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Beauty 411: Jenni Kayne


Jenni KayneA chic flat shoe can be hard to find. So that it happens to be the hero product of L.A.-based designer Jenni Kayne’s eponymous line should come as no surprise. We speak specifically of her D’Orsay flat. Perfectly cut for ultimate foot flattery, highly wearable, and available in a veritable Crayola box of colors, they have graced the feet of many a style-setter, both famous and not. Besides dreaming up a pair of flats par excellence, Kayne, who launched her brand while still a teenager, is known for dealing in clothes with a simple but sophisticated appeal—modern easy-wear, if you will. She has also recently turned her attention to the wide world of personal blogs with the launch of Rip + Tan, a very Goop-esque lifestyle site named after her kids, Ripley and Tanner, with everything from recipes to product finds. This year marks Jenni Kayne’s (the brand, that is) tenth birthday, a perfect time, we think, to check in with her and get the scoop on some of her own beauty favorites.

“My best friend, Nicole Simone, turned me on to Jessica’s just over eight years ago, and I go religiously every week. It’s totally old-school. They have amazing nail polishes, and the manicures are the best. It has become such a part of my routine that I don’t feel like I can breathe if I skip a week.”

For more information, visit here.

“I go once a week for acupuncture, to try to stay balanced and have a relaxing hour to myself. It keeps me healthy and sane. I drink their Chinese herbs daily—they keep me from getting sick and definitely shorten colds when I get them.”

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“Terri is the best. I always leave glowing, balanced, and relaxed. I try to go once every two months. She also makes amazing products—I use her Stem Cell Moisturizer daily.”

For more information, visit

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Jennifer Aniston for Aveeno; Cara Delevingne For YSL?; And More…


Jennifer Aniston is racking up the beauty contracts of late. The new face of the haircare brand Living Proof has just signed on to collaborate with Aveeno on its skincare offerings. Who needs acting? [E!]

Speaking of racking up the contracts, since her breakout Fall 2012 season (and her cover turn for, Cara Delevingne has been scoring face time for brands such as Burberry, DKNY—and YSL Beauté? If her tweets are to be believed, the Brit beauty may be the new face of the brand’s beloved cosmetics range. [Grazia]

Silver Linings Playbook star, and People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper has a relatively unsexy confession to make: “I permed my hair,” he revealed at a BAFTA event this week. Luckily, it’s just for a movie. [Daily Mail]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s beauty expansion with her lifestyle Web site GOOP is picking up steam. Her latest GOOP Collection collaborator is Florida-based holistic-skincare guru Tammy Fender. [GOOP]

Photo: Luca Cannonieri/

Pre-Fall Treatment Tips From The Pros


As temperatures in Manhattan hover around a cool 60 degrees (and our over-air-conditioned office continues to resemble the deep Arctic), we can almost feel our tan fading—a sure sign that the seasonal beauty transition is soon to be upon us. Dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr. David Colbert touched on the topic here last week, recommending Fraxel laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and gentle cleansers to help minimize and reverse the physical effects of sun damage, but we’ve gone one step further and solicited a few of our favorite experts in all things skin, makeup, and hair to reveal their tips for easing your way out of summer and into a beautiful fall.

Who: Tammy Fender, aesthetician and founder of Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare
What: Slough-off summer’s dead skin
How: “As the intensity of the sun and heat come to an end, this is the perfect time to begin some form of intensive exfoliation before the drying harshness of winter sets in. It’s a wonderful way of removing the build-up of sunscreen, evening out skin tone, and refreshing the complexion to ultimately promote cell renewal. This process allows the skin to breathe more efficiently and allows for deeper absorption of the coming season’s rich moisturizers.”
Try It: Tammy Fender Epi Peel, $80,

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Tammy Fender Spreads Her Wings


For those of you who have grown to rely on Tammy Fender’s holistic skincare line for natural, handmade solutions to all of your complexion issues, some good news: The Florida-based aesthetician-to-the-stars is adding lifestyle offerings to her standout product range. Beginning this Friday, Fender will introduce the Purist, an antibacterial dry hand wash with echinacea, goldenseal, and tea tree extracts to cleanse impurities on the go; and the Lip Guardian, a lavender cacao-based balm with organic rosehip seed oil for a fragrant bit of nourishment. Most exciting to our immediate needs, though, is Fender’s haircare duo, as we are hurting for a new shampoo and conditioner regimen. The Restorative Hair Cleanser boasts a soothing aroma of rosemary and nettle while the Revitalizing Hair Moisturizer utilizes olive and jojoba oils for a soft, lustrous finish. Each new item packs 100 percent botanical, food-grade formulas that also feature Ecocert-approved natural preservative systems, not to mention spiritual benefits. According to Fender, double-timing the shampoo and conditioner will “foster a sense of harmony” and “create a sense of completeness”—two things we’re happy to add to our morning shower ritual.

Photo: Courtesy of Tammy Fender

Sephora Gets The Electric Feel, Enrique For Azzaro, And More…


Sephora has signed an agreement with a French transportation company to ensure that 80 percent of its 250 French stores receive product deliveries via electric vehicle by the end of the year. Hopefully, the same initiative will come to the U.S. so we too can rationalize buying more beauty products with a decreased carbon footprint. [Cosmetic News]

Enrique Iglesias is the new face of Azzaro Pour Homme. Shot by Steven Klein, the new campaign, and the fragrance, will hit shelves next month. Seeing as how this is the man who single-handedly took out Ricky Martin, to the victor go the spoils. [PR Newswire]

After toying with a few different beauty offerings over the past six years, ABC Home has unveiled a new incarnation of its apothecary with products from Tammy Fender, Kahina, and Intelligent Nutrients. What’s the use of buying an embroidered throw pillow if you can’t spray your face with organic Bulgarian rose water before lying down on it? [WWD]

Ever worry about your cosmetics’ shelf life? Enter Beauty Alert!, stickers designed to let you know when it’s time to cut your losses and toss that fluorescent blue eye shadow. (Come on, now. You weren’t wearing it anyway.) [The Frisky]

Remember when we asked what you thought the next, weirdest company to get a fragrance would be? The answer is Zippo. Italian company Mavive has signed an international licensing agreement to create and distribute fragrances for the lighter brand, which is slated to launch in Italy next year. Ah, that sweet lighter fluid smell. [Cosmetic News]