huff Po]

L’Oréal recently published an illustrated book that is only sold in France, which retraces the French firm’s growth from a small business to a multinational conglomerate. We wonder if the Liliane Bettencourt scandal is in there. If so, it might be worth calling in a favor from that Paris-based friend of yours… [WWD]

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