August 22 2014

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Rochas X SK-II


Cate Blanchett does her best to keep her personal life private—which is to say, you don’t see her in the pages of Us Weekly all that much. But there’s one thing she’s quite public about: her love of SK-II skincare products. Make that two things: Aside from maintaining her porcelain complexion with standouts from the Japanese skincare giant, Blanchett is known for her acute style sense, often plucking gowns right off the Givenchy, Balenicaga, and Lanvin runways for red-carpet events. Just in time for the holidays, the Oscar winner has combined her two interests into one stylish skin perfector. The SK-II brand ambassador has enlisted Rochas designer Marco Zanini to help create a limited-edition bottle of the line’s coveted Facial Treatment Essence. The magic elixir, which is packed with the company’s patented Pitera—a fermented rice derivative that has amazing skin softening and smoothing properties—reduces pigmentation, boosts moisture, and increases the skin’s barrier function. That it now comes in a frosted glass flacon with a gold cap and a crystalline floral pattern etched into its surface is just another reason to start slathering it on.

$195, available at

Photo: Courtesy of SK-II

Cate Blanchett And SK-II Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary


Cate Blanchett is known for her unbelievable acting range. A born stage performer, the Aussie star made the transition to the big screen with complete and total ease, nabbing an Oscar for The Aviator and nominations for Elizabeth, Notes on a Scandal, and I’m Not There. But around these parts, she’s mostly recognized for her acute fashion sense (her lavender Givenchy couture gown blew away the competition at this year’s Oscars) and an insane porcelain complexion that belies her 42 years. The latter feat is thanks in large part to SK-II, for which she serves as global brand ambassador. This year marks the actress and the Japanese brand’s 10th anniversary of making clear, perfect skin together, and to mark the occasion, Blanchett took a few moments out of her busy touring schedule (she’s currently starring in the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya) to talk theater vs. film makeup, heading back into the Shire, and how a certain Facial Treatment Essence gives her face that extra bit of je ne sais quoi.

So how did you and SK-II meet in the first place?

It was when I was pregnant with our first son; he’s nine now. I noticed changes in my skin—textural changes from a surge of hormones—and [my makeup artist] Mary Greenwell said, “Why don’t you try this?” It was the whitening line. The thing I found most remarkable was the Essence. It was just so hydrating. I never thought about skin being luminous, but this gave it that little je ne sais quoi. And because it worked so rapidly I started exploring the range.

What kind of regimen are you on now?

I’m on stage at the moment so I’ve changed the cleanser I’m using. The Cleansing Oil is really good for removing eye makeup; it’s a little more heavy-duty. During the show—it’s a quite physical show—I’ve also been using the lotion and the Essence, which I put over makeup as well. It kind of just sets it, which is good for when you’re moving around, and it also keeps you hydrated. I don’t usually cleanse in the morning, though. I just use the Essence and the LXP Moist Softening Serum. Then I’ll use the Signs Moisturizer, and if I’m going out in the sun, I’ll use an SPF. And the eye cream is pretty great, too—particularly if you’ve been up late!

Before you and SK-II became acquainted, what was your skincare regimen like? Is there anything you wish you’d known then that you know now?

I wish I had started using the line when I was 20! Until I discovered SK-II, I chopped and changed—there was no consistency. There was also a brief period when I abused the sun for about two summers when I was 14. I would cover myself in baby oil and climb up onto the tin roof and try desperately to get a tan. One day my mother walked up on the ladder and said, “What are you doing? Get down!”—which was a really good thing because the sun is so strong in Australia. My mother was always big on sunscreen, so my relationship to the sun after that has always been healthy. She was also big on moisturizing the back of her hands—so even now, if I ever put on a face mask, I rub it on the backs of my hands as well.

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Cate Blanchett’s Clear Cause


Splashing fresh, clean water on your face might not seem like a luxury, but it actually is for many women in Asian communities without access to safe, uncontaminated water. This disturbing situation spurred SK-II—the Japanese skincare brand—to launch Clear for Life, a global project that aims to donate 30 million liters of clean, purified water to areas most in need this year. The initiative’s passionate supporter: Australian actress and SK-II global ambassador Cate Blanchett, who’s donated three million liters already and isn’t done spreading the word. The actress appears in a short video just released on the SK-II Web site, prompting visitors to “Share the Word” via Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. (For every click, SK-II will donate one liter of water). Here, Blanchett filled us in on her connection to this cause, her sun protection advice, and a five-minute beauty trick from Dame Judi Dench that she’s never forgotten.

Tell us about how you got involved with Clear for Life.

Growing up in Australia, I’ve always lived in drought areas, so dealing with a lack of water has been a concern of mine for a long time. Also, SK-II is a Japanese brand and with all that’s going on in Japan right now, it’s encouraging to lend support since it’s so easy to feel despondent and hopeless in the face of a natural disaster.

Do you spend a lot of time in Asia?

I consider Australia part of Oceania and I’ve lived in Saigon, Singapore, and other places in Asia over the years. It’s a constant reference point for me culturally.

Have you picked up any Asian beauty secrets?

Well, I share an obsession with being pale! I was a bit of a freak growing up. It was cool to be tanned and only Irish tourists stayed out of the sun. When I started working with SK-II, they thought it was interesting that I was already using the whitening range. At one point, I did go so far as to carry a parasol; I was filming a movie, Oscar and Lucinda, and I had to keep my skin very pale.

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Foundation, Thy Name Is SK-II Facial Treatment Cream


Take a good long look at all those frosted bottles of foundation cluttering your makeup case and know this: They share pretty much nothing in common with SK-II’s new Facial Treatment Cream Foundation. This is the company that’s outfitted its spokesperson Cate Blanchett with the porcelain skin of a woman half her age, so it should come as no surprise that its new foundation is so revolutionary. But even still, we were amazed by its ability to combine skincare and makeup—something that’s often promised but rarely achieved. The rich consistency is a little foreboding at first, as the dreaded caked-on makeup mask is perhaps our biggest beauty fear. It applies very lightly, though, for translucent, long-lasting coverage and the feel of a luxurious moisturizer. Topping its ingredients list is Pitera, the vitamin, amino acid, mineral, and organic acid-rich sake derivative at the heart of all of SK-II’s products (its other new release, the Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream, is another winner for the parched-faced among you). The result is luminous, easily blendable, and a big smack in the face to winter, which has forced us to go foundation-free as its cold, dry wrath rages on. Until now.

SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation, $95, available this month at fine department stores.

Photo: Courtesy of SK-II

The Lure Of Bronzer; Amy Adams Is Curvy And Loving It; And More…


Another item for our Sun: Love It/Hate It file: Cate Blanchett—who is known for her creamy alabaster complexion—admits that “truckie’s arm” is unavoidable no matter how much SPF you put on in the summer, and that every now and again, even she breaks out the bronzer to simulate a golden glow. SK-II bronzer, of course. [Sydney Morning Herald]

“I wasn’t put on this earth to look good in a swimsuit.” —Amy Adams on her body, being A-OK with her post-baby figure, and not succumbing to the weight pressure Hollywood puts on new moms. [Daily Mail]

Rihanna: A Year in Hair is now up and running. Remember the blond streak/brunette bowl cut era? Ah, those were the days…. [StyleList]

Someone who will not be getting into any Riri-style hair dye adventures in the new year is Will Ferrell. The comedian recently quipped that it was his idea to dye his hair platinum blonde for his role in Zoolander, but that he will “never do it again.” So…shall we expect to see a brunette Mugatu in the movie’s much-anticipated sequel? [Digital Spy]

Designer Chris Benz, on the other hand, is totally down. “I thought this might only be holiday hair, but I think I’m gonna have it stick around for a while,” Benz has said of his new, multicolored Manic Panic’d strands. [Paper Mag]

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