April 24 2014

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Shine On


thierry-mugler-glitterGlitter, in all its shiny glory, keeps making an appearance on the runway. It ranges from delicate (like the “glamorous sand” sprinkled on lids at Jason Wu’s Spring 2014 show) to disco-worthy (such as the jumbo kind used at Chanel for Fall 2013). And hair hasn’t escaped the shiny stuff, either—wigs were laden with gold for Comme Des Garçons’ Fall 2011 collection. At an industry event last night celebrating Thierry Mugler’s newest fragrance, Alien Eau Extraordinaire (more on this later), models were streaked with sparkles from their foreheads to their necks. Paired with natural makeup, the finished product was nothing short of dazzling.

Flashback Friday: RoboGirl


Thierry Mugler 1990's; Emma Sjoberg-cropFlashback Fridays is a feature on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Model: Emma Sjoberg

The Moment: Cyborg Headwear

The Motivation: Fashion and beauty aficionados have long been obsessed with the idea of a futuristic world (and what we would wear in it). And as we embark on yet another year, we were inspired by this heavy-metal Thierry Mugler ad from the late ’90s—and instantly reminded of the Tron-influenced silver and gold helmets seen at Alexander McQueen for Spring 2014. We don’t know what the future has in the store, but we hope it involves shiny headgear. Just think, no more bad hair days—ever.

RiRi Hearts MAC; Michelle Williams Breaks Her Pixie Promise; And More…


First came collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks, now comes news that MAC has hooked an even bigger R&B superstar for its latest makeup partnership. That’d be Rihanna, who has created—count ’em—four color collections for her “RiRi [hearts] MAC” line due out this year. In a statement, the singing sensation called the deal a “no-brainer.” We’d have to agree. [WWD]

Breaking: Michelle Williams has said that she is finally ready to move on from the pixie cut that has been her signature since Heath Ledger’s death five years ago. “I think I’m ready. It’s on its way, slowly but surely,” the thirty-two-year-old actress says. “[The transition is] why I’ve stayed with short hair for so long. The mid-stage is insufferable. It’s really hard on your self-esteem.” [HuffPo]

Gentle micro-polishing, LED light facials, and a ban on carbs, salt, and caffeine are just a few of the ways Hollywood’s biggest stars are prepping their skin for Oscar Sunday. [Allure]

After days of no comment, Thierry Mugler has made moves that suggest it will, in fact, be dropping Oscar Pistorius from its A*Men fragrance spokesperson roster in light of the murder charges that have been brought against him. As of Tuesday, Mugler appeared to have removed Pistorius’ image from its Web site. [Guardian]

Photo: Mu Kei/FilmMagic

Mugler’s Alien Gets An Otherworldly Update


Thierry Mugler’s fragrances, not unlike Nicola Formichetti’s designs for the house he built, which just showed its Spring collection tonight in Paris, can be quite polarizing. Consider Angel: 1992′s breakout success story that became the gourmand upon which all other gourmands will forever be judged has achieved such cult status, many women the world over can be recognized simply by the caramel, chocolate, and patchouli aroma that precedes them. And that very quality—a scent so intense it quite literally wears you—is what deters an entire other group of perfume fiends from indulging in it. We’ve always felt similarly about Alien. Mugler’s transparent amber eau that’s heavy on the jasmine sambac, green notes, and vanilla has fans and foes in equal measure. And as much as we want to like the fragrance that his longtime olfactory consultant, Pierre Aulas, reportedly created for “the feminine Buddha,” it’s never smelled quite right on us. The flacon’s brand new Essence Absolue, however, is an entirely different story. Alien’s core amber and vanilla heart is still very much present in this latest iteration, albeit in different concentrations that are counterbalanced by two new ingredients: A heady dose of iris has been layered with the jasmine to downplay some of it’s more animalic tendencies, while a smoky, musky hint of myrrh builds out base notes that already include cashmeran woods. Don’t get the wrong idea: It’s still incredibly rich and unmistakably Mugler in its potency. But there’s something much more palatable about the sweet but still fresh eau—which is to say, it very much appeals to our palate.

Photo: Courtesy of Thierry Mugler

When Taste And Smell Collide


Fashion provocateur Thierry Mugler isn’t shy about mixing uncommon ingredients to create his smash-hit fragrances. 1992′s classic Angel blended spicy patchouli notes with edible hints of praline, while last year’s Womanity pitted the juiciness of fig against the salty, metallic flavor of caviar for a play on sweet and savory. The designer-turned-beauty innovator has a similar flair for mixing mediums. Two years ago, with the assistance of his trusted olfactory adviser Pierre Aulas, Mugler drew from ancient winemaking traditions to launch Liqueurs de Parfum, in which he aged his signature scents in specific wooden casks to slightly alter their original formulas. For his latest trick, Mugler has paired Aulus with Michelin-starred French chef Hélène Darroze to create the Taste of Fragrance collection. His three classic women’s perfumes have been spiked with a concentrated flavor accord that has been distilled separately from the original compositions and then mixed back in for added impact; Darroze then devised a specific recipe to complement each new creation accordingly. Angel is boosted by a cocoa powder-infused jam and caramelized almond accord (which got Darroze ruminating on a mole sauce-soaked duck); Alien, Mugler’s woody amber floral, has been embellished with a salted buttery caramel accord (for which Darroze suggests a bean-based dessert); and Womanity has received a boost via an essence of fig chutney that has been subtly spiced with sweet vinegar (Darroze envisions a similarly flavored hors d’oeuvre here topped with a few beads of caviar). Sadly, Darroze herself isn’t available to whip up these dishes in your own kitchen, but the inspiration is certainly enough to get you started on the right track—or at least make you hungry.