April 21 2014

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Look Good Naked: The Stella McCartney Manicure


nailsManicurist Madeline Poole was on hand backstage at Stella McCartney to paint models’ nails with a flesh-colored polish—a task that seems quite simple, but is in fact rather challenging considering that nude does not in fact equate to light beige (a point Christian Louboutin and Clinique recently underscored with collections of shoes and makeup). Choosing a nail lacquer is similar to selecting a foundation in that you need to consider both the opacity and the color, Poole explained. Based upon the state of your nails, you may want to prep with a primer (an opaque formula) and layer it with a “tinted moisturizer” of sorts (a sheer pink). Poole coated fingertips with unique combinations of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cafe Au Lait, Nude Now, Shell We Dance, and Shore Enough according to each girl’s skin tone. And at $8 a bottle, you can afford to experiment and find your perfect match.

Keeping It Real, Backstage at Stella McCartney


stella“I want to give them a look that isn’t a look—that’s Stella’s thing,” said Eugene Souleiman. “It’s like the hair real girls do before they go out and they’re in a rush.” (For the record, my hair has never looked like this when I’m running late.) After Souleiman made a center part, strands were misted with water to revive each girl’s unique and natural texture. The length was then scraped back into a low pony at the nape, the elastic pulled down for a more voluminous, billowy look. Some of the tails were then tucked into the pieces in the collection with high necks or underneath the collar of a jacket. “I don’t want them to look like models, because I think Stella designs beautiful clothes that real people buy,” Souleiman explained of the low-key, wearable style.

Pat McGrath received the same brief but was sure to account for the early morning call time. “It’s about no makeup, but just a little added freshness,” she said. After all, everyone—even those who are genetically blessed—needs a touch of foundation, a wash of taupe around the eyes, brown mascara, and a hint of blush before 9 a.m.

Photo: Sonny Vandevelde;

Stella McCartney Seals It With a Kiss



At this point, nail art seems a bit passé. However, when you can perfectly execute the embellishments from Stella McCartney’s Resort collection on fingertips, we have to applaud. And apparently, so does McCartney, as she re-posted this photo from a rather dexterous fan to her Instagram account. Another gem the designer shared via social media just hours ago: this kiss from Cara Delevingne—arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Horse Play



Today marks the Year of the Horse, and the fashion community appears to be celebrating with a few snaps of their own. Model Hanne Gaby Odiele (who we’ve heard is quite taken with My Little Pony) shared a street-style image of herself parading around in a pink poncho and unicorn accessories. (Note: The fact that the magical unicorn is not recognized as an actual breed of horse in the scientific community does not concern us here at—it counts.) Makeup artist Tom Pecheux’s sidekick, Pascal, looks quite comfortable at the stable. And Stella McCartney’s photo takes home the title of Best in Show: Her stud’s daring, nose-grazing braid feels fresh—the rest of the barn is bound to follow suit.

Photos: Instagram

A Spa Day With Stella McCartney



In contrast to the normal kerfuffle, the backstage scene at Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall presentation was relatively calm—almost serene. This could be attributed to the fact that the models were treated to expedited spa services by Sunday Riley. When I arrived, a steamed washcloth was being draped over the likes of Hanne Gaby Odiele, prepping her face for a quick four-minute mask consisting of Ceramic Slip Cleanser (containing French green clay to tighten pores and black pepper to ramp up circulation) and Good Genes (a treatment with lactic acid to exfoliate and licorice to brighten). After this first step was wiped away, Start Over eye cream—described as a “high-tech cucumber”—was applied to de-puff. To seal in moisture like “saran wrap,” the brand’s forthcoming facial oil (out in March), Artemis, was smoothed from forehead to chin. This blend of lemon ironbark, lemon myrtle, grapefruit, black cumin seed oil, and milk thistle seed oil tones, takes down redness, and, more important, absorbs quickly so that the girls could be passed on to face painter Neil Young.

“It’s one of those makeups that’s like a recipe; some girls need three ingredients and some need five,” Young said of the fresh-faced look. Concealer was applied only where needed, a taupe powder was used on “less angular” models to contour, and MAC Power Blush in Blushbaby was used to “cheat it a bit” and create a natural flush in a few cases. Lips were dabbed with balm, and brows were brushed up. The hair by Antoinette Beenders was equally as easy: Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep was spritzed at the crown, and ends were smoothed with Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil before blow-drying to enhance any natural texture. “It should look like the girls slept on it and put their hands through it,” Beenders explained. To finish, strands were tucked behind the ears for “toughness,” and for those with shorter cuts, the length was twisted into a knot near the nape of the neck. Will the undone hair and no-makeup makeup movement we saw for Spring 2014 continue to reign for fall? Hard to believe the answer is only a few weeks away.