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Naomi Harris Plays It By Ear


Since the Spring shows ended two weeks ago, we’ve already used plenty of blog space to talk about an uptick in haute hair accessories on the runway—and subsequently on the red carpet. But there’s another trend brewing that offers a slight variation on all the bows, bands, and elasticized baubles via hairstyles for accessories. “It’s like the girls are shaved,” Odile Gilbert explained of the front section of models’ hair that she slicked over to one side with Kérastase Ciment Thermique blow-dry polish at Rodarte to showcase the silver dragon cuffs Laura and Kate Mulleavy designed for their collection. At the the royal world premiere of Skyfall last night, newly minted Bond girl Naomi Harris followed suit, sweeping her side-parted strands behind her left ear to accommodate a similarly statement piece of ear candy. Who needs an updo?

Photo: Getty Images; Luca Cannonieri /