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Sunday Riley, Body Builder


Since breaking into the beauty biz with the launch of her eponymous product line two years ago, Sunday Riley and her expertly crafted range of natural skin savers have become a fashion industry favorite. The Texas native is a backstage regular, prepping models’ skin pre-makeup at shows like Jason Wu and Stella McCartney’s recent resort presentation. These cameos have certainly helped spread the Riley gospel throughout the stylesphere, but the popularity of her smash hit Juno Transformative Lipid Serum has plenty to do with it, too. A unique dry oil absolute, the elixir includes a blend of quick-absorbing, retinol-rich natural extracts, and a ton of essential amino acids to hydrate skin on contact and create a long-lasting smooth texture. Now, Riley is giving the people what they want with a new Juno Serum for the body. Equally fast-absorbing and loaded with antioxidants, it incorporates date seed extract and Coenzyme Q10 to prevent the physical signs of aging and restore elasticity and tone for a firmer appearance. Juno Body packs 70 more mls into its frosted glass bottle as well, which means you can slather its golden contents all over arms and legs without fear of running out too quickly. Although if we were you, we’d buy two at a time—just in case.

Photo: Courtesy of Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley Talks Summer Skin


If models’ skin seemed particularly radiant at yesterday’s Stella McCartney Resort presentation, there’s a reason for that: Sunday Riley. The skincare guru was on hand to give mini facials so that complexions were the perfect canvas for a light application of foundation. “I’ve always wanted to put something together with her,” Riley said of McCartney. “She’s a luxury brand, but there’s a green consciousness there,” she continued, pointing out the similarities between her brand and the designer’s. Call it a natural fit.

Because it’s summer and the heat can boost oil production and make breakouts more of a concern—even for models—Riley started her treatments with her Ceramic Slip cleanser, a gentle foam that purifies as it tightens pores. “The makeup look is all about the skin, so I wanted it to be dewy,” Riley said, massaging in her Skin Adrenaline, an instant radiance booster, and dabbing her Stimulant 1 near lids to minimize fine lines. “Summer makes you more crepe-y around the eyes,” Riley pointed out.

As for Riley’s other tips to beat the heat, her best advice is the simplest: “Wash your face,” she said, explaining that a surprising number ¬†of women just don’t. Her other words to the wise: “Use some kind of acid product once a week to get rid of the oil and residue.” Not a huge fan of the more common salicylic-based products, Riley recommends going with a lactic acid, like the pharmaceutical-grade version in her Good Genes serum. “It actually helps your other products sink into the dermal level, which other acids don’t do.”

Sunday Riley: Jason Wu’s Resident Skin-Saver


Jason Wu secured a triple-threat beauty onslaught backstage at his show today. In addition to the tag team of makeup artist Diane Kendal and hair stylist Odile Glibert, Wu did his models a solid by adding skincare maven, Sunday Riley, to his glam-squad roster. “No one does it,” Riley said of Wu’s bold move to make skincare an integral part of the increasingly high stakes backstage beauty game, and his gaggle of girls looked all the better for it. “Their faces get washed over forty times a day and with traveling, and it’s so cold outside, there are cracks in their skin. When you add layers of makeup on top, bacteria can get in there and cause breakouts.” To make sure this doesn’t happen, Riley administered mini facials on site: After cleansing with either her Charisma Creme or Ceramic Slip cleansers, she applied her Start Over Active Eye Cream to depuff. Then, to deeply hydrate without leaving behind an oily residue, Riley blended her Juno Serum with her Skin Adrenaline concentrate—a light moisturizer—and massaged the mixture into the skin. It’s an easy regimen to help catwalkers and the rest of us make it through the next six days (relatively) unscathed. For those of you heading to London, Milan, and Paris Riley has another bit of beauty wisdom: Her Liquid Diet is a boon for decreasing in-flight-induced water retention in legs and feet.

Photo: Courtesy of Sunday Riley

The 411: Sunday Riley


Sunday Riley has been making and testing skincare products since she was a 12-year-old girl in Texas. That’s when her grandmother first introduced her to the Native American botanicals her own family has prized for decades. Her eponymous skincare line incorporates a medley of those same botanicals in the very high-tech-sounding NV-5 ageless complex that appears in all her products. Riley has a clear-cut skincare regimen—her nighttime ritual includes Stimulant III, then Juno serum, Bionic antiaging cream, and a few dabs of Stimulant I around the eyes (all from her own range, naturally)—but she relies on a number of local beauty experts in her hometown of Houston just as faithfully. Here, her neighborhood favorites.

The Pro: Sunday Riley

The Massage Therapist: Dick Juby at Houston Massage Clinic

“No spa massage here, only intense, medical-grade bodywork—and he’s an incredible healer. You’ll hurt the next day, but from then on out everything is miraculously better. I work 60-plus hour-weeks and have two kids; luckily he does house calls or I would be sunk!”

701 W. Gray St., (713) 253-0651;

The Acupuncturist: Jie Bo Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine

“Dr. Bo was an MD in China and a practicing plastic surgeon in Seattle, and now specializes in facial-rejuvenation acupuncture. She does a seven-step micro-current treatment with about 25 needles. After an hour, she finishes up with acupressure. I do this every six weeks as a preventative treatment measure for muscle sagging and to help relax facial tension.”

3000 Wesleyan St., Ste. 225, (713) 960-1994;

The Pedicure: Kai Spa

“It’s clean, intimate, and close to my house. I bring my own nail polish—usually Chinoise by Rescue Beauty Lounge.”

3601 Westheimer Rd., (713) 877-1074;

The Perfume: Cologne Pour Le Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

“Houston is so unbearably hot in the summer, it’s hard to find a fragrance that isn’t sickening in the heat. Pour Le Matin is refreshing, light, and bewitching; I’m in love with it.”

$195, available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman

The haircut and color: Cerón Salon in Uptown Park

“It was recommended to me by a friend with impeccable taste, and they never disappoint.”

1180 Uptown Park Blvd., (713) 892-8330;

The healthy lunch: Ruggles Green

“I order the same thing every time I go: a salad with blueberries, avocado, heritage tomatoes, and seared tofu. I also LOVE the Moroccan salad at Central Market.”

2311 West Alabama St., (713) 533-0777;

Put On This Sunday Best


What woman hasn’t gleaned tips on love, style, and, of course, cooking (Nonna’s meatball recipe!) from previous generations? Beauty world newbie and Texas native Sunday Riley has her grandmother to thank for introducing her when she was still a teen to the skincare benefits of plants like blue agave, queen of the night cactus, and lady’s slipper orchid. So when she decided to launch an eponymous skincare line, she gave those same ingredients a starring role. Designed to heal, detoxify, and reduce redness in skin, the blend of botanicals is present in all of the products in Riley’s range, the most enticing of which may be the aptly named Bionic Anti-Aging Cream. The rich, collagen-boosting formula feels ridiculously divine on winter-parched skin.

Sunday Riley Modern Skincare is available exclusively at Barneys New York.