August 21 2014

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Oscar Night’s Behind-the-Scenes Heroes Reveal The Ten Best-Kept Beauty Secrets In Hollywood


As pre-Oscar buzz comes to a near fever pitch preceding the biggest night of awards season, the most oft-asked question isn’t who will win, but what will she wear? And as any leading lady worth her acting chops knows, no red-carpet look is complete without the right hair and makeup—or make that hairstylist and makeup artist. An elite crew of face painters and coiffeurs will decamp to L.A. this weekend with their indispensable know-how and even more indispensable product arsenals in tow to keep a bevy of A-listers picture-perfect for an evening that promises to be full of high-res camera angles, wide-lens shots, and maybe—just maybe—acceptance speeches. Here, some of the industry’s biggest names, who will be tending to the manes and maquillage of Jennifer, Amy, and Naomi, reveal exclusively to the one essential product they’ll be relying on come Sunday—and a few tips to help ensure victory at “the style Super Bowl.”

The Artist: Pati Dubroff
The Actor: Naomi Watts
The Must-Have: “I will absolutely be using Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow on Oscar day. I have no idea which color (soon to be revealed!), but these high-shine crème-to-powder shadows give the perfect amount of glitz for a major red-carpet moment—the Oscars being the most major of red carpets.”

The Artist: Stephen Sollitto
The Actor: Amy Adams
The Must-Have: “My Ardell Duralash Natural Short Black and Medium Black individual lashes (not the flares) are one of the biggest must-haves in my kit. No matter how beautiful the makeup is, if the lashes aren’t accounted for, I don’t think the look is finished. These are individual hairs randomly put in just to accent the lashes and open up the eye a bit more with a little length. The Naturals are the best, because the hair is softer and more realistic. They don’t read artificial.”

The Artist: Mark Townsend
The Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
The Must-Have: “I cannot live without Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo, especially on Oscar day, the style Super Bowl. The starch in this spray builds volume at the roots and gives the hair amazing texture. I also spray this on all my hairpins before using them in updo’s, to give the pins extra grip so the hair doesn’t slip out.”

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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: Keratin, Closer To Home


As anyone who has perused a hair salon menu recently is well aware, the words “keratin treatment” are as common a presence nowadays as “deep condition” or “bang trim.” The super-charged ingredient has become synonymous in beauty circles with a silky, smooth, hair commercial-quality mane, but with the in-salon Brazilian keratin straightening system being as maligned as it is praised, other options for getting unruly hair have been debuting in droves. The latest contender in the frizz-destroying game, Keratin Infusion, comes courtesy of drugstore heavyweight Suave. While all the products in the lineup are based around the potential of the hair-fortifying keratin molecule, it’s the 30 Day Smoothing Kit that really manages to, ahem, shine through. The three-step kit aims to mimic the smoothing effects of a salon-bound keratin treatment in under an hour: First you comb in the smoothing cream and let it sit for up to 25 minutes (depending on your texture); then you rinse thoroughly and towel-dry, wicking all moisture away, before applying the cuticle seal cream. The finishing step is a slathering of the heat-defense leave-in conditioner, which you put on before blowing hair out into a straight style. Appealing as this all seems, it should be pointed out that the kit is not for everyone—specifically those with hair that is chemically straightened or relaxed, recently colored, or anyone whose chosen hue falls in the extreme category (bleached, fire engine red, etc.). But for those who do qualify, the effects can last up to a full month after application. And with a price tag that is downright paltry ($13 a pop!), Suave’s latest may just be its smoothest move yet.

Photo: Courtesy of Suave

Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: The Great Rosemary Mint Shampoo-Off


Everyone’s been in quite a lather over Sauve’s new Rosemary Mint shampoo. Not only is the name a carbon copy of Aveda’s best-selling shampoo, but the label actually says it’s “proven to invigorate hair as well as Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo.” Talk about a beauty throw down! Clearly, Suave has Aveda beat on price ($2.49 for 14.5 oz. versus $9.50 for 8.5 oz.), but how about its performance? We took it for a test-drive and here’s our take: Suave didn’t skimp on using choice ingredients (it contains spearmint, eucalyptus, lavender, aloe, and rosemary) and it works well as a clarifying product, mopping up sweat and oil and boosting shine. But it can be more drying than Aveda’s version, especially if you color or flatiron your hair. The matching Rosemary Mint conditioner offers relief (it’s actually better at moisturizing than Aveda’s) and it’s brilliant when coated on ends, like a mask, to seal in hydration. However, there’s zero comparison as far as scent and experience go. Aveda’s has that exquisite, minty tingle that feels like a million little fingers massaging your scalp, whereas Suave’s formula just foams up and fades away with barely a tickle. Bottom line: If you want invigorating suds, Suave’s Rosemary Mint is a worthy contender, but it won’t replace the original hero product.