August 22 2014

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Beyond The Veil


Veils have become something of a runway staple in recent seasons. From Fall Couture shows like Giambattista Valli and Christian Dior to the cute flapper-era headpieces Marc Jacobs designed for Janice Alida and Ruby Jean Wilson in Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall lookbook, sheer face coverings attached to all manner of ornate headpieces appear to be picking up steam. So we were not surprised when we spotted them on Tatiana Sulimina’s Fall runway at Moscow fashion week yesterday—until we took a closer look, that is. Rather than use traditional tulle or mesh to cover models’ eyes, Sulimina had her makeup team airbrush a fine gray ombré curtain beneath their lower lash lines and across the bridges of their noses, after which crosshatched etchings were scrawled onto the forehead and on top of cheekbones to create the illusion of netting. Now that’s some forward-thinking face-painting, don’t you agree?

Photo: Getty Images