August 23 2014

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Beauty and the Beat: Adventures In Makeup With Shirley Manson And Her Lifetime MAC Account Card


We have the beauty department at Miss Selfridge in London to thank for Shirley Manson’s signature look. “When I was young I worked behind the makeup counter,” the Garbage frontwoman and nineties alt-rock icon recalls. The experience left its mark on the Edinburgh native: “I love makeup—it can transform somebody, and there’s an escapist element to it. So I have always loved it,” she says, letting out a loud, guttural laugh before adding, “It’s a great pleasure in my life!” Anyone who has watched Manson perform onstage, seen her in a music video, or spotted her on the cover of a magazine knows this all too well: Between her alabaster skin, always-bold choice in lipsticks, and trademark fire-engine-red tresses, the musician has never shied away from embracing the beauty world and all it has to offer. Remarkably, that’s still the case; after a break from the band and a stint on TV, Manson has returned to the stage with her fifth album for Garbage, Not Your Kind of People—and she looks better than ever. Before heading out on a European tour, the vocalist and guitarist spoke with about her evolving views on face-painting and coming to terms with her hair before spilling the beans on the existence of perhaps the most covetable item on earth: the lifetime MAC account card.

It’s been seven years since Garbage’s last album. Does it feel different this time around?
It definitely feels different. To take so much time off, you get a real chance to get some perspective on what happened to us, the band. You get a clearer idea of what we want to do and how we want to do it. The industry has changed so much since we entered it. But that’s life; it’s constantly changing. We wouldn’t want it to stay the same!

Does that apply to your personal style, too?
I would have to say my style—if indeed I have a style—has most definitely changed. A lot of that is to do with the fundamentals of aging, and obviously I’m more economically secure than I once was, so I can actually afford to dress myself. When I first entered the scene I literally had no money. It would be pretty scary if I was 45 years old and still in tiny mini-skirts and Dr. Martens boots [laughs].

Has your relationship with makeup also evolved as you’ve gotten older?
I have to confess to maybe the biggest luxury in my life, a lifetime MAC account card that was gifted to me when I became a MAC spokesperson. It’s incredible: I’m allowed to go into any store anywhere in the world and pick out what I want. And I often do! And I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted all kinds of delicious treats from makeup companies, because they know I love it and they know I’ll use it and they know I’m photographed.

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Shirley Wears The Crown


Since Dolce & Gabbana sent a series of floral and beaded crowns down their Fall runway, the coronet silhouette has been popping up on street-style blogs and red carpets alike. Star watchers will remember Kirsten Dunst’s recent headpiece moment at Cannes and the fashion set will recall when Tavi Gevinson sat front-row at Rodarte’s Fall show sporting a similar look, replete with pink-colored blooms. The trend’s latest adopter: Garbage front woman Shirley Manson. At a party in L.A. to celebrate her turn on Nylon magazine’s latest cover, Manson strung up her fiery red locks Sicilian style, parting them down the middle, weaving them into a towering plait, and adorning it with turquoise and blue glass jewelry. As readers of this blog are well aware, we are 100 percent over dip-dye; but this right here is a runway hair idea we can’t wait to see more of. You too?

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images