April 20 2014

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Get a Winter Glow Fast, Courtesy of Tata Harper


Facials and blow-outs. They may be our two favorite beauty services and, as far as we’re concerned, should go to together like chips and dip—or studs and chains. You can book the two in succession, of course, but who has time for that? Once you’ve disrobed, been exfoliated, peeled, and rehydrated, then re-robed and blown out, we’re talking two, maybe three hours out the window. For the beauty conscious and time deprived, there’s now Tata Glow, the recently introduced express facial designed by natural skincare guru and Vermont farmer Tata Harper, available exclusively at Ric Pipino’s Nolita salonwhile you get your hair did! Pipino’s Gothic space isn’t equipped with a private treatment room, so the 35-minute procedure is performed in the styling chair during coiffing—or on the black leather banquet in the waiting room. The speedy skin-renewing session includes a quick sudsing with Harper’s creamy exfoliating cleanser, followed by an herb-infused steam courtesy of heated sachets and a mineral-rich French clay mask designed to draw out impurities and get rid of dullness. While the mask works its magic, you’re treated to an aromatherapy session with either Harper’s anti-stress or anti-irritation oil (we went with the former, as getting pelted with freezing rain on our walk to Centre Street was a fairly harrying experience). A spritz of her Floral Essence spray and a slather of antiaging serum and moisturizer finish things off. One blissful hour later, we emerged with a newfound winter glow and beautifully bouncy, sleek hair. That darn blizzard definitely took the pep out of our step on the way home, but we’ll be back when the threat of yet another apocalyptic winter storm has subsided. Maybe in March?

Tata Glow, $85 exclusively at Pipino Nolita, 3 Centre Market Place, NYC, (212) 871-5533.

Photo: Courtesy of Tata Harper; Ric Pipino

Tata Harper Makes You Feel Like A Natural Woman


If anyone can convince you to retire your trove of synthetic beauty products, it’s Tata Harper. The Colombia-born natural skincare guru lives on a sprawling farm in Vermont, on which she grows many of the ingredients in her elegantly packaged, 100 percent natural face and body care range, which launched online last October and in stores just last month. A few nights spent slathering on her Rejuvenating Serum, and we were fast fans; Harper’s totally flawless, radiant complexion—which we got to witness firsthand when we met up with her to talk natural beauty this week—was just further evidence of her eponymous line’s efficacy. Here, she enlightens us about setting up shop on the organic farming belt, the power of palm, and why the eco-chic movement is about to take over.

So what first motivated you to start your own line?

I just couldn’t find any products I liked to use. At the time, my stepfather had been diagnosed with cancer, and going to treatments with him at the doctor, I began to realize just how toxic all the stuff we put on topically is for our skin. The first thing his doctors did when he went into treatment was get him off all the synthetic products, like shampoos and deodorants, and switch him to a more natural regimen. And I had never thought about that connection. We all deserve to have things that will make us look and feel beautiful that aren’t full of chemicals.

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