August 21 2014

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How To Treat Your Hair’s Seasonal Affective Disorder


Just as your skin and mood both seem to drastically change as the temperature begins its downward spiral, so too does your hair. Flyaways, volume loss, dandruff: check, check, check. And if last week’s wee little snowstorm was any indication, this winter looks like it’s going to be a doozy. With that in mind, we asked Sean Davis of Manhattan’s Tosler Davis salon to break down the most common winter hair woes so you can look hat-head square in the face and break its spirit.

Static is a pretty brutal this time of year, what with knit-hat reliance at an all-time high. Any tips for taming those pesky flyaways?

The best solution is pretty old-fashioned: hair spray. Just make sure it is a light, brushable formula like Barex Gloss Hairspray.

While we’re on the subject, what about combating the unfortunate, flat effects of dreaded “hat head”?

Well, the fact is, if you wear a hat, you will undoubtedly end up with flat hair. But you can always do our favorite “stripper” move and bend over at the waist, brush your hair forward from the scalp to the ends and then flip your hair back. You’ll get more volume—and probably more attention, too!

What about winter-induced dry scalp and unsightly flakiness?

Dry scalp is very common in the winter and the best solution is a scalp oil treatment. Our favorite is Aeto Botanica Scalp De-Toxer Oil. Just remember to only apply the oil to the scalp, then after massaging it in, shampoo it out. Oils are not meant to be left on the scalp—or hair—long-term.

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Lessons In Empire Building, From Woodley & Bunny


Sisters Erin and Misha Anderson are quietly taking over the 400 block of Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg. To date, the two floors of their ever-expanding “collective,” Woodley & Bunny, comprise a hair salon, an apothecary, and a boutique, which is a relatively new addition to their enterprise. To celebrate the clothing store’s eighth month in operation, shoppers will receive 15 percent off all merchandise tonight between 6 and 9 p.m. (not your standard anniversary sale, but discounts are always a reason to celebrate), and while brands like The Row, Rick Owens Dark Shadow, Vivienne Westwood, Rag & Bone, Carolina Amato, and Bliss Lau are likely to keep you busy, be sure to make time for a trip to the aforementioned apothecary for a carefully curated selection of some of the beauty industry’s finest offerings. “We try everything,” Misha says of the Andersons’ stock list of rare lines. “I’m not bringing in stuff that I don’t use and that I don’t think is amazing. It’s just not worth it.” That attitude has resulted in haircare from Davines, Terax, and the Swedish cult favorite Sachajuan (Fred Segal is the only other distributor stateside); soaps and fragrances from Italian favorite Santa Maria Novella; and full lines from organic brands like Purlisse and Luzern (although Misha insists that if she doesn’t like an entire line, she won’t hesitate to “cherry-pick” her favorites). That 15 percent discount applies to all merchandise in the building, so feel free to go crazy on choice sunglasses and those Archipelago room diffusers you’ve been meaning to buy.

Photo: Courtesy of Woodley & Bunny