August 20 2014

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Stealing Beauty: Behind The Scenes Makeup Secrets From The Bling Ring’s Roz Music


Emma-Watson-Bling-RingGatsby buzz aside, there is another movie premiering at Cannes this week that’s making us wish we were sipping cocktails on La Croisette, the torrential downpours that have been plaguing the Côte d’Azur not withstanding. That’d be The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola’s new film about a group of celebrity-obsessed teenagers living in Los Angeles who decide, for kicks, to burglarize the homes of Hollywood stars. After raiding the million-dollar designer closets of their victims—including Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan—and soaking up fame along the way, the gang is eventually nabbed and brought to justice, sort of. Here’s the most scintillating part: It’s a true story, reported in an article Nancy Jo Sales wrote for Vanity Fair in 2010, and starring Emma Watson in the big-screen adaptation. For more on the ridiculous vanity captured in every scene, caught up with the film’s lead makeup artist, Roz Music, to talk about tramp stamps, weekly spray tans, and the discontinued Chanel lipstick that Coppola flew in from Paris in order to get the perfect pink for a single scene.


How did you get involved with The Bling Ring?
Sofia and I are old friends, I had heard she was doing this movie, and I hoped—and suspected—she would ask me to do the makeup. Especially since it was shot in my hometown [Los Angeles].


How much of the makeup look was inspired by the actual teenagers who the film is based on?
Very little. There are a million kids out here in L.A. that look like the main characters. It’s a very particular style. I just took my camera out and Instagrammed for days, taking pictures of kids in their natural environment. I didn’t want Teen Vogue‘s version of how their closet would look. I wanted to see real kids doing their own thing. So I took a million pictures and that was my research.


So how, exactly, would you describe that rich-kid-L.A. look?
It’s like kids who are trying to look older than they are. They’re sixteen, but with the hairstyles and shoes of a 30-year-old. They’ve got short shorts and high, high heels. Some of the stuff was outrageous. I mean, they’re indulgent, bratty teenagers.


Considering her previous reputation as a do-gooding wizard, how did you go about turning Emma Watson into an “indulgent, bratty teenager”?
Well, we gave her a tramp-stamp tattoo! Emma’s character is one of those spiritual people who wants to express it on the outside—as in, she does yoga and talks about it all the time. She’s an eye-roll-y character. We wanted the tattoo to be an expression of that, so we went with a lotus flower.


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Green Is Good


PURSLANE (per-sleign)/ n./ 1. Also known as Portulaca oleracea, a succulent plant with yellow flowers that first emerged in North America in the pre-Colombian era; / n. / 2. / Frequently called “little hogweed” or “pigweed,” a durable shrub that can withstand poor soil conditions and drought; n. / 3. / A traditional Chinese medicine used to treat infections and insect bites; n. / 4. / A leafy vegetable that was worn as an amulet in Ancient Greece to ward against evil; n. / 5. / A flavorful salad green rich in omega-3 fatty acids that is consumed in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East; n. / 6. / A muscle contraction inhibitor that, when applied topically, can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, e.g. “Eat your vegetables and take off the years with purslane.”

Try it: Skyn Iceland Angelica Line Smoother with Purslane Extract, $65,

Photo: Courtesy of Skyn Iceland

The Steamy, Hot Cloth Cleanser Challenge


More than a decade ago, Liz Earle launched a little product called the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser that skyrocketed her natural beauty brand to success, and subsequently revolutionized the entire concept of at-home facial exfoliation. (For the uninitiated, the basic hot-cloth system involves two steps: massaging a creamy cleanser on dry skin with your fingertips, then gently rubbing off said cleanser with a textured cloth that’s been dipped in warm water.) Recently two new hot cloth cleanser kits hit our radar, both touting impressive formulas and results. Curious to see if any of these upstarts could rival Earle’s original, a, er, face-off ensued (sorry!)

