September 2 2014

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Surf’s Up


Bumble and Bumble is plenty familiar with product innovation. From its cutting-edge styling aids (think: Sumo Wax, Gellac, Brilliantine) to its well-loved array of shampoos and conditioners (we like to alternate between its Seaweed and Creme de Coco collections), the cult-favorite hair brand is used to being ahead of the curve. And so it went twelve years ago, when Bumble launched its world-renowned Surf Spray. The salt spritz by which all other salt spritzes are measured offered a mineral-and-marine-extract cocktail that gave hair a texturized, just-out-of-the-ocean quality that had once only been achievable via an actual trip to the beach. In the years since, it has inspired many lived-in looks, countless imitations, and, starting next month, a line extension. Come May, Bumble will introduce the body-enhancing, wave-inducing formula in shower-duo form. The Surf Foam Wash Shampoo clarifies as it gently removes impurities, and the Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner uses sea fennel and kelp to add a light dose of moisture for a softness that doesn’t weigh hair down. It’s innovation at its best.

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Photo: Courtesy of Bumble & Bumble

Beach Hair Heroes: An Homage To Bumble And Bumble’s Surf Spray


Just over a decade ago, Bumble and Bumble bottled a magical potion capable of transforming ordinary hair into a perfectly tousled mass of beachy waves. It’s now cult-favorite Surf Spray has been one of the brand’s best sellers since—coveted by pro stylists, celebrities, beauty editors, and everyone else in search of the kind of rough-textured, naturally windswept look a few spritzes of the salt-infused styler affords. The formula offers piece-y perfection with a cool matte finish, and while many have tried to imitate it, it remains unreplicated. To toast Surf Spray’s 11th anniversary, the brand just launched a magazine and digital ad campaign and have finally given the people what they want: an adorable travel-size version. Feeling inspired, we decided to celebrate what Bb. editorial stylist, New York surfer, and sometime photographer (see above) Jordan M. calls “[his] beach in a bag, from New York to Paris” with a tribute to the greatest cinematic moments in beach hair. Click here for more, and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Photo: Courtesy of Bumble & Bumble

Salt Of The Earth: Eight Surf Sprays To Get You Through The Summer


Beach hair may be our favorite thing about summer. But if there’s no wave-riding in your future, there’s always surf sprays, the saltwater texturizers that true beauty connoisseurs have come to think of like fine wine, carefully examining the bottle to determine the source, the blend of ingredients, and the time spent on the shelf. Every brand has its own unique formula that offers a slightly different take on briny tousling, and since there’s no rating system for weighing the options, we took the liberty of playing salt sommelier to search out the best varieties for your hair, whether it’s fine, thick, straight, or curly. No, no. Thank you.

The East Coast Classic

Iconic and often imitated, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is housed in a bottle made from wet suit material to shield and protect the ingredients inside, which include sea kelp and magnesium sulfate to add body and a matte texture.

Best for: Fine, straight hair.

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