August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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The Eyes of a Champion



“Racket? Got it. Sneakers? Yep. Headband? Uh-huh. Eyeliner? Winged and ready.” That’s the checklist that we’re guessing Serena Williams went through before each match at this year’s U.S. Open—she didn’t hit the court once during the tournament without kohl-rimmed eyes. Of course Serena, who is not known for being demure, didn’t just opt for subtle definition. Instead, she went with bold, extended strokes of carbon-black liner that rivaled the retro look we spotted backstage at Prabal Gurung.

And although we can’t imagine getting through a spin class with our makeup still intact, Serena endured last night’s grueling two-hour, forty-five-minute final against Victoria Azarenka (one of the longest women’s matches ever) without a smudge in sight. And, oh yeah, she scored her fifth U.S. Open win (her seventeenth major title overall). During her post-match interview, the number-one ranked player was grilled about the gusts of wind that rattled her nerves and that nail-biter of a tiebreak. The one question we would ask the champ: What eyeliner do you use?

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Eau De Mercedes, Madonna Mellows Out, And More…


After 125 years in the automotive business and countless seasons as the sponsor of fashion weeks across the globe, Mercedes-Benz is getting into the beauty game. The king of German engineering just announced that it will launch a collection of fragrances next year, presumably called the F-Class. [Scented Salamander]

Serena Williams didn’t just creative-direct her new Glam Slam nail polish collection for OPI; she’s apparently playing spokesmodel as well. The tennis ace sported glittering purple tips at Wimbledon yesterday, with an accent nail painted in shimmering silver. [Hollywood Life]

A recent paparazzi pic of a bare-faced Madonna seems to indicate that Madge is putting the brakes on her line-erasing, skin-tightening schedule. That’s right, dear readers; the 52-year-old has indeed been spotted with visible crow’s feet—which, it should be pointed out, is perfectly normal. [Daily Mail]

A gum that can make you more active, help you focus, and make you prettier? It’s on sale as we speak in Sweden. [Fox News]

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Burberry’s Beauties


Temperatures climbed to the mid-nineties yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, and guests at the Burberry Beauty tea party were feeling the heat. “On the way over here, I was worried my makeup was melting off,” said Kate Bosworth (for the record, it wasn’t). But should Bosworth have needed a touch-up, there was certainly no shortage of products on hand. (The British company’s first foray into cosmetics launched at Nordstrom and online at the beginning of the month.) “It’s very natural, very wearable,” Burberry’s Christopher Bailey explained. “The colors are all based on the trenchcoat.” In fact, one of the foundations is called simply Trench.

The party was hosted in the garden of a sprawling private estate in Beverly Hills, rumored to be the former residence of Tom Cruise. “This is so quaint. It’s like my place but a little smaller,” deadpanned Lake Bell. Bailey joked that he had been trying to pass off the mansion as his own.

Sweeping white canopies and chilled Champagne and elderflower cocktails went a long way to protect Bosworth and fellow partygoers like Serena Williams and Liberty Ross from the sweltering summer sun. “I think they’re doing a good job of keeping us fashionably cool,” said Bell. Glee star Jayma Mays was just happy to be enjoying some off time before the show starts recording again in a few weeks—not that her workplace isn’t without its unique perks. “This season, they’re bringing in John Stamos to play my love interest,” she said. “I flipped when I heard. I mean, it’s Uncle Jesse! And he’s aged so well.”

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

The “Size Issue” Comes To Retail, Serena Williams Does Nails, And More…


If you’re in London for the shows and have noticed that mannequins in department store windows are shockingly curvy, your weary eyes do not deceive you. Debenhams has placed size 16 forms in their windows for a trial run that begins today. [Daily Mail]

Serena Williams is putting down her racket for the time being to become a certified nail technician. Hey, whatever calms her nerves. [NY Post]

Have you ever been curious about Bumpits—and other equally ridiculous-seeming yet wholly intriguing beauty savers advertised on late-night infomercials? Read on. [CBS News]

Despite his sixth place finish in the men’s figure skating competition in Vancouver, Johnny Weir is making a name for himself off the ice as a burgeoning reality star and a champion of better men’s grooming habits, it appears. “There’s nothing not-masculine about taking care of yourself,” he contends, adding that “looking like a shiny mess is not manly.” Guys, if you’re listening, it’s all about the blot powder and concealer. [Bella Sugar]

Photo: John Donegan / AP Photo

Get Your Plastic Surgery Passport Ready, Apple Does Makeup, And More…


A backlash on the proposed Botax could mean an increase in medical tourism. Brazil is lovely this time of year… [NYT]

Apple has conquered the tech market, and now it’s looking to cash in on one of the more lucrative partnerships the business world has to offer with a series of cosmetics-related iPhone apps. Aerin Lauder, Steve Jobs is on line one. [NYT]

Turns out, kangaroos are more than just comical, pouch-having animals here for our amusement. The way the marsupials repair their own DNA could be the key to preventing skin cancer, according to a new study. Hippity-hoppity! [Reuters]

The stem-cell boob job: Another reason to pen that letter you’ve been meaning to send to your Congressman. [Daily Mail]

Eyebrows are the window to your face and can apparently reveal a whole lot about who you are as a person. Serena Williams’ arches, for example, say, “hardworking”—although after her U.S. Open meltdown, a few other character traits also come to mind. [USA Today]

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