August 28 2014

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Living Proof Plays It Straight


A quick look at all the at-home keratin treatments coming on the market and the bevy of blow-out bars popping up from New York to L.A., and it’s clear that straight hair is “in” again. Beauty companies are switching their focus accordingly, replacing texturizers and curl enhancers with products designed to keep things soft and sleek. A number of different creams and salves produce Gwyneth-at-the-Oscars severity, but most of them are formulated with silicones, oils, and resins that will ultimately weigh hair down and perform for one blow-out only. As for more permanent treatments, recent exposés mean that these formaldehyde-laden formulas have fallen out of favor. Enter Living Proof. The company that revolutionized frizz-fighting with its patented polyfluoroester proprietary humidity-blocking molecule is hoping to do the same for straightening products, debuting its Straight Long-Lasting Sleek-Making Style-Extending Spray this week at Sephora. Designed to extend and protect your smooth style for as long as you want, the lightweight spritz is optimized to perform on wet hair, although it is effective when applied to dry hair post-blow out as a touch-up, as well. Here’s the best part: It really, truly works—and it extends the time between blow-outs by acting as a repellent to dirt and pollution. It won’t replace your trusted bottle of dry shampoo, but it does function well in tandem with it, creating a veritable shield against the kind of grime that threatens to ruin your perfectly straight strands when summer eventually sets in.

Photo: Courtesy of Living Proof