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Taylor Momsen Lightens Up (Kind Of); Bye-Bye Turkey Neck; And More…


This week saw the premiere of Megan Fox’s new commercial for Armani Beauty and now Taylor Momsen’s video short for John Galliano’s new fragrance is making the rounds. Yes, the raccoon eyes and over-the-knee leather boots are still present, but the angst-y teen star’s complexion seems to have an uncharacteristic, dare we say, natural glow. If you look closely, she even cracks a few smiles for the camera. [E!]

No matter what fragrance you’re gifting this weekend, it’s a sure bet that it contains bergamot oil, an orange-tinged scent that “puts power into top notes.” Here, a brief look at the fruit essence’s origins and its concentrated cultivation in Calabria, Italy. [The Economist]

To help further spread Spring’s strong seventies message, Halston is launching amber-centric eaux for men and women, dipping its signature Elsa Peretti-designed bottles in gold for a mix of disco and decadence. [StyleList]

Have no fear, turkey-neck sufferers; Ulthera is here. Neck lifts and other invasive, age-defying treatments are getting some competition from new ultrasound technology designed to tighten and smooth loose skin. [NYT]

butter LONDON Creative Director Nonie Creme has tons of pull with Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham—both of whom she works with during fashion week. But there’s one person with whom the nail guru cannot make peace with polish: Naomi Campbell. “I had a hilarious time at a Julian Macdonald show wrestling with [Naomi] over her long acrylic nails, and whether they should be short and red like the designer had requested. The answer ended up being ‘No!” Creme reveals in a recent interview. Why are we not surprised? [Vogue Australia]

Beauty Booty: Victoria’s Secret Rocks With Taylor Momsen


What: The in-store launch for Love Rocks, a new fragrance from Victoria’s Secret Beauty hosted by aspiring rocker and Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen.

When: Today, January 14, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Where: The newly revamped Victoria’s Secret store in Soho, 591 Broadway (between Houston and Prince streets).

Why: VS’ new digs a block north of its old store are truly something to behold, and its new scent is equally showstopping, with plum, violet, and rich vanilla notes. The main event, however, is the chance to get an autograph from one Taylor Momsen with any purchase from the line—and be close enough to her face to see how much eyeliner she can really cake on around her peepers (spoiler alert from personal experience: a lot).

Photo: Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Extensions: The Long And Short Of ‘Em


The only way to compete with Blake Lively’s long, golden waves: hair extensions! The Gossip Girl‘s co-stars Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr are rarely seen without them, so it was a surprise to spot the latter going au naturel last night at a special screening of Youth in Revolt in New York. The glam factor was definitely kicked down a few notches, but we imagine it must’ve felt pretty good for Szohr to get that extra weight off her shoulders. Which style do you think better suits her?

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

A Gossip Girl Double Take: Will The Real Queen B Please Stand Up?


We posted the above image of Leighton Meester on Wednesday, when she attended the grand opening of the American Eagle Outfitters’ New York flagship store sporting a matte red lip and gray/violet raccoon eyes, which is why seeing Taylor Momsen at the Cinema Society and D&G screening of New Moon last night was particularly jarring. Sure, Momsen used a softer gray shadow in lieu of her go-to black eyeliner and included a glossy red lip instead of a satin finish but, like…really? As looks go, it’s a pretty bold one to repeat less than 48 hours after Meester. Who do you think wore it better?

Photo: Getty Images

Hair Extensions: The Long And Short Of It


We have already talked at length about Taylor Momsen’s eyeliner abuse on this blog (we get it, you’re a rock star), but her cameo at the premiere of The Stepfather last night in New York compelled us to start a dialogue about another questionable beauty habit: the platinum blond hair extensions. Like other starlets on both the East and West Coasts, Momsen has taken to wearing her faux hair on a regular basis for the past month or so, which seems like: a) a ton of work, and b) we’re just going to say it, like cheating. Your hair is shoulder-length; embrace it. We love a long extension for event-specific outings, less so for continued everyday wear. You?

Photo: Photo by Mike Coppola/FilmMagic