August 30 2014

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Avon Skin So Soft, 2.0


The mother of one of my childhood best friends was a real-life Avon lady, back in the days when hawking beauty products was a door-to-door affair. As kids, one of our greatest pleasures was rifling through her bulky carrying case of shimmering shadows and waxy lipsticks, powders in every fleshy tone, and all manner of silky lotions. My own mother, on the other hand, did not—and still doesn’t—wear a trace of makeup, so the only Avon product that we stockpiled in our house was Skin So Soft. The lavender and citrus-scented bath oil had a seemingly endless array of uses—from makeup remover and massage oil to insect repellent and wood polish. With the latest incarnation of the vitamin A and E-rich chamomile extract and sunflower seed oil blend, Avon has focused its multipurpose formula squarely on addressing skin’s imperfections—think stretch marks, scars, discoloration, and uneven tone. The new Skin So Soft Perfecting Oil targets clarity, but it also manages to smooth complexions, improve elasticity, and add a generally appealing sheen to skin as well—which just means that there are two Avon oils I’ll be stocking up on for summer’s last gasp.

Photo: Courtesy of Avon

The Return Of the Avon Lady


With the economy still tanking in most parts of the world, many people are finding themselves unemployed and/or obsolete in industries that are being dissolved. For the optimist, forced joblessness means a free pass to new horizons; for the beauty-inclined in England, it apparently means joining the few, the proud, the Avon sales team. The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported an increase in interest for direct-selling businesses like Avon—15 percent in the last three months alone—which is also seeing a shift in its recruits. Stay-at-home mothers who go door-to-door with the company’s range of cosmetics and perfumes to earn a little extra cash have been replaced by city and retail workers hit hard by the economic downturn, and even (gasp!) men. Since women have a reputation for drowning their sorrows in pots of face cream and flacons of fragrance, now does seem like an opportune time to get in on the game, although a culture of mistrust and cynicism might prevent the whole traveling-salesman thing from ever making a real resurgence on this side of the pond. Just out of curiosity, how badly would you need that case of Skin So Soft to let a stranger come into your home and pitch you product?

Photo: Getty Images