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Purple Passion: The Dialogue Continues


As mentioned on a few different occasions prior to this post, purple is at the top of the It colors list this season, frequently showing up on eyes and nails—typically in its metallic amethyst incarnation—at select events and in even more select glossies. But the November issue of Numéro is the first time that I’ve seen the color in such opacity on lips—outside of those Tim Walker Juicy Couture ads with Lisa Cant and the multicolored surfboards, that is. Makeup artist Lloyd Simmons wasn’t playing around when he whipped up this shade of blue-violet. The color is so, well, vivid, that I’m currently looking at Ali Stephens’ furrowed brow and staring back at her with the same expression, having trouble formulating an opinion as to whether the hue is exceptional or off-putting. Either way, I am, shall we say, taken with it. You?

Photo: Greg Kadel for Numéro 98, November 2008