April 18 2014

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Beyoncé Nails It In New York


Last night we had the pleasure, nay, honor of seeing Beyoncé in concert at Madison Square Garden. We laughed, we cried (literally), and we marveled at the pop star with every flip of her cascading honey curls and every Thierry Mugler-designed costume change. While our seats were nothing to sneeze at, it wasn’t until a close up of B. clinching the microphone appeared on the Jumbotron that we noticed her nails, a glaring opaque metallic shade that had Minx written all over them. She’s a fan of the flexible, nontoxic film nail coverings, and seeing as how we’ve sworn nothing but undying loyalty to her after a rousing encore of “Halo,” now we are too. A fellow beauty editor friend, who was sitting next to us and sporting her own houndstooth-print Minx, recommended Bliss Spa for a good selection of colors and patterns. Click here for more info.

Photo: Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Audio-Visual Begets Aroma-Audio


While trips to the opera offer sensory explorations in sight and sound (and taste, if you help yourself to refreshments during intermission), smell has long been ignored by this grand tradition of musical theater. But with the debut of Scent Opera, all of that’s about to change. Sponsored by Thierry Mugler and premiering at the Guggenheim on May 31, Green Aria is a libretto written by Stewart Matthew that uses 23 unique scents designed by famed perfumer Christophe Laudamiel to tell the story. That’s right—there won’t be any singing at this show. Instead, six-second sequences of perfume chords will do the narrating, with original music composed by Nico Muhly and Valgeir Sigurdsson for accompaniment. A one-of-a-kind scent organ engineered by Fläkt Woods will pump the dry fragrances into “scent microphones” attached to each seat at the museum’s Peter B. Lewis Theater. The idea is to create a new connection between mind and scent, insofar as audience members will have to decipher each smell as it relates to the plot line. The unfolding narrative will therefore take on something of a “choose your own adventure” quality, wherein familiar scents may evoke the same images for everyone and less familiar scents will be left to personal interpretation. Intrigued? The evening performances sold out pretty quickly, but there are still seats available for the 4:30 showing on Monday, June 1.

Photo: Courtesy of Works and Process

Mugler’s Angel Hits The Beach


Between the debut of the Thierry Mugler Edition collection in Paris last month and costuming Beyoncé’s world tour, Thierry Mugler’s comeback appears to be in full swing. Appropriately enough, his iconic fragrances are also working their way back into the spotlight. Naomi Watts signed on to be the new face of the Angel franchise last fall, and a limited-edition, seasonal special of the patchouli and vanilla-tinged perfume hits counters this week. Called Angel Sunessence, the eau de toilette boasts bergamot and exotic hibiscus notes so that it’s slightly softer than the classic scent, which has carried a certain “love it or hate it” reputation since appearing in the mid-nineties. (We will forever remember the spicy gourmand as the prominent aroma in the hallways of our high school. It was…overpowering, to say the least.) The new version comes in the same star-shaped flacon, although it’s been given a slight makeover, with a crystalline blue facade embedded with silver sparkles. For fans of the brand, it’s a necessary purchase for the coming months. For everyone else, prepare yourselves for the repercussions of another round of universal overspritzing.

Photo: Courtesy of Thierry Mugler

A Sample Sale For Fragrance Fiends


If you managed to avoid the lure and the lines of Black Friday, you’re not in the clear just yet as far as holiday shopping temptation goes. Today is Cyber Monday, when online retailers hope to cash in with their own version of early-morning openings and in-store sales. To help you safely satisfy your beauty product lust in these trying economic times, allow us to direct your attention to (the name similarity to our own daily musings is purely coincidental). In addition to free shipping on its myriad makeup, skincare, and deluxe gift set offerings, the site, which relaunched last month, also sells perfume sample bottles at a fraction of their retail cost. A full, albeit unboxed, slightly scratched flacon of Thierry Mugler’s Angel thus rings in at a cool $35.90, rather than $68. And a tester bottle of Chanel’s Allure eau de parfum, in perfect working order, sans cap, is $85 rather than $110. They also offer miniature collectible fragrances, some of which are priced under $10, so you can live beyond your means while staying perfectly within your budget.

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Angel Gets Its Wings Clipped


In 1992, Thierry Mugler was something of a demigod. In addition to costuming George Michael’s epic“Too Funky” video, he unleashed Angel onto the world, sending women all over the globe into a gourmand-oriental-twinged frenzy. Even if you didn’t wear Angel, it’s likely you still associate its overpowering patchouli top notes with that specific era of your life. You may have been dabbling in Davidoff or Miyake, but everyone else was bathing in Mugler. After 16 years and a cult following that you can still smell in a crowded room, the French designer is staging an olfactory comeback of sorts with Angel Les Parfums Corps, a complete body-care line formulated with a new technology that lets you apply his classic scent to your skin in a variety of long-lasting textures—gel, cream, lotion, oil, mist, and spray, each with the staying power of an eau de parfum. The line will be available in stores this fall, but the new as-yet-unreleased-to-the-public commercial, starring Naomi Watts, is exclusively available for your viewing pleasure here.