August 23 2014

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Kate’s Post-Delivery Delivery; Serge Normant on Volume; and More


Kate Middleton

The wait is officially over. Kate Middleton finally gave birth to a healthy eight-pound boy yesterday, who will be third in line to the British throne. Aside from his name, which remains a mystery, the question that is apparently on everyone’s mind is, What will the Duchess of Cambridge be eating to recover? Two pizzas were reportedly delivered to St. Mary’s Hospital following the delivery, and according to pregnancy expert and midwife Zita West, “Carbs are exactly what Catherine needs…. Women who have just given birth often crave nourishing foods.” Let the carbo loading commence. [British Vogue]

Speaking of baby advice, Miranda Kerr recently advocated using rosehip oil throughout pregnancy. “I don’t have a single stretch mark—I had a ten-pound baby! It’s really nourishing and full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids,” she said. Kerr’s lack of lines likely has something to do with her sterling genetics and ultra-healthy lifestyle, but we’ll take any recommendation if it’s a shot at getting a body like hers. [Into The Gloss]

Hairstylist Serge Normant gave Elle some tips and tricks. The secret weapon in his arsenal? Dry shampoo. “I’ve used dry shampoo my whole career—it’s an absolute must. We have a tendency to touch our hair all day, whether consciously or not, so it often goes flat by the end of the day, and dry shampoo is a quick fix that can make you feel refreshed, even if it doesn’t make you feel squeaky clean,” he said. “It will also extend the life of a blow-dry. Or if you have to put your hair up and it’s too limp, it’s perfect. It will help anchor a ponytail or even a teased-up sixties-inspired look by adding volume and texture.” [Elle]

Marilyn Monroe will star in an ad campaign for haircare brand Sexy Hair. “Styles Change. Sexy is Forever” call out the new ads featuring the sexy starlet. [WWD]

Beauty Etiquetter: Deciphering The Salon-Tipping Pecking Order


Serge-Normant-John-FriedaBeauty Etiquetter addresses your beauty-protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in the know. To submit a question, e-mail

The Quandary: “I always tip my hairstylist, but do I need to tip the shampoo girl, colorist, coat-check woman, receptionist who orders my latte…? I always feel like I need to tip the entire salon, which adds up.”

The Expert in Residence: Sean Gallagher, colorist and stylist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in NYC.

The Advice: “Who and how much you tip is an age-old question when it comes to beauty services. If you’ve received a color treatment and a cut or style, it is customary to tip both the colorist and the stylist—provided the work was done by two different people. Many people tip around 15 percent of the cost of the service, but the amount is at your discretion. If you feel your service was truly great, feel free to tip more. A small tip for the shampoo person and/or assistant is always appreciated—if you’re unsure who to tip, you can leave a little extra with your stylist or colorist and ask them to pass it along to their assistant. Typically there isn’t a need to tip a receptionist or a coat person, as tips are usually for services only. Additionally, if you are seeing the owner of the salon, you do not need to tip him or her either, as they receive the money you pay for the price of your service. As a rule, tip what you can afford and know that a thank-you note goes a long way!”

Photo: Courtesy of Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon NYC

The 411: Flywheel’s Ruth Zukerman


The past few years have seen the spinning trend reach dizzying new heights, and leading the two-wheeled, stationary charge are fashionable studios like Flywheel—and, more specifically, its co-founder Ruth Zukerman. Widely credited as the pioneer of New York’s indoor cycling scene (she opened the first dedicated studio here in 2006), Zukerman is more than mere cardio enthusiast: The Mount Holyoke grad has studied anatomy and exercise physiology extensively, and that education, plus her background as a dancer, figured largely in the creation of her cult fitness destination. Devotees of the studio’s intense hour-long classes appreciate the carefully curated soundtracks (courtesy of an in-house DJ), the personal tech packs on each bike (the better to record your metrics like speed, power, distance, and calories burnt with), and of course, the body sculpting results. It’s perhaps unsurprising that Zukerman herself, now in her fifties and looking more fit than ever, is the best advertisement of this. Here, Flywheel’s driving force shares her own beautifying go-tos, with some healthy food mainstays thrown in for good measure.

