September 2 2014

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Get Scout Willis’ Rainbow Lash Look



The emerald and cobalt lashes seen at Stella McCartney’s garden party were one of the highlights of the Resort 2015 season—at least here on Beauty Counter. And for the September issue of Jalouse, the man behind the makeup, Vincent Oquendo, continues to perpetuate the trend for Fall with this look he created on Scout Willis—pressing MAC pigments in green, blue, yellow, and orange on top of all-white lashes. The key to replicating this flora-inspired fringe, he noted, is to build a solid base with primer. (His favorites: Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum and Make Up For Ever Lash Fibers.) “You should prime your lashes like you prime a wall before you paint,” he said. To get the “clumpy-but-separated and almost furry” texture seen at shows like Prada, curl lashes and work the formula in at the roots and pull out toward the tips. “It’s similar to hair: If your roots are soft and you’re trying to [create] a major ‘do, it’s all going to wilt,” Oquendo explained. “When Guido [Palau] is doing models’ hair backstage, he sprays all the product near the scalp.” After you’ve neutralized lashes and rimmed your waterline with a white pencil, do as he did on set and blend pigments with MAC’s mixing medium or white eyeliner before pressing them onto lashes. Or take the easy road and opt for an already colored mascara (like those from Chanel). “You’ll have more control with mascara, and wearability will be better than pigment,” the face painter explained. To open up the eye and make it look bigger, follow Oquendo’s lead and place the brightest shades in the center, fanning the darker tones out onto either side. Make the fad your own by devising your own color combos. “A pop of metallic liner underneath aubergine lashes could be really pretty,” he suggested. Polish off the Technicolor fringe by framing it with a bold brow. “You need structure to make this look wearable,” he said. Whatever it takes to get to the beauty gold at the end of this rainbow, we’re willing to give it a go.

Photo: Instagram

DIY Stella McCartney’s “Superhero” Nails


stella-resortIf there’s one thing we can expect at every Stella McCartney show, it’s neutral nails. Light pink or nude—you’d be hard-pressed to find a bottle backstage that competed with the designer’s clothes. And for Resort, the situation was no different. Manicurist Madeline Poole painted catwalkers’ fingertips with Sally Hansen’s forthcoming Miracle Gel polish in Bare Dare, but created “superhero” nail art inspired by one of the quirky patterns in the collection. “I zoomed in and blew up different aspects of the masks to create an abstract design,” said Poole. “I don’t like to do anything too complicated—a graphic that’s big and bold always communicates better.” Here, the pro breaks down how to get the look (no cape or superhuman skills required).

1. Push back cuticles using Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover and an orangewood stick.

2. Gently polish the surface of nails with a buffing block, mist with water, and scrub with a brush. Complete the prep process by wiping fingertips clean of any residue with polish remover.

3. Paint the thumb and pinky finger with two coats of a solid color. (In this case, Poole chose Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Red Eye, on shelves in July.) “I like when there’s asymmetry to a manicure,” she said.

4. Choose bright, comic book-esque shades for the ring, middle, and pointer fingers. (Here, she chose Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Electri-Cute and Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away! and Mellow Yellow.) Layer on two coats.

5. Once the base coat is dry, draw a semicircle in a contrasting color from one edge of the nail bed three-quarters of the way to the other side—leaving space between your cuticle and the graphic shape. (In addition to the colors already in the rotation, Poole used Miracle Gel in Twiggy over the blue on our model’s middle finger.)

6. Repeat the same steps on the adjacent finger while you’re waiting for your semicircle to dry.

7. Add a second layer to each semicircle once they’ve had time to set.

8. Finish with a clear topcoat and clean up any excess polish around the nail bed with a makeup brush dipped in remover. Poole used the E.l.f. Essential Concealer Brush, which will only set you back $1.

While you wait for McCartney’s Resort pieces to hit stores, consider this manicure an instant form of gratification.

Is Nail Art Trending Again?



The Fall ’14 season officially marked the end of the nail art craze—or so we thought. While the likes of Prabal Gurung, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, and Alexander McQueen coated models’ nails with pared-back, creamy flesh tones, rainbow hues and intricate designs made a comeback this week. Hannah Bronfman debuted a leopard-spotted manicure inspired by Givenchy’s Fall ’14 collection via Instagram, while Alessandra Ambrosio showed some World Cup spirit with a blue, green, and yellow Brazilian-flag-inspired paint job. And last night at Stella McCartney’s annual Resort ’15 garden party, manicurist Madeline Poole lifted a colorful superhero print from the collection and interpreted it into a color-blocked gel mani. (Catwalkers, however, wore a more traditional nude dubbed Bare Dare from Sally Hansen’s forthcoming Miracle Gel collection.) While we likely won’t be dusting off our striping brush this summer, we’re all for a thematic mani moment.

Photos: Getty; Instagram

Lashes Get the Technicolor Treatment at Stella McCartney Resort



The sun came out for Stella today, as this morning’s downpour didn’t exactly make for a good garden party, the setting for the designer’s Resort presentation. And backstage the beauty was just as bright. Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo created three different lash looks in royal blue, forest green, and—on four select girls—a combination of both colors. It’s not the first time we’ve seen fantastic fringe from McCartney: Clumpy cobalt lashes made a serious statement on her Fall 2012 runway. And lucky for Oquendo, he happened to be on the team (led by Pat McGrath) that devised those spidery blue eyes.

Today, however, he crafted his own vibrant mascaras by mixing gel liners from MAC Cosmetics—combining Fluidline in Waveline with Chromaline in Pure White to make the perfect navy; and Chromaline in Landscape Green, Marine Ultra, and Pure White to cook up the ultimate emerald. Next, he painted his bespoke blends onto the top lashes with a clean mascara wand, working the product into the roots to build a strong base before pulling the pigment out toward the tips. “You need to have a good foundation so that your lashes don’t wilt,” he explained. Oquendo layered “at least” three coats near the lash line, then went back in with more color and combed it through to the ends—strategically separating the hairs for a “feathered” effect.

To allow the eyes to take center stage, the rest of the maquillage was kept relatively simple. Face And Body Foundation provided a seamless and dewy canvas, while a combo of Cream Colour Base in Pearl and Luna (Hush for models with darker complexions) was used to highlight around the tear ducts, the center of the lids, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and chin. For even more sheen, All Over Gloss was dabbed lightly onto the lids. To finish, Oquendo reached for Cremeblend Blush in Brit Wit and Posey—applying both shades to apples and lips for a fresh flush.

“I used to wear blue mascara in high school,” noted catwalker Devon Windsor of the colored-lash comeback. “I like that you can’t really see it until you’re under a bright light, so you could actually pull it off every day.” We like the sound of that, too.


Look Good Naked: The Stella McCartney Manicure


nailsManicurist Madeline Poole was on hand backstage at Stella McCartney to paint models’ nails with a flesh-colored polish—a task that seems quite simple, but is in fact rather challenging considering that nude does not in fact equate to light beige (a point Christian Louboutin and Clinique recently underscored with collections of shoes and makeup). Choosing a nail lacquer is similar to selecting a foundation in that you need to consider both the opacity and the color, Poole explained. Based upon the state of your nails, you may want to prep with a primer (an opaque formula) and layer it with a “tinted moisturizer” of sorts (a sheer pink). Poole coated fingertips with unique combinations of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cafe Au Lait, Nude Now, Shell We Dance, and Shore Enough according to each girl’s skin tone. And at $8 a bottle, you can afford to experiment and find your perfect match.