The British Bargain

Launched in August, Boots No. 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser is the latest from the popular U.K.-based drugstore brand with a solid reputation for quality skincare. The cleanser scores points for its luxurious, emollient formula (it contains cocoa butter and pro vitamin B5) and relaxing scent (a whiff of calming floral notes that some might prefer to Earle’s energizing woodsy aroma). But corners were cut in the cloth department, as the fabric resembles first-aid cotton gauze at best and feels a bit abrasive on the skin. Still, we appreciated the DIY tips on the package, such as the hint to rub in upward circles and place the damp cloth on the face for a few seconds to steam pores. And the $9 bargain price is also quite nice, compared to the $24.50 cost of Earle’s kit.

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Backstage Skincare Secrets, Revealed


We’ve been devoting much of our time and blogosphere space for the last week and a half to giving you an insider’s perspective on the hair and makeup looks from New York fashion week and beyond. Today, we’d like to give a shout-out to the skincare secret weapons that makeup artists rely on to keep models looking fresh through a nonstop, month-long show season. (Even the beautiful people are plagued by dehydration and breakouts, it turns out.) Here, a short list of their go-to products:

What: SKYN Iceland’s Cleansing Facial Cloths, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, and Pure Cloud Cream.
Where: Spotted backstage at Elise Øverland.
Why: SI technicians were on hand to treat models to mini de-stressing treatments with the aforementioned products, all of which are formulated with a potent Biospheric Complex that provides a boost of vital nutrients from Iceland.

What: Intraceuticals.
Where: Spotted backstage at Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show.
Why: Facialist Michelle Peck and her daughter Tarin performed Intraceuticals’ Rejuvenate Facials on all models backstage. The treatment promotes natural collagen and elastin production and improves skin texture for a visibly smoother appearance.

What: Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Cream and Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex.
Where: Spotted backstage at Derek Lam.
Why: Makeup artist Tom Pecheux coated models’ skin with Lauder’s nocturnal serum, then followed it up with its Re-Nutriv cream for extra hydration to create the perfect base for foundation. Nary a caked-on makeup mask could be found.

What: Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion.
Where: Spotted backstage at Chris Benz.
Why: Trained aestheticians prepped models’ skin with the latest innovation from Clarisonic, which combines classic micro-massage with an additional antiaging serum that works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Noticeably firmer and brighter skin was then ready for makeup artist Daniel Martin’s magic touch.

What: Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate.
Where: Spotted backstage at The Row.
Why: Makeup artist Aaron De Mey slathered the serum on models’ faces to create a “lit-from-within” glow, pre-complexion correction.

What: ZENO Hot Spot.
Where: Wherever breakouts flared up.
Why: To promote its Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device, a zit-zapper that uses painless blasts of heat to destroy acne-causing bacteria, ZENO had a “blemish buster” hotline available at NYFW so that models who felt a pimple coming on could call in and have the handheld wonder delivered to the tents, the Altman Building, or wherever clogged pores reared their ugly heads.

Beating The Heat With Skyn Iceland


As the skies over New York City continue to threaten rain on day, oh, I don’t know, 16 of the monsoon of ’09, a new affliction is plaguing our fair city. I’m talking about the increased humidity that after a simple ten-minute outdoor commute left me sweating, shiny, and annoyed that I had even bothered to put on tinted moisturizer at all. It’s at times like this that you a) don’t leave the confines of your air-conditioned apartment if you don’t have to, and b) should consider carrying a pack of cleansing wipes around with you at all times. I’m currently toting Skyn Iceland’s new Glacial Cleansing Cloths, so I can freshen and detoxify (on the go if need be) without having to actually wash my face multiple times a day. The individual foaming wipes are soaked with glacial water and boast cucumber extract to tone, firm, and soften skin, as well as Icelandic kelp to revitalize and fight inflammation. And they don’t leave a tacky residue like other cleansing wipes that shall remain nameless, so you won’t wind up more sticky than you were before you used them. If anything, they’re an easy way to bring a little cool refreshment to an otherwise stifling situation.

Photo: Courtesy of Skyn Iceland