August 28 2014

styledotcom Catherine Bellis' ponytail looks a lot like the one we saw at Valentino. Here's how to get it:

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Chic Travel Style—No Ziploc Required


Just in time for a weekend getaway, Art of Hair, the cult-favorite counterpart of Japanese beauty brand Shu Uemura, partnered with designer Jonathan Cohen (a favorite of Lupita Nyong’o) to create a two toiletry bags to keep you organized. The limited edition range includes a sleek pouch (perfect for housing Shu Uemura’s beloved eyelash curler and a tube or two of Touch of Gloss, a shiny wax that separates strands, adds shine, and cancels frizz) and a dual-compartment case (ideal for hauling the rest of your essentials). The eclectic polka-dot pattern—similar to the prints seen throughout Cohen’s Fall 2014 collection—also ensures that you’ll easily be able to spot it in your carry-on for touch-down touch-ups.

Launching tomorrow, Cosmetic Case, $48, Cosmetic Bag, $95 (or $162 with travel-size shampoo, conditioner, and Essence Absolue oil);

An Exclusive Interview With Choupette Lagerfeld On Her Shu Uemura Beauty Campaign



At, we go to great lengths to get you the inside scoop on everything from breaking fashion news to backstage beauty reports. And when we received word that Choupette Lagerfeld was joining forces with Shu Uemura and fronting a cosmetics collection for the holidays, naturally we went straight to the source. Here, an interview with the most covetable kitten on social media.

Last time the Kaiser created makeup with Shu Uemura, his muse was a manga-esque Mon Shu Girl with a black bob and red eyes. We’re really excited that you’re doing Daddy Karl the honor of starring in the campaign. What does this modeling milestone mean to you?

I might as well change my name to “Shu” pette now.

We love that moniker, Choupette.

Forget Choupette, Mademoiselle, Princess, or Queen—call me ‘Shu’pette!

Yes, your highness. You’re also launching a book, Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Life. So tell us, what was the hardest part of the writing process?

Should I or should I not host a book signing? #FirstFelineProblems

Well, that’s easy, of course you should. Seeing as the Shu Uemura range is, according to WWD, the “first tie-up between a beauty name and house pet,” how do you feel about beating out other celebrity animals, like Cecil Delevingne?

Reason 67907083 felines are superior to bunnies: We know not to climb into air conditioners.

And I suppose Daddy Karl knows better than to fall asleep on the job.

Leave @Caradelevingne alone! Sometimes you just need a good catnap. #Truth

Our deepest apologies. How do you feel about the fashion set wearing furry faux lashes—a rumored star in the line—come launch time?

[It’s my] next step to #fashion and #beauty (then world) domination.

*All responses were pulled from Twitter, @ChoupettesDiary

Meet NYC’s Coolest Nose—and Steal Her Best-Kept Beauty Secrets



For the true fragrance devotee, there is nothing quite like the experience of customizing your own scent—that singular thrill that comes with crafting a perfume from scratch, note by note, so that it is an ideal reflection of your personality. For those people, self-taught Brooklyn-based perfumer Julia Zangrilli is the ultimate provider. Her studio, Nova, offers both one-on-one customization sessions, group classes, and workshops so anyone can hone their olfactory skills. Besides crafting personalized blends, Zangrilli also recently teamed up with downtown jeweler par excellence Anna Sheffield on a trio of fragrances (Hazeline, Bea No. 3, and Moonstone in, fittingly, tones of rose, white, and yellow gold) for your body and linens, and designed four signature perfume palettes (each one comes with four unique scents ready to be layered however you see fit) for Opening Ceremony. Here, one of the city’s coolest noses shares some of her own beauty and style essentials.

“Most of my go-to places are the ones I work with, like Opening Ceremony, Catbird, Oak, Anna Sheffield, and Bonadrag. I also love Upstate and Loup Charmant for flowy, chic staple pieces, but my favorite way to shop is at a thrift store. And I can usually tell by eyeballing one rack if I am likely to find anything I’ll like. I love finding spots with vintage designer and pieces by strange labels. I tend to be wowed by either the very quirky or very basic. Thrifting can take a lot of time, but when I do it, it’s at MAHPS in Brooklyn.”

“I love full lashes, tinted lips, contoured eyebrows, and clear skin. I use a Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Benefit waterproof eyeliner, and L’Oréal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara. For brows I like Anastasia Brow Wiz. I am obsessed with NARS across the board, but especially for its matte lipsticks. Sephora brand lipsticks are also excellent, and Tarte LipSurgence is amazing for a more subtle sheen that isn’t sticky. For skin, I use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer if my complexion is relatively on point, or a face oil mixed with Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation if I’m looking for more coverage. Always Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation under the eyes and on blemishes; that stuff is magic.”

“Every morning I oil pull with coconut oil, then rinse and floss. I just started brushing my teeth with oregano oil and water; a friend recommended it and it’s amazing. It literally makes teeth squeaky clean. Then I brush with Marvis toothpaste. On my face, I use a Clarisonic and Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Microdermabrasion. Once a week I’ll do a mask—I love Origins’ Clear Improvements Charcoal. For blemishes Aesop has a great zit cream that I want to eat, it smells so delicious. In warmer weather I use a bit of SPF plus face and body oil; recently I am loving Herbivore Botanicals for face and Neutrogena sesame oil or Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse for body. At night I remove everything on my face with coconut oil, wash with a mild cleanser from La Roche-Posay, and then put on Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum. I have genetically dry feet, so I have an O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet ritual that I try to do at least once per week.”

