April 21 2014

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Violet Grey’s Virtual Doors Are Open for Business



What began as a Hollywood hideaway on Melrose Place (founded by Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, in 2010) has now gone global, thanks to Violet Grey‘s new e-commerce site, Shop the Shelves, that launched today. But this well-curated, beauty-shopping destination isn’t just stocked with whatever a brand happens to be shelling out at the moment—instead, you’ll find tried-and-true products beloved by industry pros and insiders (such as NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer or Utowa pointed cotton swabs). The selective retail spot even developed “The Violet Code,” in which each mascara, mask, or makeup brush is rigorously put to the test and judged according to three factors: the first being “authentic” (meaning it is currently at home in an artist’s kit); “validated” (the product makes the grade based upon performance and packaging); and “coveted” (deemed “necessary” by people in the know, such as manicurist Jenna Hipp and brow guru Kristie Streicher). Entering the world of Violet Grey (which boasts big names such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and La Mer alongside lesser-known ones such as RGB, Rubis, and Jinsoon) is not like aimlessly wandering (or scrolling through) the overwhelming amount of merchandise in your typical cosmetic and skincare emporium—the dirty work is done for you, so all you have to do is add to bag. We imagine the freestanding space (set to open this month at 8452 Melrose Place in Los Angeles) will be equally as pleasant to peruse.

The Odd Couple: Matte Skin and Shimmery Highlights


illamasquaFor Fall 2014, a glowy complexion was very much in, but the strategically placed shine that works brilliantly on the runway can also accentuate a slick T-zone. For those with combination or oily skin, one of the most effective ways to wear highlighter is to juxtapose it with a non-shimmery base. Or if you’re unconventional face painter Alex Box, you do the reverse: “I used a very light veil of matte white pigment over very luxurious, polished, newborn skin at Gareth Pugh—the matte pigment next to something so dewy only heightened the matte texture,” she explained. For those of us who dress (and do our makeup) in a slightly less conceptual manner, there’s Illamasqua’s Matte Veil, a new shine-controlling gel formula laced with humectants (like butyelene glycol and sodium hyaluronate) that help retain moisture. Patting this all over, or just onto areas prone to oil slicks, complements the shimmery pigments that help make the high planes of the face pop. As the saying goes, opposites really do attract.

Available April 3, $40;

What to Wear When the Gloves Come Off: Uka Butter



Beauty editors from New York to Tokyo rave about Uka cuticle oils for their nongreasy, aromatherapeutic benefits. Created by manicurist Kiho Watanabe, one of Japan’s most in-demand nail pros, these pinkie-sized vials not only soften with essential oils (like argan extract), but are laced with scents designed for different hours of the day. For example, the 13:00 option is lemon- and mint-infused for a post-lunch pick-me-up, while 24:45 (my personal favorite) is a soothing blend of lavender, orange, and vanilla meant to help you drift off to sleep.

The product that has mysteriously stayed out of the spotlight, however, is the brand’s Butter Hand & Nail Cream. It’s hard to get hyped up about hand lotion, but this non-slimy formula deserves a round of applause (with hydrated palms, of course). A pea-sized dollop of this ultrarich moisturizer—which boasts argan oil, shea butter, white lupin, and masterwort extracts—does the job from wrist to fingertips. Even better: It instantly absorbs, meaning sheets stay free of greasy smears if you apply before bed. And with the gloves finally coming off after a truly horrendous winter, I plan to double dip by layering this cream over my cuticle oil to soothe my winter-ravaged hands in time for spring (whenever it decides to show up) and the bevy of new polishes prime for the painting.

Uka Butter Hand & Nail Cream, $45;

Bethany Vogel Muses On Oil of Olay


beauty_BLOG[1]The pro: Bethany Vogel, artist and cofounder of Wolves Within and Home of the Brave

The product: “I grew up in a small beach town outside of Boston. I didn’t see much of my mom when I was young—she worked for an interior design store—but I remember when I was about 5 or 6, I would sit on her bed and watch her get ready for work in the morning. She would always pat on Oil of Olay face lotion, the original formula, before makeup. She always told me that makeup would only look good if you had healthy skin underneath. The light, clean smell of it instantly transports me back to that time; the scent is like home to me. Now I use it as my night cream after washing my face, which I do religiously. I swear by it. I feel that it brightens my skin overnight. And I usually apply it before I kiss my own daughter, Olive, good night. I like to think that she takes the scent with her while she sleeps.”

SK-II Harnesses the Power of the Artichoke


sk-ii-essential-oilARTICHOKE EXTRACT (ar-tee-choke ex-tract)/ (n.)/ 1./ Also known as Cynara scolymus, it is extracted from the leaves of the nutrient- and mineral-rich perennial thistle vegetable. / 2./ Native to North America, Europe, and the Mediterranean, the artichoke is one of the oldest cultivated edible plants, its use dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. / 3./ As a stimulant of bile secretion due to a high concentration of cynarin, the leaf extract has cholesterol-lowering properties and a restorative impact on the liver. / 4./ Research has shown that cynaropicrin, a bioactive compound found within the extract, inhibits free-radical formation and inflammation, preventing UVB-induced skin damage. / 5./ Known for its potency as a natural aphrodisiac, the artichoke was reserved solely for male consumption in the 16th century; e.g., “Boost a dull complexion or a dreary love life with artichoke extract.”

Try it: SK-II Essential Power Essence Serum, $185;