August 22 2014

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The 411: Kristin Petrovich of Själ


There’s something about beauty brands created by Swedish mother-daughter duos that we can’t help but love. Face Stockholm has our makeup devotion, and when it comes to Swedish-born familial skincare, we’re all about Själ. The decade-old holistic line built by Karen and Kristin Petrovich has a Swedish name (pronounced “shawl,” it means soul, mind, or spirit) but Eastern principles, drawing inspiration from Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Chinese traditions. The pared-down—in appearance and philosophy—regimen also claims that its products benefit from being infused with bio-osmotic energy through precious minerals and gemstones, which, to this writer, who tends to re-energize her quartz stones with regular moonlight baths, makes a whole lot of sense. Needless to say, we were particularly keen to find out daughter Kristin’s own beauty and wellness routine, which includes a to-die-for Manhattan massage destination that sounds like a must-try. Add it to your address book.

The Skin Fix: Själ Skincare
“I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which tends to dehydrate my skin, so my daily routine is Själ Balans Cleanser and Mineral Tonic followed by Serum 1 mixed with Saphir Concentrate Oil. Post-flight I use the Pearl Enzyme exfoliator followed by the Kashmir Perfecting Mask, then our Kura Intuitif—and a good night’s sleep.”
Available at www.Sjä

The Face Paint: Clé de Peau
“I can be lazy and I don’t always wear a lot of makeup, but when I do, it’s all Clé de Peau: foundation, concealer and eye shadow. They are superior quality, look incredibly natural, and provide the perfect coverage.”
Available at

The Hair Hero: Alexandre Chouery at Frédéric Fekkai
“A great cut every time and it grows out perfectly. Alexandre makes you feel like a million dollars—and like you are getting your hair cut in a carriage house.”
At Frédéric Fekkai, 2 Lewis Court, Greenwich, CT, (203) 861-6700,

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