August 31 2014

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Get A Leg Up On Spring


This winter was unbearably long, but after many, many months of being resigned to a rotating wardrobe of heavyweight opaque tights and jeans over those aforementioned tights, the temperature is finally rising…which means our wardrobe is shrinking. The problem is, it’s been a very long time since our legs have seen the light of day, and while they were hibernating, they’ve somehow morphed into pudgy, pasty, furry limbs. Here, to help you get used to the idea of—gulp—shorts, we’ve compiled a top ten list of products and expert tips. Your gams will be ready for their Spring debut in no time.

No Pain, All Gain

While they certainly won’t replace time logged in at the gym, this trio of leg-toning potions does help firm, stimulate circulation, and combat water retention. Super by Dr. Perricone’s Supermodel Legs uses chili pepper capsaicin to do the job, while Origins infuses menthol into its Leg Lifts to impart a tingly, invigorating effect. For a refreshing and revitalizing finish, a slick of Dr. Hauschka’s Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner should do you just fine.

Try It: Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Supermodel Legs, $30,; Origins Leg Lifts, $20,; and Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner, $34.95,

Razor Sharp

As the temperature goes up, so too does your shaving frequency. For the smoothest depilatory experience, dermatologist Dr. Sapna Westley advises wetting hair in warm water for three to five minutes prior to shaving to soften the skin and prevent irritation. “Always use a shaving cream or gel, ideally a fragrance-free version to avoid razor burn,” she says, adding that it’s equally important to change the blade weekly, and shave in the direction of hair growth.

Try It: Schick Intuition Natural Sensation Razor, $9.99,

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