August 28 2014

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Fresh’s Fruit Rollout


They did it for black tea, Umbrian clay, and even soy. Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, the industrious pair behind Fresh, have a knack for taking an ingredient and elevating it to skincare superstar status. Now, they’re doing the same for sea buckthorn oil. Made an official “buzzword” fruit two years ago by Sibu Beauty, the yellow berry native to Russia is able to withstand Siberia’s harsh weather conditions thanks to “survival proteins” holed up in its omega fatty acid-rich oil. Lev first discovered the elixir’s reparative potential as a child when his mom used it to help heal burns, and it has occasionally appeared in minute quantities in other Fresh products. But it’s the centerpiece of the brand’s latest launches, a bar soap that gently exfoliates while it cleanses and hydrates with a heady dose of shea butter, and a body cream, which is a velvety, nourishing treat for dry, rough skin. There are but two offerings in Fresh’s Seaberry range now, but according to Glazman more are in the works.

Fresh Seaberry Body Cream, $28.50, and Soap, $16.50, available beginning August 2011 at

Photo: Courtesy of Fresh