The Body-Conscious Masseuse: Jacob at the Standard Spa
“Jacob at the Standard Spa in Miami is a wonderful massage therapist. I always look for someone who really knows the body, and he is a wealth of knowledge. He knows how much pressure I need and has been known to literally stand on my calves and hamstrings. With all of the indoor cycling that I do I need this kind of treatment. After I leave him I feel as if I’m floating.”
For more information, visit

The Hair Team: Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon
“I have been seeing River Lloyd, currently at John Frieda, for 20 years! I admire his impeccable taste and skills with scissors. He knows me well and always knows what to do, and I trust his instincts. I put my hair completely in his hands. And Sharon Dorram is my hair color guru. While she’s big on blondes, she knows just the right brunette shade for me—always a rich and radiant color.”
For more information, visit

The Solo Getaway: Miraval
“When I want a spa vacation, I prefer to go alone for the ultimate in peace and quiet. My favorite would be the Miraval spa in Catalina, Arizona. Surrounded by the Santa Catalina Mountains, it is absolutely beautiful. I practice yoga in a room facing these mountains and feel, and appreciate, the distance from New York City. The facial and massage treatments are all given by very experienced therapists and aestheticians, and I always leave feeling relaxed, buffed, and ready to get back to work!”
For more information, visit

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A Scent For Serge


It’s rare for a hairdresser to reach the point in his or her career when launching an eponymous product line is a possibility—and even rarer still for said hairdresser to transition into fragrance from shampoos and conditioners. But Serge Normant isn’t just any hairdresser. “It felt a little ambitious,” Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts’ mane man said of Avah, his debut eau de parfum for hair and body. “But I thought, designers do it; why can’t I?” Working off the fragrance in his signature line of cleansers and styling aids, Normant says that Avah—which has a base of musks tinged with ylang-ylang, jasmine, and amber—is meant to be transformative, “something that makes you travel even just for a second.” It helps boost hair health, too; while Normant admits that the scent was not created specifically for hair, he insisted that ingredients like vitamin E and jojoba oil get added to the trace amount of alcohol in the formula to make sure that the juice wasn’t drying or damaging to sensitive strands. But best not to spray it directly onto lengths. “I always liked the old trick of spraying it then walking through it,” Normant advises—which is way more fun anyway.

Serge Normant Avah Eau de Parfum, $60, available June 1 at

Photo: Courtesy of Serge Normant

OpenSky Bets On Beauty


When OpenSky launched last year, its mission statement was simple: provide a new kind of online shopping experience that is curated by consumers and based around the weekly-updated picks of experts in the arenas of food, style, healthy living, kids, and home. So, rather then spend hours clicking through the Web pages of Williams-Sonoma for a good food processor, you could just take Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s word for it. Need to navigate your way around Ikat scarves? Model Veronica Webb has you covered. Until this month, however, the site’s 1.5 million members have gone without beauty experts to steer them in the right direction as far as the latest in organic skincare, haircare, and fragrances are concerned. But that will all change tomorrow, when OpenSky’s handpicked batch of beauty ambassadors take to the Web via video and informative vignettes to enlighten you in the way of proper primping.

“Everyone’s always making lists [of products] around me, then forgetting the lists, then asking me again,” jokes celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who points out that her new role offers a venue to help inform interested parties of the best cosmetics of the season—and show them how to apply them as well (her first round of weekly picks will include By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick as well as the brand’s Touch-Expert Advanced Concealer). New York-based dermatologist Dr. Neil Schultz couldn’t agree more. The good doctor of DermTV fame is using his weekly platform to educate consumers about two extremely important antiaging tips: sunscreen and exfoliation. Other pros whose picks will be available for the perusing in addition to the site’s own recommendations include renowned perfume writer and former New York Times fragrance critic Chandler Burr—who will reveal a secret scent once a month after dropping periodic hints about its composition—backstage regular Orlando Pita, whose initial round of favorites includes the classic Mason Pearson brush as well as Leonor Greyl’s Styling Spray, and Serge Normant, who won’t only be hawking his favorite styling aids on OpenSky but debuting a few of his own as well. This week will see the exclusive launch of Normant’s new Avah Eau de Parfum hair fragrance, the first time you will see it online or in-store anywhere. If that’s not a reason to join up, we don’t know what is.