August 21 2014

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“Stella Girls” Congregate En Masse For Spring


We arrived at Place de l’Opéra for Stella McCartney’s Spring show just in time to catch the designer backstage as she settled into a makeup chair for a quick touch-up before the presentation got underway. “Make sure you tell them what you want so they don’t go all BBC on you,” McCartney’s longtime face-painter, Pat McGrath, shouted in jest, alluding to the designer’s classic no-makeup makeup look that is reinterpreted onto every model that walks in her show. “She’s just beautiful, fresh, glow-y, and gorgeous,” McGrath said of the quintessential Stella girl, for which she diffused CoverGirl TRUblend liquid foundation in one shade darker than each complexion to warm up faces before blending CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Lush Berry onto cheeks for a slight pink flush. Of course, something so sheer and pared-down requires a perfected canvas to start with. “It’s all about your skincare,” McGrath explained of the kind of proper conditioning that’s necessary to make this sort of look work. “Cleanse, tone, moisturize—that’s our thing,” she continued, name-dropping CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer and Dr. Orentreich’s oil-free moisturizer as great ways to create a flawless, dewy base.

Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman also looked no further than McCartney herself to get inspiration for the high and tight chignons he crafted using Wella Velvet Amplifier style primer. “What can I say? It’s just Stella,” he said of the bun that he swept up at the crown, coiled, and pinned to hold. Breaking out a blush brush to go over a layer of hair spray he had spritzed onto the sides to create sleekness without any harsh lines, Souleiman used his fingertips to rake hair back from the hairline, manipulating slight groves along the surface. Simple as it all seemed, there was definitely a point of view to the style. “Get rid of that Alberta Ferretti stuff—it’s way too romantic,” Souleiman advised a member of his team to emphasize the “very chic, but slightly tougher and more masculine” message.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Ocean’s Kingdom Crowns A Complexion-Perfecting Queen


The New York City Ballet’s production of Ocean’s Kingdom premieres tonight, and with its Stella McCartney-designed costumes and Sir Paul McCartney-scored music, it’s sure to be a hit. Another thing it’s got going for it, aside form top-notch dancing and killer choreography: CoverGirl creative director Pat McGrath stepped in to help design the makeup for the production. While McGrath herself is in Milan prepping shows for Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and other power-house presentations (check out her handiwork backstage at Gucci here), a well-equipped team has been assembled to make sure her ethereal aquatic look befitting the show’s ocean-dwelling creatures and a darker, sort of goth-inspired look for its earthbound “Terra Punks” go off without a hitch—including fashion’s favorite skincare guru, Sunday Riley. “Their complexions, while young and gorgeous, definitely needed serious TLC,” Riley said of the company’s dancers, who are subjected to layers and layers of makeup for scheduled performances. Here, Riley breaks down the keys to ballerina-beautiful skin.

Why was it so important for the dancers to follow a specific skincare regimen?

Well, they’re working out all day and continually sweating. On full dress-rehearsal days, they have a thick layer of stage makeup applied on top of their skin, and they are performing under heavy lighting. Under these conditions, proper cleansing and balancing is terribly important.

With all of the light-reflecting foundations and heavy pigmented eye makeup used in this show, how did you make sure that the skin underneath remained a perfect, hydrated canvas?

When they’re going to dance, I prefer to stay away from heavy moisturizers, so we used a lightweight concentrated dose of my Skin Adrenaline instead. To give them instant radiance, we dabbed my Good Genes treatment serum on top.

Was there a specific product that you prescribed to all of the girls to keep them irritation- and breakout-free?

My Stimulant II is incredibly anti-inflammatory, and applied to breakouts, it will help cut the redness while reducing the size of acne flare-ups.

What about post-show? Did you give the dancers any cleansing instructions to make sure everything that had been put on comes off completely?

They really require a two-step cleansing process because of all the heavy makeup. First, we have them use a cream-based cleanser, like my Charisma Creme, to remove everything. It contains hydrating ingredients so it won’t dry out skin while it cleanses, plus it has chamomile and green tea to calm any kind of inflammation. Then, we followed with my Ceramic Slip, which is a foaming, clay-based cleanser that really deep-cleans the pores.

Photo: Orrie King / Sunday Riley

EXCLUSIVE: Stella Gets All Dressed Up


Attention, Stella eau de parfum fans: There’s a whole new reason to love McCartney’s signature rose-tinged offering. Beginning in September, the designer will release the Print Collection, three limited-edition faceted flacons adorned with vintage botanical designs from her Spring 2011 show. “Collector’s item” doesn’t even begin to describe these beautiful bottles. Don’t believe us? Check out this exclusive video starring all three.

Sunday Riley Talks Summer Skin


If models’ skin seemed particularly radiant at yesterday’s Stella McCartney Resort presentation, there’s a reason for that: Sunday Riley. The skincare guru was on hand to give mini facials so that complexions were the perfect canvas for a light application of foundation. “I’ve always wanted to put something together with her,” Riley said of McCartney. “She’s a luxury brand, but there’s a green consciousness there,” she continued, pointing out the similarities between her brand and the designer’s. Call it a natural fit.

Because it’s summer and the heat can boost oil production and make breakouts more of a concern—even for models—Riley started her treatments with her Ceramic Slip cleanser, a gentle foam that purifies as it tightens pores. “The makeup look is all about the skin, so I wanted it to be dewy,” Riley said, massaging in her Skin Adrenaline, an instant radiance booster, and dabbing her Stimulant 1 near lids to minimize fine lines. “Summer makes you more crepe-y around the eyes,” Riley pointed out.

As for Riley’s other tips to beat the heat, her best advice is the simplest: “Wash your face,” she said, explaining that a surprising number  of women just don’t. Her other words to the wise: “Use some kind of acid product once a week to get rid of the oil and residue.” Not a huge fan of the more common salicylic-based products, Riley recommends going with a lactic acid, like the pharmaceutical-grade version in her Good Genes serum. “It actually helps your other products sink into the dermal level, which other acids don’t do.”

An (Organic) Rose For Stella


Another year, another limited-edition bottle of Stella Sheer, the summer adaptation of the designer’s classic rose-tinged fragrance. We imagine it must be a daunting task to come up with a new way to refresh an old favorite annually, but this latest effort seems to have come about pretty, um, organically. McCartney purchased an entire harvest of organic roses from an Ecocert-awarded cooperative in the Persian mountains, bringing the hard-to-come-by essence of Iranian organic rose to her seasonal eau. Green apple and frosted lemon open the fresh scent, and its blend of rose notes is grounded by a warm amber finish. If the exclusivity factor isn’t enough to sell you on this one, the beautiful bottle designed by British contemporary artist Philip Jones should do the trick.

Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney Fragrances