August 22 2014

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2 posts tagged "summer fragrances"

The Ultimate French Combo: Perfume and Ballet Flats



In an effort to infuse our quotidian lives with the elegance of the ballet, Repetto—a Parisian brand known for being the premier maker of pointe shoes (traditionally for the danseuses of the Paris Opera Ballet) and ballet flats (for the rest of us)—is launching its very first fragrance. The über-feminine eau, fronted by Dorothée Gilbert (a prominent French prima ballerina), features a delicate mélange of rose and vanilla, along with pear and cherry-blossom accords. “I sought to achieve a hand-sown effect by combining a selection of luxurious and authentic raw ingredients,” says perfumer Olivier Polge. The blush-colored bottle—tied at the neck with the same satin ribbon that wraps around many dancers’ ankles—perfectly echoes the wall of La Carlotta pointe shoes in Repetto’s Paris flagship boutique. If you haven’t yet mastered an arabesque or perfected your plié, don’t sweat it, simply spritz to bring out your inner danseuse étoile…then buy a ticket for a night at the ballet.

Repetto Eau de Toilette, $75;

Spritz Your Way to Summer: 5 Must-Try Citrus Scents


Brief history lesson: The story of eau de cologne dates back to the 16th century in Cologne, Germany, when a perfumer supposedly concocted a simple yet elegant blend of citrus notes combined with herbal ingredients. The formula wasn’t meant to be incredibly rich or powerful, but rather a subtle, even humble, mist of zest on the skin. And yet it turned out to be quite the olfactory hit—nothing short of insanely popular among European locals and travelers on holiday who often splashed it on like a refreshing tonic during the hazy summery months. Fast-forward to today and the allure of the classic, old-world citrus cologne hasn’t faded a bit. Indeed, the latest versions prove that no two are exactly alike, and that each rendering can produce a slightly different mood, thanks to the nuances of the botanicals used. Here, a thoughtful look at the newest twists on this summertime favorite. Click here to view the slideshow.