September 1 2014

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Nineties Brows—Without The Awkward Regrowth Phase—Backstage At Roksanda Ilincic


Roksanda Ilincic’s Spring collection may have had a slight fifties influence to it, but she had her beauty team focus on an entirely different decade. “We went with a nineties, grungy look,” hairstylist Marc Trinder said, focusing on “hung-over Kurt Cobain hair” that he air-dried with his fingers, coating strands with “a lot” of Charles Worthington Frontrow Serum for piecey-ness. Makeup artist Lucia Pica drew inspiration from that other grunge icon: Kate Moss. “The girls are supposed to look more magazine grunge than street grunge—more Steven Meisel than Corrine Day,” Pica elaborated, creating a slightly warm base with St. Tropez Naturals Radiance Self-Tan for Face topped off with a soft yellow, peachy flush courtesy of MAC Blush in Dusty Coral and a muted yellow Chromacake. Then things got really interesting. To capture those quintessential nineties brows, “the skinny round ones we all used to have when we were younger, that we’re lucky grew back,” Pica broke out some clever makeup trickery. Rather than maniacally pluck out individual hairs until nothing but a thin arch remained (commence high school flashbacks now), she brushed a bit of MAC Lip Erase through roots to take them down a bit before drawing in a half moon shape with MAC Brow Pencil and blending it for a diffused finish. The effect isn’t quite as severe as the original, but it also isn’t as permanent; if only we knew then what we know now.


This Is England, Backstage at House of Holland


With influences as far-flung as Shane Meadows’ 2006 film This Is England, about a group of skinheads in 1983 London, and what he termed “pastel punk,” Henry Holland gave his glam squad plenty to work with for Spring. And believe us when we tell you it was a legitimate squad, featuring Lucia Pica on makeup duty, Sophy Robson heading up nails, the Percy & Reed salon’s Adam Reed and Paul Percival tending to hair, and St. Tropez’s Nichola Joss taking care of the skin. “It’s supposed to look bold, but not glamorous,” Pica said of the makeup look, which focused on a peachy red, heavily lined eye. Blending shades of MAC Pro Chromacake in crimson and coral, Pica smudged lids for a “watercolorlike” wash that resembled the natural undertones of the truly pale. Beneath the bottom lash line, she etched a thick black stroke using MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, which she topped with its Fluidline in Blacktrack and an extra dusting of matte black shadow so it looked “fairly lived-in,” Pica said. A few coats of “pulled-out” mascara and a completely bare lip finished the face, which was given a heavy hitting of shine, courtesy of MAC Shine Mixing Medium and St. Tropez’s Skin Illuminator in Rose Gold, before models strode out onto the runway.

Joss was also after shine, which she imparted to exposed legs, arms, and clavicles using St. Tropez’s Wash Off self tanner that was sprayed on in a mobile booth erected backstage. “It’s very British,” she said of the finish, which, for the record, bore zero resemblance to the stereotypical orange faux glow preferred by some locals. Instead, Joss imparted a dewy quality to skin—as though “the girls had been out partying,” she said. “This just evens it out and gives an undercurrent of glow so you can put an illuminator on top.”

Reed was going for something quintessentially British, as well. “It’s a mod finish,” he said of the hair, focusing his attention on a severely sleek updo that was prepped with the Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray from his newly launched Percy & Reed product line. Straightening with his trusty Babyliss iron, Reed created a top section of hair that he pulled back at the temple and pinned with a long, rose-gold barrette, before gathering the rest of the lengths into a low ponytail and securing with a second barrette at the nape of the neck. To add “quirkiness,” he gently “ruffled up” some wispy sideburns. Robson also brought the quirk, fashioning half-done, candy-colored tips that benefited from a sponge technique bringing three different Leighton Denny lacquers in a pale lavender, mint green, and peach halfway up the nail bed, which had been filed into a round shape. “They’re supposed to look chipped,” she noted.

Photo: Becky Maynes;

Get A Leg Up On Spring


This winter was unbearably long, but after many, many months of being resigned to a rotating wardrobe of heavyweight opaque tights and jeans over those aforementioned tights, the temperature is finally rising…which means our wardrobe is shrinking. The problem is, it’s been a very long time since our legs have seen the light of day, and while they were hibernating, they’ve somehow morphed into pudgy, pasty, furry limbs. Here, to help you get used to the idea of—gulp—shorts, we’ve compiled a top ten list of products and expert tips. Your gams will be ready for their Spring debut in no time.

No Pain, All Gain

While they certainly won’t replace time logged in at the gym, this trio of leg-toning potions does help firm, stimulate circulation, and combat water retention. Super by Dr. Perricone’s Supermodel Legs uses chili pepper capsaicin to do the job, while Origins infuses menthol into its Leg Lifts to impart a tingly, invigorating effect. For a refreshing and revitalizing finish, a slick of Dr. Hauschka’s Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner should do you just fine.

Try It: Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Supermodel Legs, $30,; Origins Leg Lifts, $20,; and Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner, $34.95,

Razor Sharp

As the temperature goes up, so too does your shaving frequency. For the smoothest depilatory experience, dermatologist Dr. Sapna Westley advises wetting hair in warm water for three to five minutes prior to shaving to soften the skin and prevent irritation. “Always use a shaving cream or gel, ideally a fragrance-free version to avoid razor burn,” she says, adding that it’s equally important to change the blade weekly, and shave in the direction of hair growth.

Try It: Schick Intuition Natural Sensation Razor, $9.99,

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Glow Like Gwyneth


We’re approaching the end of the first week of April, which means the bulk of our beauty conversation will turn to proper sun care starting…now. We posted our first sunscreen write-up of the season yesterday (much, much more on that in the coming weeks), and today we’ve decided to touch upon another sun-centric topic, self tanner. Let us begin by saying that we have never much dabbled in fake-baking ourselves. A combination of a naturally olive complexion and an aversion to those unfortunate orange aftereffects have kept us away, although there are certain occasions when we have considered taking part—like, say, when we saw a radiant, bronzed Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars. Seeing as how we were at the height of winter paleness at the time, Gwyneth’s glow in that stunning, white-gold Calvin Klein Collection gown was that much more covetable. Turns out makeup artist Leslie Lopez and St. Tropez Everyday Moisturizer can be credited with Paltrow’s sun-kissed skin. But it wasn’t just the caramel tone that incited envy as we watched the red carpet in a friend’s kitchen, scarf and jacket still on in an attempt to increase our internal body temperature. It was her skin’s slight sheen that really hammered home the point that Gwyneth was warm and glowing and we, well, were not. That extra little something came courtesy of St. Tropez’s new Skin Illuminators, which officially launched this week. Now available in Rose Gold and Gold, the creamy formulas join the brand’s original violet shade to add contour with luminescent light. They’re the perfect complement to a tan—real or rubbed on.

Photo: Courtesy of St. Tropez

Mad Men, Now In Nail Polish Form; Anti-Aging Automobiles; And More…


Mad Men the nail polish is coming! Four new lacquers will debut this fall, inspired by fabrics used in the cocktail dresses of that era. We are not exaggerating when we say nothing has ever excited us more. [WWD]

Britney Spears used her Twitter account to leak the print ad for her new fragrance, Radiance, last night. And to answer our burning question from a few weeks back, her state of undress is…minimal. We’ll leave the conversation about the state of her Photoshopped bod for another time. [People]

Ever feel the urge to “base tan” before a beach jaunt so your unsightly paleness won’t offend other vacationers? Well, if you’re travelling out of the United Kingdom, you can get a pre-flight bronze with Gatwick Glow, a new program that offers passengers traveling out of the London international airport a Saint-Tropez spray tan before they fly. JFK? Newark? Are you paying attention? [Daily Mail]

Never mind running on electricity. The cars of the future will help keep you looking better, too. Apparently, the forthcoming Nissan Leaf will not only use alternative energy and have plush seats designed by NASA but will also boast an air conditioner that spritzes passengers with vitamin C to help prevent skin damage and wrinkles. You’ve gotta love Japanese design. [US News & World Report]

Photo: Carin Baer / AMC