August 29 2014

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Do You Know How Old Your Skin Is?


I have always been terrified of the high-tech machines (normally found in skincare labs and a handful of doctor’s offices) that scan the surface of your complexion and spit out horrifying pictures that show how much sun damage you’ve incurred, or the fine lines and age spots that are hiding just under the surface waiting to rear their ugly heads. In order to educate consumers (and prevent those wrinkles from forming in the first place), SK-II developed the Beauty Imaging System, which provides the same service as the aforementioned clinical device minus the shock value (thank God). The futuristic tool essentially acts like a digital camera with X-ray vision, snapping a close-up photo of the left side of your face and analyzing it based on five dimensions—texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, radiance, and tone—then providing a percentage for each category (which is calculated by measuring the state of your skin against others in the same ethnic group). To simplify the results, your skin age is also generated for each bracket. For example, while I’m 24 in terms of texture refinement, my spot-control ability matches that of a 15-year-old (although the blemishes on my cheek beg to differ). Starting tomorrow, you can stop in at the brand’s pop-up studios in New York City and San Francisco and experience the technology for yourself—and maybe even boost your mood by discovering that your skin is still young at heart.

SK-II Pop-Up Studio; April 4 through May 23 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday through Saturday) and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Sunday); 468 Broome Street, New York City; 117 Post Street, San Francisco

SK-II Harnesses the Power of the Artichoke


sk-ii-essential-oilARTICHOKE EXTRACT (ar-tee-choke ex-tract)/ (n.)/ 1./ Also known as Cynara scolymus, it is extracted from the leaves of the nutrient- and mineral-rich perennial thistle vegetable. / 2./ Native to North America, Europe, and the Mediterranean, the artichoke is one of the oldest cultivated edible plants, its use dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. / 3./ As a stimulant of bile secretion due to a high concentration of cynarin, the leaf extract has cholesterol-lowering properties and a restorative impact on the liver. / 4./ Research has shown that cynaropicrin, a bioactive compound found within the extract, inhibits free-radical formation and inflammation, preventing UVB-induced skin damage. / 5./ Known for its potency as a natural aphrodisiac, the artichoke was reserved solely for male consumption in the 16th century; e.g., “Boost a dull complexion or a dreary love life with artichoke extract.”

Try it: SK-II Essential Power Essence Serum, $185;

Blanchett’s Beauty Confessions


cate-blanchettCate Blanchett has shaved her hairline and her entire head, and worn many a wig (think back to her role in Elizabeth: The Golden Age), but off duty she keeps things far less dramatic—focusing more on what lies beneath all the theatrics. I’m not so good at doing my makeup, although I’ve gotten better,” she said. But with a complexion as flawless as Blanchett’s (care of SK-II, a brand for which she is a global ambassador), why even bother with foundation? Read this month’s Beauty Essentials to find out this recent Golden Globe nominee’s biggest blunder (hint: It involves a mishap with an eyelash curler) and how she’s earned the title of skincare “geisha” in a house full of boys.

Rihanna Goes Gray; Introducing the Five-Minute Facial; Kate Bosworth’s Doable Fitness Plan; and More


riri_resizeSometimes it seems that Rihanna changes her hair more often than she does her outfit, and last night her fans went wild when the songstress posted a series of selfies on Instagram that revealed her new icy-gray tresses. “Bad Gal RiRi” wrote, “Call it #Brrr,” and “Grey is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all!” Kristen McMenamy and the other silver foxes out there will surely agree.

With the rise of convenient, in-and-out blow-dry bars and quickie manicure spots, it was only a matter of time before facials moved into the express lane. Southern California company Skin Laundry is offering noninvasive laser treatments that stimulate collagen and rejuvenate skin in five to ten minutes, for on-the-go customers. While the services are still only offered on the West Coast at this point, New York skincare entrepreneurs are sure to take notice.

It’s still high bikini season, and boot camps remain a popular exercise option for men and women looking for a tough workout and quick results. The Guardian broke down the fitness fad, offering pointers on how to choose the right program: “Make an effort to find out what the culture is like—from the level of fitness to how much interaction between members there is, even down to the type of music they play—and make sure that it fits your personality,” they recommend. “Find out if they provide a nutritional framework to up the ante and complement their training programme. If they don’t, think twice. Nutrition is a key part of any exercise programme and if they’re not addressing it they’re not looking after you properly.”

There’s no denying that Kate Bosworth is consistently one of the most beautiful, best-dressed women in any room. The stylish actress, and face of SK-II, spoke with Marie Claire, sharing everything from her favorite Twitter handles to follow (@michelleobama and @lenadunham) to her go-to beauty products (SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and Cellumination Cream EX, naturally) to her workout routine: “A mix of running, boxing, and weights. I think if I can do it four times a week, that is excellent, but it’s more like two times a week.” Reasonable enough, right?

Kate Bosworth’s Hands-On Beauty Secret, And More…


We had a long chat with newly named SK-II face Kate Bosworth about her skincare-and-makeup regimen earlier this year, but here’s something we didn’t know about the Big Sur star: Bosworth apparently treats her hands to the same routine as her face. “I use the SK-II Essence on my hands. My mother always told me you can tell a woman’s true age by the back of her hands,” she says. [Allure]

What would you do if you were an Oscar-nominated actress and you saw a huge billboard of yourself in an ad for the fragrance you promote? If the answer is take an Instagram of yourself in front of it, then you and Jessica Chastain are not all that dissimilar. Stars: They’re just like us! [HuffPo Canada]

Turns out, Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t always on the sugar-, gluten-, carb-free plan that currently stars in her new cookbook, It’s All Good. While promoting Country Strong a few years ago, she was on a steady diet of Guinness, beta-blockers, sleeping pills, and wine, which is what ultimately compelled her to make some changes. [Us]

Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage