August 29 2014

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Kelly’s Row With The Bronzing Business, A Celebrity Fragrance Showdown, And More…


Marios Schwab and Roksanda Ilincic may swear by its insta-glow capabilities on their runways, but St. Tropez’ fake tanning products came under attack yesterday for allegedly further supporting an unhealthy body image in the media. The controversy centers around ads starring newly named spokesperson Kelly Osbourne, who claims that its products make you appear not just browner, but slimmer. You can’t fault Osbourne too much, though; she just spent months at the Dancing With the Stars school of cosmetics. She’s not in her right mind. [Daily Mail]

The FiFis are just over a month away, and competition in the women’s Celebrity Fragrance of the Year category is heating up. Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Avril Lavigne, and Faith Hill will all try to follow in the footsteps of Paris Hilton, who took home the prize last year. For those of you wondering, Beyoncé’s Heat won’t be in the running until next June, when it will no doubt emerge as the uncontested winner. Until then, our money’s on Halle. [Ace Showbiz]

As Lindsay Lohan’s tweet-war against her father continues, little sister Ali has opted for an eyebrow makeover, presumably to take her mind of the chaos. It’s fittingly dramatic. [Us Weekly] is finally getting in on the iPhone app game, with a new program that lets you read hundreds of makeup reviews from “real” women, on the go. Now, you’ll never again have to have that awkward “so…have you ever tried this?” conversation with a stranger in the beauty aisle at Duane Reade. [StyleList]

Photo: Splash News

At Marios Schwab, Daring To Go Bare


Despite the season, not a pair of tights could be spotted on Marios Schwab’s runway yesterday. But we didn’t see the typical high-shine gams in their place. According to St. Tropez’s Nichola Joss, next fall is all about a matte finish. “I’m not suggesting flat, mannequin skin that foundation can sometimes give you,” Joss said backstage. Instead, she recommends mixing your moisturizer with a little bit of pigment to mask the blotchy paleness that plagues most of us during the seasonal transition. Her advice: Use the cosmetic part of St. Tropez’s Everyday Perfect Legs, which comes equipped with two pumps (one with a bronzer, the other with a gradual self-tanner), and mix it with your go-to lotion or body cream. Just how far into next winter you’re willing to insist that you’re “not cold”? That’s entirely up to you.

Photo: Courtesy of St. Tropez; Marcio Madeira /

Flesh Is The New Black


The “skin-finishing product” industry is set to make billions this year, but Sass & Bide’s Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton are keeping it real. While the rest of the pasty-skinned masses slap on a spray tan, bronzer, or body gloss at the faintest imperfection, the Aussie designers seem out to prove that embellishment definitely belongs on clothes—and not on the body. At their Spring 2010 show this past weekend, makeup artist Petros Petrohilos was instructed to leave the limbs alone, despite the cutaway tops and exposed midriffs that hit the runway. The only statement makeup was generous lashings of mascara. “Petros was going for high drama, but in a fresh way,” Revlon’s Nicola Thornton reports. “He let each application of mascara dry and did loads of reapplications—then just flesh-toned lipstick.” The body, however, was bronze- and goop-free. And yes, that did mean that under harsh lighting and being two feet away from the runway, I did spot some moles, a few faint stretch marks, and a spider vein here and there. But in a world where every minute blemish is sprayed, blended, or glossed to death, it was actually liberating to see that a real woman—16 years old as she may have been—does in fact exist, and she is no less beautiful without the cover-up. Would it be so bad if we all put away our spray tans, bronzers, and oils for a bit and let our bodies breathe? Just don’t suggest it to Roksanda Ilincic, whose premiere swimsuit collection, which shows this week, is being sponsored by St. Tropez.