August 20 2014

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Chantecaille Swims With The Sharks


Full disclosure: I am terrified of sharks. Not that I’ve ever been up close and personal with one before. My fear is more based in the thought of what would happen should I ever be in that situation. (I’ve seen Jaws—and Jaws 2; I know how these things go.) But apparently, shark attacks are relatively rare; for every one reported shark attack, humans have killed four million sharks, decimating many species of the sea dweller for their fins, which are the key ingredient in a very tasty soup that is a delicacy throughout Asia. The shark-fin trade is unregulated and not only capable of wiping out the entire population of sharks but also disrupting the ocean’s delicate ecosystem, which relies on the animal for a regulatory effect. It’s an issue that is gaining worldwide attention—not to mention the ear of Chantecaille, which has taken up the cause for its latest charitable palette. Its new Save the Sharks compact features a shimmering eye and cheek quad with four expertly embossed pans. Great White is a soft beige with a white highlighting accent; Grey Reef is a glistening light slate with a brown accent; Black Tip is a deep marine blue with an inky black accent; and Sea Anemone is a gilded coral with a pink accent. Five percent of all sales of the limited-edition offering go to Bloom, a nonprofit ocean conservation group—and 100 percent of each purchase goes to helping you look, and do good.

Photo: Courtesy of Chantecaille