August 23 2014

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Beauty Sound Bite: Why We Don’t Give a Chip About a Pristine Polish Job


chipped-black-nail-polish“Honey, who wants to have perfect black nail polish? I want it chipped! I’m sure at the Met ball last year they all had perfect black nail polish, which was so uncool. What you need to have is a dysfunctional boyfriend with eyeliner on—yesterday’s—and chipped black nail polish. That’s sexy.”

A pristine polish job has become a necessity—if not a requirement—for many New Yorkers, with nail salons at full capacity on Sunday in preparation for the week ahead. Chipped tips are for the weak…or those who spend nearly every waking minute typing on either an iPhone or a computer (i.e., the life and times at But Jones noted in a recent interview that our unkempt nails—shown here on associate news editor Katharine K. Zarrella—are, in fact, the ultimate marker of cool nonchalance. (The black polish, which the hat honcho wore on his first day of college in 1976, solidifies our rebel status.) Our low-maintenance lacquer is also reflective of our feelings on watching paint dry every weekend, one that we think many women (and some men) share: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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Pharrell Joins Forces With Comme des Garçons to Produce an Olfactory Hit


Pharrell Performs Live In Brisbane

In other fragrance-related news, Pharrell is crafting a unisex eau dubbed Girl with Comme des Garçons. The scent marks the first collaboration between Rei Kawakubo and a musician (although it seems that the designer has an affinity for men in hats, recently launching a second perfume with milliner Stephen Jones). While the notes of the forthcoming composition (on shelves in September) have yet to be released, we imagine it will pair well with a plaid tux and Vivienne Westwood Worlds End Mountain chapeau.

Photo: Getty Images

Stephen Jones Thinks Outside the Hatbox


stephen-jonesA party at the Trading Museum Comme des Garçons this week in Paris celebrated British milliner Stephen Jones’ second fragrance collaboration with the house: Wisteria Hysteria. “It’s truly the counterpoint,” he said, his first eau being a violet-based scent. “I really wanted to do something that wasn’t a rose perfume or a jasmine perfume, but something a bit more esoteric.” The wisteria growing outside his home in London served as the inspiration, particularly the second flowering of the bloom that occurs in August. “Where before you might have a thousand flowers, it will only produce twenty the second time—but the scent of those is extraordinary,” he explained. “They smell peppery, almost like a carnation, and they’re unbelievably rich.” Combined with the resinous oils that have become a CDG signature, the final aroma is warm but not heady, clean but seductive. The composition was entirely Jones’ vision, a rarity in the fragrance business. “I remember reading a book by Luca Turin where he talks about Sarah Jessica Parker going in with this oil and that oil [for her perfume], and they said to her, ‘You’re doing a white floral, babe.’” The celebrity scent, however, is about churning out hundreds of thousands of bottles for the masses, whereas this is decidedly more niche. “What people want is individuality, that’s why they buy hats. It’s not necessarily the hat itself but the whole experience: They love the box, veiling, and these little bits of finishing.” And if you love the hat honcho’s chapeaux, you’ll particularly enjoy the coffer (a scaled-down hatbox) stuffed with white netting that holds the flacon. The summer breeze that blows the alluring aroma through the milliner’s home may come and go, but this bottle will re-create the olfactory experience year-round.

$165, available at the Trading Museum Comme des Garçons, 54 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, alongside an exhibition of fourteen Stephen Jones hats, including the first chapeau he created for the label’s Fall collection in 1985. The fragrance launches stateside in the Comme des Garçons boutique in New York City’s Dover Street Market next week.

Hats Off to Comme des Garcons’ New Fragrance
















With all he buzz surrounding Comme des Garcons soon-to-arrive collection for H&M, it’s definitely possible that another Rei Kawakubo collaboration has gone under your radar. That would be the most recent addition to the Comme des Garcons fragrance family, a new scent produced by the brand’s olfactory brain trust and directed by Stephen Jones. The famed British milliner, whose long-standing fragrance ambitions could’ve been fulfilled by any number of the fashion houses who call on him to, er, “head” up their accessories enterprises—he counts the hats at Marc Jacobs’ acclaimed Spring show and those in the forthcoming Chanel biopic among his most recent credits—Kawakubo was always the one he’d envisioned as co-pilot on his pet perfume project. He candidly calls her “the most important designer of our time.” The result of the joint venture is a fragrance based in violets with hints of clove, carnation, rose, jasmine, heliotrope, and amber (and for a twist of kitsch, it comes packaged in a hatbox). Officially available at CDG flagship stores since mid-September, it rolls out to more accessible distributors later this month.

Photo: Courtesy of Comme des Garcons