“When I’m feeling indulgent, my favorite spot for gel nails and a pedi is Primp & Polish. If I want designs I’ll go to Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative or Holly Falcone, who both do really fun stuff.”

See,, and

“I drink a Synergy Kombucha quite a bit, as well as green juices and avocado smoothies (sometimes made at home…sometimes Blueprint…sometimes bodega). I always tend to do something with Once Again raw almond butter for breakfast. For dinner, I usually eat at home with my fiancé, who loves to cook. In fact, he posts a lot of great quick recipes on his Instagram and blog called No Grains No Masters. I avoid processed foods and sugar as much as I can but usually cheat anytime I go out to eat.”

“My stylist is Jess Gillin at Marie Robinson; I have been with her for years and am obsessed with how she cuts and styles. She has a fantastic understanding of hair—weight, texture, volume, relation to face shape. I’ve also gone to her for extensions. And I love Alexandra Andrade for color, specifically face-framing highlights. She is the only one who can get them to look subtle and cool with my dark hair.”

See and

“I love Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca. Water is hugely relaxing for me. Give me a robe, pools of different temperatures, a serene setting, and I’m toast. The Russian Turkish Baths in the East Village are also a staple, but it’s more tough love than Aire.”


“The Greek islands are heaven for me: the landscape, the delicious food, the water, the sun, the air… everything feels so ripe, clean, vibrant, sensual. I’ve been there once and am headed back for my honeymoon very soon. The Standard in Miami is also an all-time favorite: the hammam, the pool, the mud baths, the yummy café. In Italy, my favorite days have been spent at an agriturismo in Assisi called Malvarina—built in the 1500s, it’s family-run, they grow and produce everything they serve to their guests, it’s so affordable. Plus, there are little farm dogs, lots of aromatic plants, and beautiful views. In the Osa peninsula of Costa Rica there is a magical place called Ojo del Mar, perfect for a yoga retreat or just chilling all day on the beach. You sleep in bamboo huts without walls, and there are monkeys and macaws everywhere.”

“I’m all about Pilates with Eleanor at The Swan.”


“I love Intelligent Nutrients shampoo and conditioner or Dr. Bronner’s if I’m feeling cheap. I really love Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric for texture and Meros Foundation Jell for sheen.”

“Lately I have been releasing a lot of my own fragrances, so I’ve been wearing those. Chakra is a nighttime staple, then throughout the week I’ll mix it up with the Tiki Surf, Wood, Pop, and Glass Palettes (the fragrance layering sets I did for Opening Ceremony). As well as the body and linen sprays I made for Anna Sheffield. The Nova for Anna Sheffield scents are named Hazeline, Moonstone, and Bea No. 3. They have more water content than normal perfumes and a little less fragrance oil, so they are nice and light—perfect for summer.”


Shu Uemura Makes Beauty Magic With Mika Ninagawa



For Shu Uemura’s latest collaboration, it aligned (for the third time) with a woman who knows how to draw a crowd: photographer and film director Mika Ninagawa, whose solo show, Mika Ninagawa: Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors, garnered the highest turnout ever recorded for a photo exhibition in Japanese history. (She also team up with designer Ivana Omazic when Omazic was at the helm at Céline for the house’s Fall 2007 collection.) Beloved by the fashion elite and the masses, Ninagawa created a collection of whimsical makeup, lashes, and skincare products that are almost guaranteed to fly off virtual shelves (with Shu Uemura no longer being sold in freestanding stores stateside). “To me, makeup is a way to open the door to an unknown world, a world filled with excitement,” said the artist. With this idea in mind, Ninagawa crafted four vibrant and visual wonderlands to decorate the packaging: Curiosity (a brightly colored carnival), Forbidden Fruits (featuring “evil” butterflies and “seductive” strawberries wearing false eyelashes), Melting Sweet Dream (populated with lollipops and flowers), and Singing Forest (lips floating among foliage). Within the range you’ll find the company’s cult-favorite cleansing oils; UV Under Base Mousse (a foam-based primer); spiral duo eyeshadows (inspired by those Melting Sweet Dream candies); a pressed powder that boasts brightening lavender pigments; false lashes adorned with stars; and nail stickers stamped with her playful prints. “We gave her a blank canvas,” said international artistic director Kakuyasu Uchiide—and Ninagawa certainly splashed it with plenty of creativity and color.

Available in April on


Write On: Shu Uemura Channels an Ancient Japanese Art



During my tenure as a beauty editor, I’ve seen many scrawl a quick flick on the outer corners of the eyes, and I have even attempted the technique on myself (armed with a bottle of makeup remover and pointy Q-tips to fix the amateur imperfections, of course). But I’ve never witnessed someone craft the perfect cat-eye quite like Kakuyasu Uchiide, international artistic director for Shu Uemura. Using the brand’s new liquid liner pen, Calligraph:ink—modeled after a traditional Japanese calligraphy brush—he sculpted a flawless wing. Uchiide studied the art as a child, and he took what he learned in the classroom and under the tutelage of the Mr. Shu Uemura and developed an ultra-precise tool and waterproof formula. “We obsessed over the selection of the [bristles], the length of the handle, the materials—everything,” he said. In addition to a pen, the collection also includes five shadows—ranging from basic beige to bright vermilion—that were inspired by the colors used to accent this ancient form of writing (done almost exclusively in black ink). To emphasize the eyes even further, the cosmetic label partnered with Paperself, the London-based company that specializes in crafting everything from merry-go-rounds to rose gardens in delicate paper lash form, to create two sets of falsies. The first pair boasts the phrase “Love Forever,” while the other features tiny cherubs floating across your fringe. After all, the language of love is a dialect everyone understands.

Available at