August 27 2014

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Tarte Brings Back That Loving Feeling


Tarte Cheek Stains are sort of like ice cream flavors: everyone has a different go-to. Flush, a sheer berry red, has been a long-standing favorite around these parts, although we’ve been known to dabble in True Love ( a sheer watermelon) and Blissful (a warm peach) as well. It’s hard to pick just one—sort of like when we get up to the counter at the Van Leeuwen truck only to stumble between coffee and mint-chocolate chip (mmm).  Tarte has just made the decision that much harder with the launch of its latest Cheek Stain shade, Loving. A shimmering dark rose, the creamy, highly blendable color stick is loaded with the antioxidant power of açaí, acerola, and pomegranate extracts as well as maracuja oil, a hydrating wonder elixir that allows the shimmering pigment to melt into the tops of cheek bones. This particular incarnation is slightly less versatile than, say, Flush, which boasts a translucent gel texture that’s sans sparkles and therefore that much more wearable. But Loving makes the perfect compliment to bronzed skin—and should be applied liberally as we ride out summer’s last days.

Photo: Courtesy of Tarte

Beauty Throwdown: Battle Pore Primers


Face primers, like serums, always seemed like an extraneous step in my morning routine—before I hit my mid-thirties, that is, and things like creases, dullness, and large pores became way more noticeable in pretty much any kind of lighting. Needless to say, now I’m all about primers. So when two newcomers arrived—Benefit’s Pore Professional and Tarte’s Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hour Perfecting Primer—my interest was more than piqued. Both promise to blur fine lines and fill in uneven areas to minimize pores while also delivering skin-illuminating ingredients, but the issue of which would do so more effectively, thus providing a truly flawless finish, was still in question. Being the intrepid beauty sleuth that I am, I have devoted the past few weeks to deciphering the ups and downs of pore perfection and am now ready to present my findings below. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

The Pre-Makeup Balm: Although Benefit’s Pore Professional has a slight, complexion-enhancing tint, it actually applies translucent with a nice silky texture and melts into the skin in seconds. Formulated with vitamin E to soften and fend off free radicals, this oil-free “pro balm” truly did help bounce light off my face so shadows and indentations looked less noticeable. It also left a super-smooth finish, which meant I didn’t have to pile on as much makeup to get that almost pore-less effect. Hours later, my face had a velvety glow and there was nary a blemish in sight.

The Natural Refiner: Designed to extend the wear of your makeup for 12 hours and impart an airbrushed kind of look, Tarte’s Clean Slate primer relies on botanical ingredients (echinacea root, hibiscus, and super fruits like goji berry) to mattify and tone the skin without any parabens. While the texture is a bit gummy at first, it blends into your face with the heat of your fingers. A pea-size drop also works as a waterproof base under makeup to lock it down, minimizing any streaking and deflecting shine, which can magnify the size and shape of pores. As an added bonus, it stayed perfectly intact despite my habit of resting my cheek against my hand and pressing my face up to my daughter’s throughout the day.

The Bottom Line: Those who have skin that’s on the dry side will appreciate Tarte’s richer consistency, whereas I preferred Benefit’s more lightweight finish, especially with New York’s rising humidity levels. But both performed equally well under makeup and helped refined the look of enlarged pores. Obviously, neither was able to eliminate those pin dots entirely (sigh…), but as a quick fix in the morning, it’ll serve you well to keep both of these tubes in rotation.

Photo: Courtesy of

Tarte Draws First Blood


Last night’s True Blood premiere already brought us one surprise in the form of Evan Rachel Wood’s epic new crop, but it turns out the vampire drama has inspired another beauty story. Today marks the debut of a limited-edition makeup collection from Tarte Cosmetics designed in homage to the hit series. The three-piece line is unsurprisingly sanguine and features a special sparkling cherry cheek stain and a mint-infused iridescent red Lip Surgence pencil for that, um, just-bitten stain. Also included in the range is a deluxe palette packed with 17 eye shadows, a full-size emphasEYES Aqua-Gel Eyeliner in black, a Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara, and a Lifted Natural Eye Primer—all of which should help you get properly primped for your next bout of night-crawling.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

The 411: Maureen Kelly


It’s not hard to love Tarte. When the green-minded makeup line first hit shelves in 2000, there was little else like it. First and foremost, it was adorable. With its quirky names and natural ingredient list (no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances here), the brand quickly racked up plenty of devoted fans, ourselves included: one swipe of its classic cheek stain and we were totally hooked. That very stain, now available in an array of complexion-flattering hues, still remains a Tarte best seller, and the woman behind the little-line-that-could, Maureen Kelly, is a beauty biz star. We mean that literally; she frequently shatters sales records when she appears on QVC to sell her eco-friendly wares. Here, Kelly reveals her favorite local beautifiers, including the stylist behind her signature auburn mane.

The Personal Best: Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil and Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara

“I seriously can’t live without either of these beauty saviors. Our clinically proven oil is meant to be applied to the face every evening, but I use it for everything! My hands, the ends of my hair, my cuticles (when I’m on the phone), and on my two little boys’ lips when they’re chapped in the winter. And I never, ever leave the house without mascara because my lashes are so fair.”

$46 and $19,

The Makeup Artist: Tina Turnbow

“The ever-so-lovely (and eco-friendly) Tina is a master. I love her work so much that we collaborated last spring on a colorful collection inspired by nature.”

For more information, visit

The Thai Body Worker: Tina Whalen

“I wouldn’t make it through a QVC show without my go-to-gal Tina! She has the perfect touch and an infectious energy. And her voice is just so soothing and calming.”

Tina Whalen at East Coast Pilates and Yoga Center, 40 Main St.,
Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ, (732) 775-5006,

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Meet Maracuja: The Little Fruit That Could


Full disclosure: I am fanatical about skin oil—argan, virgin coconut, avocado—give me a bottle and I will slather it on my face. While a lot of people fear the adverse effects of oil, associating it with the grease that builds up in your pores and causes breakouts and congestion, I am of the mind that when used correctly, it’s the most natural way to cleanse and hydrate your skin—and it feels so good! The latest addition to the increasingly popular category is Tarte’s brand new Maracuja Oil, a cold-pressed elixir from the seeds of the Amazonian fruit of the same name, which the brand sources from a women’s cooperative in Brazil. Those of you who count yourselves among QVC’s millions of devoted viewers saw Tarte founder Maureen Kelly introduce it on the home shopping channel last night (she sold a cool 700 bottles in under five minutes).

But if you missed the televised debut, allow us to bring you up to speed. Rich in essential fatty acids that naturally rebuild skin tissue, the lightweight fluid absorbs almost on contact so it works well on all skin types (including oily; the “good” oil actually helps to counteract the “bad”). Packing a high dose of vitamin C, it hydrates, brightens, and fights the physical signs of aging as well when applied as part of your nighttime ritual. Our favorite component to the whole story, though, is that the pretty purple bottle with a sustainable bamboo top boasts only a single ingredient. Unlike a lot of similar offerings, Tarte’s oil—the first in a series of forthcoming skincare products—is fragrance-free and completely devoid of other additives that ruin the idea of a self-contained complexion enhancer, courtesy of Mother Nature—who, it should be noted, has a few great remedies for parched, dull skin run ragged by the rigors of fashion week, this one included.

Photo: Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics