August 21 2014

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The Fab Five: Spring Skin Rebooters


Whether you call it a reboot, a refresh, or a revival, usually come January—after a month of out-and-out neglect plus overindulgence of every variety—our skin is in dire need of some kind of do-over. And since this also happens to be the time of year for appearance-driven resolutions, products designed to give skin an overhaul (from addressing discoloration to dehydration to loss of elasticity) seem particularly in order. Here, our five favorite new ways to get a fresh start in 2013.

The Lotus Position
Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Cream
Used both for healing and beautifying purposes, the sacred lotus has been revered in Asian culture for thousands of years. The flower’s polyphenol-packed extract is the star of this supremely luxe salve, which is bolstered by blue-green alga and vitamins c and e to help offer deep hydration and improve elasticity.

Seoul Cycle
Amarté Wonder Cream
Boasting a formula centered on the power of a natural immunity booster (cultivated Korean mushrooms called Schizophyllan), this is the hero product from this new niche skincare brand out of Seoul. The treatment balm focuses on simultaneously lightening sun spots and exfoliating the skin.

The Night Time Is The Right Time
StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment
StriVectin’s signature NIA-114 gets a major potency boost from the addition of the gold-standard antiager, retinol. Extensive clinical trials show the nighttime treatment to be both highly tolerable for sensitive types and effective at improving skin tone and texture. It’s a “midnight multitasker,” as the company rightfully touts.

Crystal Vision
Tatcha Akari Crystal Massager and Enriching Renewal Cream
Once you experience the wonders of this crystal massager inspired by Japanese acupressure techniques (it can be warmed or cooled for added effect), you will be immediately converted. Pat on the intensely moisturizing eye cream, rich in red alga, hyaluronic acid, and peony, then use the tool to gently massage it in, working in a counterclockwise motion from outer to inner corner, five times on each eye.

The Bright Side
Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone Spot Fading Treatment
Olay has mastered the elusive art of creating nuanced, advanced skincare options for those on a drugstore budget, and their Pro-X Even Skin Tone line exemplifies that effort. The latest addition is focused on fading dark spots and speeding up cell turnover.

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Getting Even With Sun Spots


Summer might be a distant memory at this point, but the effects of those sun-drenched days often appear around now in the form of freckles, age spots, and dark patches. Getting rid of stubborn pigmentation requires diligence, as the slightest slip-up in your SPF application (even in the light-deprived days of winter) can trigger new blotches and bring back old ones. Luckily, there’s no shortage of brightening products at your disposal these days. The latest advances even out the complexion with super-charged molecules, micro-size antioxidants, and Rx-level extracts. While some go to work in record-setting time, most deliver more dramatic results in a month or so. With that in mind, we’ve been faithfully patting on five of the most promising recently released elixirs and scrutinizing our complexion. Here’s our early analysis of how each measures up.

The Product: La Roche-Posay Mela-D Pigment Control, $49.95,

The Claim: This night serum aims to fade existing dark patches in two weeks with a combo of three complementary active ingredients in clinical-strength form: kojic acid to inhibit spot-producing melanin, glycolic acid to slough dead skin at the surface, and lipo-hydroxy acid to boost cell turnover.

The First Impression: While our sun spots haven’t changed much yet, it exfoliated our skin without any tingling or redness, making it feel immediately softer—and making us optimistic about its continued efficacy.

The Product: Chanel Le Blanc Whitening Moisturizing Cream, $130,

The Claim: Designed specifically for Asian skin (and those of us who aspire to its milky perfection), this daily cream contains TXC, a star ingredient backed by nine years of research that reduces the skin inflammation that can cause pigmentation, along with rice protein extract to deliver eight-hour hydration.

The First Impression: The dewy salve glides right on and imparts a soft, candlelit glow. But its floral-y scent was a bit too intense for our liking, although we imagine some might appreciate its delicate aroma.

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Win Your Way To Instant Hydration


The list of dermatological gripes for anyone with aging skin is long. You’ve got your fine lines and wrinkles, your nascent sagginess, and let’s not forget the dullness that contributes to an overall lackluster complexion. The biggest bummer of all may be the dryness that comes along with these aforementioned grievances—which is particularly bad in these final days of winter, when the weather fluctuates between utterly freezing and tolerably chilly. StriVectin took all of these common complaints into consideration when creating its new Instant Moisture Repair Lotion, which is clinically proven to not only treat these concerns externally but also to target them at their source. The lightweight, quick-absorbing formula penetrates deep into the skin, depositing water-binding molecules along the way to help your skin hold moisture at every layer for an instantly plump appearance. The company says that your hydration levels will increase 30 percent in just the first hour of slathering, with increasingly effective long-term benefits promised with continued use. Intrigued (and a little skeptical)? Strivectin thought you might feel that way. To help make you a believer before you buy, the brand devised a clever Facebook contest to give you the chance to try a full-sized bottle of the new wonder cream, entirely free. All you have to do is post your best antiaging skincare tip to its wall, in two sentences or less, from now until March 15 for a chance to be one of 25 winners selected at the end of the month. Then you can reserve your judgment with its $60 counter price still securely in your wallet.

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Erickson Beamon, The Cosmetics Bag


The newest designer bag collaboration from is here. Erickson Beamon jewelry mavens Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon replace Maria Cornejo, and their predictably bedazzled tote features printed duchess satin, a bijou zipper, an embossed gold logo tassel, and lace and pearl embellishments. Packed with products from brands like Dr. Brandt, Talika, StriVectin, and Smashbox, the Glenda party bag launched this week and is free with any purchase of $100 while supplies last, so click here and get shopping!

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Barking Up The Right Tree For Clear Skin


WILLOW BARK/(will-oh bark)/n./ 1. A plant extract derived from the bark of the white willow, also known as Salix alba, a deciduous tree that is native to Europe and parts of Western and Central Asia; /n./ 2. A known anti-inflammatory with reported anti-acne properties from salicin, which can be gradually converted into salicylic acid in the presence of enzymes, e.g., “Exfoliate and soothe your skin with willow bark to stimulate cell renewal without the irritation.”

Try it: StriVectin Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum with Willow Bark Extract, $59,

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