August 28 2014

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Oil-Based Skincare Brought to You By Goop and Sonya Dakar



Sonya Dakar is somewhat of a skincare psychic. Upon looking at a client’s complexion, the facialist can determine whether they’ve been eating properly; if a breakout is related to digestive problems; and, more important, which products will eradicate the issues at hand. Her latest labor of love: a four-piece, 100 percent natural collection that launched yesterday on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, Goop. Made from the oil of a hoya flower—a protected plant species found in Asia that is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits—the line includes a cleanser, organic omega booster (a new variation of Dakar’s cult-favorite skin-changing serum), body oil, and eye treatment. “Oils were originally used to anoint kings and leaders, and have incredible antibacterial properties,” Dakar noted.

In addition to the hoya flower, the range boasts a bevy of other complexion conditioning ingredients: Passion fruit and fig oils protect and strengthen skin; grapefruit, orange, and lime extracts purify and invigorate; and grape seed and avocado oils nourish while infusing your face with antioxidants. And if it’s good enough for Gwyneth, than it’s good enough for us…not to mention, sticking to a skincare regimen sounds a hell of a lot simpler than conscious uncoupling.

Hoya Nourishing Cleanser, $85; Organic Omega Booster, $85; Hoya Nourishing Body Oil, $95; Hoya Nourishing Eye Treatment, $78;

L.A. Beauty Collab: The Doable Detox


Paleta-Sonya-Dakar-Beauty-DetoxTwo is the magic number for Los Angeles wellness duo Sonya Dakar (skincare kingpin) and Kelly Boyer (executive chef and founder of farm-to-table meal-delivery service Paleta). The pair met while collaborating on charitable events at Dakar’s Beverly Hills clinic and then became each other’s clients. “Sonya keeps my skin looking young and beautiful, and I keep her nourished,” explains Boyer. “We decided, why not put the two together to truly address the complexion?” The fruit of their labor: A shippable two-day, two-pronged Get Glowing! Beauty Detox, which aims to purify and balance—both inside and out.

Dakar contributes products from her newest collection, NutraSphere Detox, which harnesses the power of Marrubium and Buddleja (botanical stem cells that fight free radicals and purge toxins). Included in the face-saving plan: a two-week supply (Dakar says it takes that long to really see results) of Detox Wash, Detox Micro Scrub, and Detox Hydrator. As a bonus, she added two days’ worth of Organic Omega Booster (a moisturizing serum), Daily Face Shield SPF 30, and Perfect Women Multi Vitamins. “It’s not uncommon to break out when doing a juice cleanse,” Dakar explains. “We wanted to keep skin clear during the detoxification process [with an] ingestible and topical approach.”

For her part, Boyer—a health-conscious survivor of late-stage cancer—overnights two days’ worth of tasty cold-pressed juices, “magic milkshakes” (gourmet nut milks), handmade energy bars, bath salts, smoothies bolstered by Dakar’s Ultima Power Protein Powder, and special “boosts” that fuel regeneration and skin repair. The standouts: A pumpkin pie milkshake with antioxidants and nourishing coconut, and prickly pear juice—a blend of healing cactus and cleansing chlorophyll that help keep inflammation at bay. Drink (and wash) up!

Available in L.A. now and nationwide September 1, at and; $229.

Photo: Courtesy of Sonya Dakar and Paleta

Slough Love With Sonya Dakar


Sonya-Dakar-Exfoliation-TipsWhenever celebrity-favorite aesthetician Sonya Dakar is in town from L.A., we make a point to see her—as much for her amazing touch and arsenal of incredibly active products as the pearls of wisdom she readily doles out. And then there are the compliments, of course: “You have baby skin,” she told us when we saw her at a launch event today. “When you’re 45, you’ll look 30!” But we digress. While we exchanged pleasantries and Dakar asked us about our own regimen, her heart seemed to sink when we mentioned the dermatologic-grade glycolic acid pads we’ve recently added to our routine. “Those are too strong for you,” she exclaimed as we dismissively nodded. Then she looked us deep in the eyes and reiterated: “Stop using the pads.”

Once we genuinely conceded, Dakar offered up a very tempting exfoliating alternative—not to mention a great tip: A big fan of gentler lactic acid, the skin savior was giving us the hard sell on her Flash Facial, a cooling, exfoliating gel bolstered by resveratrol and Hylasome (“It’s five times more hydrating than regular hyaluronic acid,” she effused), which does produce almost immediate results, as we—and Gwyneth “Most Beautiful” Paltrow—can attest. The actress apparently gushed over the product during her cover turn on People magazine, causing a mega-spike in sales. Dakar recommends following that up with her soothing, apple stem cell–enriched NutraSphere Nano Mask and saving the glycolic acid pads for rough patches on your knees, heels, and elbows: “Use them twice a week until the pads are gone. Then, good-bye.” A great idea for self-tanning prep—and a skimpy summer wardrobe.

Photo: Courtesy of Sonya Dakar

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow


‘Tis the season to be merry and bright—and yet if you’re anything like us, your skin is anything but. Luckily, Sonya Dakar has slid down the proverbial chimney with an early holiday gift for West Coasters with brighter, more luminous complexions on top of their wish lists. Just in time to save a little face, the Beverly Hills-based skincare guru has introduced her new Snow Facial. Based on the benefits of the IBR-Snowflake concentrate found in her line’s Stem Cell Transformer—a natural Botox alternative—the skin-smoothing treatment is already a hit with Dakar’s celebrity clientele who are starting their awards-season prep now. Rather than use steam to start the service, a practice that has a tendency to break capillaries, according to Dakar, she begins with a cold mist that is followed by a clinical dose of the Transformer, which is then blended with Icelandic Glacial Water, a brand hand-selected by Dakar because of its enviable purity and high-alkaline pH levels. The snow-based mixture is applied to the face for a jolt of rejuvenation, which Dakar believes is an innovation in antiaging, as it tightens and diminishes puffiness, leaving you with a chill—and a glow to match. It’s perfect for West Coasters looking for a break from the California sun—and East Coast vacationers who are yearning to break free from the winter cold and dry indoor heat.

Sonya Dakar Clinic, 9975 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA, (310) 553-7344.

Photo: Courtesy of Sonya Dakar

Skin As Fresh As A Daisy


BELIDES / (bell-e-deez) / n. / 1. The extract of Bellis perennis, more commonly known as the daisy flower, which is native to western, central, and northern Europe and classified by its yellow center and white petals; / n. / 2. A forest nymph in Roman mythology who transformed herself into the flower Bellis to avoid the unwanted attention of the orchard god, Vertumbus; / n. / 3. A popular domestic plant symbolic of innocence, purity, and happiness; / n. / 4. A skin-lightening agent that evens out age spots and pigmentation, e.g., “Brighten up your day—and your skin—with a Belides bouquet.”

Try It: Sonya Dakar Nutrasphere Fade Away with Belides, $195,

Photo: Courtesy of Sonya Dakar