August 30 2014

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Audrey Hepburn Is The Fairest of them All, And More…


The most beautiful woman of all time? Audrey Hepburn, says a new poll conducted by QVC. Princess Diana, Jennifer Aniston, and Grace Kelly also made the list. [Mirror]

In other survey news, scientists at Procter & Gamble, the company that manufactures Pantene, have released new data indicating that women feel “less hostile,” “ashamed,” “nervous,” “guilty,” or “jittery,” depending on the hair products they use. Coincidentally enough, users of a new version of Pantene reported “more joy” than those in the control group. Imagine! [WSJ]

The Price of Beauty fans, be warned. Jessica Simpson’s VH1 reality show may be getting “retooled” next season to focus more on Simpson giving people makeovers, and less on her traveling the world discovering exotic, local primping practices. [Us Weekly]

If you weren’t already nervous enough about sun-induced melanoma, there are new claims that the full-body scanners the FAA is trying to mandate in airports across the country may cause skin cancer. Hanging out in your living room’s probably looking pretty good right now. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Everett Collection / Rex USA

Taylor Swift Is Easy, Breezy, Beautiful; And More


Taylor Swift has been named the latest face of CoverGirl, joining a celebrity roster that includes Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna, and Drew Barrymore. It was only a matter of time before someone gave that girl a beauty contract. [WWD]

Jennifer Aniston still looks as good as she did in her Friends days, and although the 41-year-old actress is reportedly “open” to Botox, you won’t see her getting collagen lip injections anytime soon. Instead, Aniston apparently puts sugar granules and a little bit of water on a toothbrush and scrubs her pout for plumpness. If only her sculpted arms were as easily attainable. [OK!]

With knee and hip replacement surgeries over the past few years (not to mention a few nips and tucks here and there), Jane “Feel the Burn” Fonda defied her 72 years this weekend to host the first annual World Fitness Day in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re sorry to report her signature leotard and headband were not in attendance, but she did rock an equally tight, flare-legged onesie. [Daily Mail]

After visiting seven countries to explore the international culture of beauty, the finale of Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty will air tonight at 10 p.m. on VH1. Filmed in L.A., this episode features Panya, the Thai woman who disfigured her face using skin-bleaching cream, returning for a Hollywood-style makeover. It’s guaranteed to be a tearjerker; set your DVR. [Allure]

Photo Chris Pizzello / AP Photo

Brita Your Way to Beauty, Jessica Simpson Sings Smashing Pumpkins, And More…


Where to begin with this one! Perhaps a numerical countdown is in order: 1. Jessica Simpson’s new VH1 reality show, The Price of Beauty, finally debuts on Monday; 2. Simpson sings the show’s theme song, “Who We Are,” marking her first musical release since that ill-fated country album she did back in 2008; 3. The song was co-written by Simpson’s current boyfriend, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan; 4. It’s now available for free download on her Web site. [All Headline News]

ZENO, the makers of heat-blasting pimple poppers, has signed The City‘s Whitney Port to be the face of its new Hot Spot handheld blemish eradicator. Let it be known that the career benefits of doing reality TV really have no bounds. []

First beauty pillows, now this. Specialized faucet filters are being marketed under the guise that they purify the tap water you use on your face and body, in turn helping to clarify skin and reduce the physical signs of aging. So, actually bathing in that real-life fountain of youth you’ve been searching for could indeed be possible. [WSJ]

While L’Oréal’s new ammonia-free hair dye system prepares to take the coloring community by storm, Clairol is trying to educate would-be blondes and redheads about a more harmful ingredient, namely peroxide. There is a safer alternative already on the market, though—and get this, it’s only available at a drugstore near you. [NYT]

Photo: Bill Davila / Startraks Photo

Estelle’s Blackface Backlash, Jessica Simpson Goes On Oprah, And More…


Estelle’s video for her new song “Freak” is apparently all about releasing your inner freak, which Estelle does through a host of suitably freaky beauty looks, including gilded lip glitter and, uh, blackface. For the record, the singer is a British-born black woman herself, but that is apparently a negligible point for offended fans. Consider the controversy back on. [MTV]

Despite lingering economic strain, Judith Leiber’s jewel-encrusted evening bags are still pretty popular with the Hollywood set and those who aspire to be a part of it. So popular, in fact, the designer is planning some line extensions this year, which will include a brand-spankin’-new holiday fragrance. Expect the flacon to be plenty sparkly. [WWD]

Oops! She did it again; Britney is back to blonde. [E! Online]

In other blonde, one-time pop star news, Jessica Simpson will be on Oprah tomorrow to talk about her much hyped new reality show The Price of Beauty, which airs on VH1 March 15. And in case you’re wondering, yes—Oprah gets in a few John Mayer questions during the interview. [Us]

Photo: Evan Agostini / AP Photo

The Politics of Plastic Surgery Now On Cable


If you can’t wait to see what Jessica Simpson’s alleged $25,000 beauty budget looks like when her VH1 reality show The Price of Beauty airs next year, here’s a little something to hold you over. Addicted to Beauty, a new reality “dramedy” that chronicles what happens when the rubber gloves come off at Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa in San Diego, premieres tonight at 11 p.m. EST on the Oxygen Channel. While medi-spas don’t necessarily strike us as the kind of workplace environment typically wrought with conflict, this show is out to prove us wrong. Dianne York-Goldman, socialite and marketing expert, has just left the former plastic surgery practice she ran with her husband (with whom she is now involved in a messy divorce) and has enlisted a cast of strong characters to help her in a new venture with well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee. Jaw-dropping antics no doubt ensue. Produced by RDF Media USA, the same company that has championed such winners as Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Wife Swap, and A&E’s masterpiece The Two Coreys, this one has delightful train wreck written all over it—set your DVRs.

Photo: Courtesy of Oxygen / NBC