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Eau de Louis Vuitton: It’s Happening; ScarJo Goes Dark; And More…


Whether or not Marc Jacobs will be leaving Louis Vuitton before next season hasn’t been officially made clear, but the French house has just announced that it will be getting something very exciting in 2012: a fragrance. [WWD]

Speaking of perfume expansions, Tamara Mellon has big dreams for Jimmy Choo’s beauty potential. After launching its first ever eau de toilette earlier this year, she plans to debut an eau de parfum, a glittering body oil, and a glitter body cream in 2012. [Harper’s Bazaar]

Scarlett Johansson has gone brunette—for a role. The sexpot actress was spotted donning a raven-haired bob with bangs for the upcoming flick Under the Skin, in which she plays an alien sexual predator, whatever that means. [Daily Mail]

Introducing “super skin,” a film of single-walled carbon nanotubes that’s being hailed as the biggest thing since Botox. The revolutionary material could be instrumental in making touch-sensitive prosthetic limbs, replacing sagging and wrinkled skin, or even creating realistic humanlike robots. [Zdnet]

Photo: HEMEDIA / Daily Mail

Jimmy Choo’s Tamara Mellon Talks Fragrance And Footwear


Today, Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon did something slightly out of character. You’d usually be hard-pressed to find the British-born brunette cavorting with the stylish ladies who swear by her shoes—the woman is constantly back and forth between New York, London, and L.A., after all—but she took an hour this afternoon to do just that at Saks Fifth Avenue in celebration of the launch of her first fragrance for the brand. “This is an opportunity for me to really connect with the consumer,” a Lanvin-clad Mellon told us just before making her grand entrance on the cosmetics floor. “I really wanted women to emotionally connect with [the scent], and I really wanted to emotionally connect with it,” she continued of the tiger orchid and patchouli eau. Here, Mellon offers up her own beauty tips and explains why determining who will win big on Oscar night may be as simple as looking at their shoes.

First of all, let’s talk stilettos, boots, and flats. How many pairs of shoes do you think you have in your closet right now?



Yes! My daughter comes over with her friends and they play in my closet. I always seem to have my favorite pair of the moment, though. I’m obsessed with these right now [motions to a pair of black patent python heels]. They’re a very simple gorgeous shoe with a great cut on the patent and a fantastic heel.

Are you as big of beauty junkie as a shoe maven?

Totally. I never go out of the house without a tinted moisturizer, some mascara, and a lip gloss. I love Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer and I’m obsessed with Laura Mercier’s Sun Dust loose shimmer powder. And a black cat-eye! I had this feeling at the Oscars last year, and I said to my makeup artist, Amy Oresman, “We’ve got to do a sixties cat-eye!” Then I looked at the shows and it was all sixties.

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Jimmy Choo, The Fragrance Makes Landfall


You’ve seen the ad campaign. And the making of the ad campaign. Now, at long last, Tamara Mellon’s first olfactory effort for her Jimmy Choo brand has finally hit Saks Fifth Avenue counters. As you may have surmised from the scandalous print visual starring Mellon (and her décolletage), the eau de parfum is meant to evoke sexuality. Standout essences of tiger orchid, sweet toffee, and Indonesian patchouli are tempered by fresh, green top notes for an effect that’s sweet but not saccharine, a concept driven home by the perfume’s pink-tinged python-print packaging. Mellon’s goal was to create an object of desire akin to her myriad beautiful stilettos (this one may not strain your arches quite as much, though). Happy Spritzing!

Photo: Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

Heidi Says Guten Tag To Fragrance, How To Maintain The “Bieber,” And More…


It looks like Heidi Klum will be the next reality star to lend her name to a fragrance. The blonde German model-cum-Project Runway hostess plans to release Shine with Coty Beauty in September. [WWD]

Guess how much Justin Bieber’s haircut costs? No, no—guess. $750 per trim, which his go-to stylist, Vanessa Price, does for him about every two weeks. We took the liberty of doing the math for you: That’s 18K a year to keep Biebs and his bangs in prime condition. [Life & Style]

You’ve already seen the Jimmy Choo fragrance ads starring the brand’s creative director, Tamara Mellon, shot by Inez & Vinoodh. Now, feast your eyes on the “making of” video. All this and the perfume isn’t even on counter yet! Soon, my pretties. Soon. [Jimmy Choo]

A few high-profile guys are also stepping in front of the camera in the name of fragrance this spring: Orlando Bloom will front new ads for Boss Orange Man come February, and the Black Swan actor and director duo of Vincent Cassel and Darren Aronofsky have worked cinema magic again for a short film starring Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de L’Homme. [WWD]

Photo: Evan Agostini / AP Photo

Katy Perry, Behind The Makeup; A New Honor For The Hive Mind; And More…


The debut fragrance from Jimmy Choo will hit counters mid month—more on that later. For now, a sneak peek at its advertising visuals, which feature founder Tamara Mellon and her, well… [StyleList]

In the latest “Stars Without Makeup” news, Russell Brand posted a Twitpic over the weekend of his new bride, Katy Perry—sans fake eyelashes, black cat-eyes, and the stage makeup she spackles onto her face for every live show and red-carpet appearance. Apparently, she was none too pleased—the image was promptly removed from Twitter. [E!]

The beehive got a new lease on life thanks to Fall 2010 shows like Prada and Giles. Now, 51 years after its invention, the woman credited with its creation is being honored by the beauty industry with a scholarship in her name. How did Margaret Vinci Heldt, now 92, come up with the style in the first place? Thanks to a black velvet fez-style cap with two beaded bee embellishments that gave her an impressive, towering hat head, of course. [Daily Mail]

What’s next on the list for former Tiger Woods mistress and tell-all author Loredana Jolie? The one-time Playboy model is reportedly opening a beauty salon on the Upper East Side called—what else?—Tigress. [Monsters & Critics]

The Susan G. Komen foundation has just revealed its latest vehicle to raise funds for the eradication of breast cancer: a fragrance. Promise Me, as the floral oriental is called, will debut in April. [WWD]

Photo: Courtesy of Jimmy Choo