August 30 2014

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A New Sumo Heavyweight Has Entered The Ring


Bumble and Bumble’s Sumowax is the stuff of legend. A traditional hard styling wax with a strong hold, the small red tub that begat Sumotech, a medium-hold molding cream-paste-wax in one, made its way into many a well-groomed man’s bathroom cabinet when it launched in 2000—often by way of a style-savvy female companion. My household possesses both Sumowax and Sumotech, which my s.o. uses in rotation with the bounty of other excellent styling aids I’ve brought to his attention over the years. But I myself have never been able to use either. My hair is long these days—like mid-back long—and the hold on the original Sumo products is always a bit more than I’ve bargained for. Which is why I was personally excited to meet Semisumo, the latest addition to the family. Part microcrystalline and beeswax and part coconut oil, Semisumo is more like a balm than anything else. It adds polish and just the right amount of piece-y definition to long strands and can be used just as effectively to tame fly-aways and add detail and dimension to short styles. It’s hair-care fun for the whole family, which is great news for couples vying for precious counter space.

Photo: Courtesy of Bumble & bumble