April 24 2014

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24 posts tagged "Space NK"

Giorgio Armani Beauty Doesn’t Miss a Beat; Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne Are Lovin’ It Late Night; and More


To promote its new thirty-six-shade collection of CC-cream lipsticks (the first of its kind), called Rouge Ecstasy, the classic cosmetics brand enlisted Danish beatboxer Felix Zenger to provide the vocals for a few gorgeous sets of lips. Watch the models mouth off above. [YouTube]

Although BFFs Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne were said to have split this summer, they were spotted at the golden arches in London in the early hours (3:30 a.m.). Nothing helps you kiss and make up—or rev up for fashion week—like an end-of-the-night excursion to McDonald’s. One big question remains: Did the superstar and supermodel supersize it? [Mirror UK]

Pantene Pro-V crowns Queen Latifah as the latest brand ambassador for its Truly Relaxed and Truly Natural Collections. [Twitter]

It’s not just editors who need care packages filled with Band-Aids, Starbucks cards, and Still Standing Spray for tired feet (yes, this exists, and I did, in fact, receive it)—Space NK teamed up with Next Models to keep the catwalkers looking top-notch for London fashion week. In addition to agency-approved snacks and water, the girls will get a few best-selling beauty goods from the Brit boutique. [Vogue UK]

Space NK’s Wick-ed Good Candle


Our mother recently reminded us that yes, even if you are invited to a casual cookout at a friend’s house this holiday weekend, you cannot show up empty-handed. A hostess gift or small token of appreciation should be given, no matter how laid-back the occasion or, in this case, if most guests will be barefoot and in bathing suits. The can’t-fail option for what to bring in our experience has always been a candle: It doesn’t require the hostess to fetch a vase of water or feel obligated to serve anything. Arriving just in time to fulfill this need is Space NK’s Parsley Mint Candle. The newest addition to the apothecary’s botanical-driven Life collection that includes Tomato Rhubarb, Mandarin Grapefruit, and Midnight Jasmine, this crisp burner is composed of fresh hints of green parsley, Moroccan mint tea, cool basil, and herb-y fennel—all ingredients that go over well on a hot summer night. Thanks to the premium-quality wax and braided natural cotton wick, the candle releases its aromatic scent slowly and consistently for a 60-hour burn time, which sounds perfectly generous to us.

Jin Soon Choi x Space NK


Jin Soon Choi’s name is synonymous with world-class manicures. The nail guru trusted by some of the industry’s biggest names—Steven Meisel, Prabal Gurung, and Derek Lam, to name a few—launched her own line of lacquers dedicated to “high fashion” last summer, focusing on classic shades of burgundy, crimson, and pink, as well as more daring navy, gray and hunter-green varnishes that manage to make a statement without ever looking vulgar. It’s Choi’s acute sense of color that attracted Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird, who enlisted her to create a limited-edition, two-piece polish collection exclusively for the retail outlet. Voile is a creamy violet, and Gossamer offers a sheer coat of opalescent shimmer with flecks of pink and purple sparkles. Get them while the getting’s good.

Photo: Courtesy of Space NK

Beauty Nostalgia: Reminiscing With…Nicky Kinnaird


Beauty Nostalgia is a new, weekly column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Nicky Kinnaird, founder of Space NK apothecaries

The Product: “When I was growing up, my parents had a second home in the Valencia region of Spain that was filled with citrus groves and golden beaches. We spent three months of the year immersed in Spanish culture, surrounded by the beautiful aroma of lemon and orange blossoms. Mornings were spent on the tennis courts and afternoons at the beach. After a long day, you showered and misted on a local citrus cologne. It was almost like baby cologne and had the most refreshing aroma—it smelled of the Mediterranean and happy times. You would pass by friends in the early evening and you’d get this gorgeous waft of bergamot, lime, neroli, and orange blossom.

When Christopher Sheldrake created the first fragrance for Space NK, Laughter, it was inspired by my childhood memories and the herbal earthiness of those Spanish days. We worked on creating citrus top notes with an herbal heart of rosemary and coriander. The dry-down had to give a hint of that sun-kissed skin underneath, which is a combination of musk, warm creamy amber, and spicy ginger. I still go back to this area of Spain. I think it’s beautiful when you can find some part of the Mediterranean that hasn’t been touched by tourism and still has this beautiful, natural coastline. The whole orange and lemon industry is based around there so you have the most fabulous fragrant air. They have a heritage of making that cologne that probably goes back over a hundred years. But I have my little piece of it with my Laughter eau de toilette and parfum, which are with me at all times.”

Photo: Courtesy of Space NK

Milla For Avon; Magazines Get More “Mansome”; And More…


Avon’s stock may have been recently downgraded to sell, but its celebrity cred is looking up. The direct seller just signed Milla Jovovich as the new face of its City Rush for Her fragrance. [Daily Mail]

Fact: Men are big into products these days, and it’s evident at more than just the beauty counter. Grooming ad sales are up at magazines like Details and Men’s Health, new men’s magazine launches are in the works—including Fairchild Fashion’s recent announcement of the resurrection of M and Men’s Health‘s resurrection of its publication Best Life—and Details has just announced plans to join forces with Space NK on a new retail partnership. Ladies, mind your skincare arsenal. [WWD]

Finally, some answers about Tom Brady’s questionable faux hawk at this year’s Met gala. “To tell you the truth, I was actually shampooing my hair in the shower one day and I thought ‘I might do that. That might be cool,” the New England Patriots quarterback says. “As long as my wife liked it and my mother liked it I’m cool with it.” Fair enough. [Boston Herald]

Photo: Courtesy of Avon