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EXCLUSIVE: Ruffian Reveals Their Crowd-Pleasing Polishes


Ruffian Nail Lacquer Collection

Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are no strangers to collaboration—partnering with Frye, Moscot, and Foco coconut water alone for Fall 2013. They also have a strong passion for cosmetics and nails; in the past they’ve joined forces with MAC Cosmetics to create a limited-edition trio of lipsticks and the chicest press-ons we’ve ever laid eyes on (inspired by the tips seen on their catwalk). As for their signature nail art—a two-toned, reverse moon design—they said, “It is an essential part of the Ruffian DNA. [The manicure] is modern, edgy, punk, and a nod to the past.”

Now Wolk and Morais are taking things into their own hands and creating a branded line of lacquers—available exclusively on starting today. Back in February, the Web site asked consumers to cast their votes on Facebook for The Crowdsourced Collection, a set of three shades decided on by the label’s followers. The designers discovered that bold, fashion-forward colors dominated, and hence Delirium (a shimmery purple), Fox Hunt (an iridescent orange), and Hedge Fund (a money green) were born. We caught up with the dynamic duo for a quick Q&A on their latest beauty brainchild:

What motivated you to create your own nail colors?

“We were inspired by the thousands of fans of the Ruffian Manicure. We have always had a passion for nails since our very first collection, and the Ruffian Manicure has evolved from a simple design concept to an Internet phenomenon. When we Googled ‘Ruffian Manicure’ we were thrilled to see thousands of images and tutorials in every language under the sun. We knew we had to give our fans the real thing!”

The bottle shape is quite unique. How did you come up with that?

“In terms of the bottles, we wanted something that was fresh, modern, and never seen before. We are always inspired by our girlfriends’ vanities and wanted to create a bottle that was worthy of display. Deco is something we always look at for our collection, and it inspired our Ruffian crest, so when creating our signature cap that was definitely a design influence. The ball cap also allows great control for nail art details, which was important to our fans.”

How did you choose the shades that comprise The Classics Collection?

“Ruffian Red, Ruffian Naked, and Ciré Noir are our classics—timeless and perfect for every Ruffian girl, whether she’s naughty or nice. They are colors that always appear on our runway.”

If you had to choose, what is your must-have shade in the line?

“That would be like asking a parent to pick his favorite child! But we are very excited about The Crowdsourced Collection that will appear in our runway show on September 7.”

We look forward to seeing the colors on models’ fingertips backstage and getting our latest delivery from Birchbox—all subscribers will receive a sampling of the Ruffian Nail Lacquers in September.

Photos: Courtesy of Ruffian