August 22 2014

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Reminiscing With…Makeup Artist Tina Turnbow


clinique-lipstick-dubonnetThe pro: Celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow

The product: “My mom passed away quite some time ago. But her beauty regime will stay with me forever. As a kid, I would sit next to her on the floor near her vanity and watch her apply makeup perfectly. It always looked luminous and fresh. She had milky porcelain skin and auburn hair with hazel eyes. When she was in her teens, she over-plucked her eyebrows and they never grew back. So she would always draw in her brows, and then apply her lip color. She only used one shade—it was in her purse, her medicine cabinet, on her vanity, everywhere! She’d pull out this magical silver tube of Clinique lipstick in DuBonnet—a warm, rosy red—and apply it to her upper lip in a heart shape, from the outer corners in, then back and forth on the bottom. She’d finish by dabbing it on her cheeks and blending it into a healthy flush with her fingertips. Her natural beauty came to life at that moment, and I was always in awe of the transformation. This technique has stayed with me as a makeup artist. I love cream blush and have been known to use lipstick on cheeks and my fingers to blend [in makeup]. I try to bring out a woman’s [features] in an effortless way. I still love toasty pink makeup tones, as well as rose scents. (For as long as I can remember, my mother’s fragrance was Tea Rose by Perfumer’s Workshop.) I also have a rose tattoo on my arm. In a way, it’s like my mother is always with me.”

The Oxygen Network


Oxygen facials peaked on spa menus a few years back, promising to make skin dewy and plump with mists of the refreshing, pure molecule. Despite hype and devotion from celebs (read: Madonna), dermatologists were skeptical of the lasting benefits. Now it seems oxygen is poised for a comeback—this time in the form of elixirs, creams, and even makeup infused with that atmospheric element. But the question remains: Do these O2 fixes improve your skin’s health in the long run? We tested out the latest offerings, asked the pros for their opinion, and discovered some surprising results.

The Product: Philosophy Oxygen Boost Daily Energizing Oxygen Elixir, $50,

The Claim: A companion product to the brand’s popular Oxygen Peel (which is meant to mimic the results of an oxygen facial at home), this lightweight lotion contains a veil of oxygen that aims to clarify, detoxify, and energize the skin.

The Expert’s Take: “Overall, I think the Philosophy oxygen collection is good, but I’m still skeptical of oxygen as an ingredient that does anything beneficial for the skin,” says Washington, D.C.-based dermatologist Elizabeth. “I don’t think it’s harmful in any way, just useless.”

The Experience: We can’t say for certain if it was the O2 or the blend of botanicals in this formula, but the lotion went on with a perfect velvety texture and gave our skin an amazingly moist, morning-dew-on-petals effect. Hard science aside, we’re sold.

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An Eau For Hussein; Botox: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly; And More…


Givenchy, Fendi, and Bottega Veneta have all announced they’re launching fragrances this fall. Now Hussein Chalayan has beat them to it. Airborne, the designer’s new unisex eau, will launch at London’s Dover Street Market in July. [WWD]

Mother Nature, too, is inspiring fragrances. After launching EFJ Eyjafjallajoekull, a women’s perfume made from melt water from the glacier sitting on top of the Eyjafjoell volcano that erupted in Iceland last year, local designer Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir has debuted VJK Vatnajoekull, a men’s fragrance tied to last week’s volcanic eruption in the region. [AP]

The use of Botox by younger people as a preventative measure has come under fire as new scientific research argues that excessive use of the toxin over a long period of time can cause muscles to waste away, thus making the face appear inadvertently aged. [Daily Mail]

New York Times contributor Dominique Browning tackles overuse of the ‘Tox in her recent editorial for the paper, alleging that we abuse the popular injectable and that women need to start speaking up when acquaintances take it too far. “If her friends don’t, who will?” [NYT]

And in an opposing view, designer Lela Rose tells makeup artist Tina Turnbow that
Botox and Juvederm are the things she splurges on to make her happy. “They make me feel and look much fresher and younger. It’s like an injection of confidence.” To each her own. [T]

Photo: Marcio Madeira /

Mother Knows Best


Mothers may occasionally drive us batty (and can be more critical of our wardrobe choices than anyone else in our lives), but they tend to also be a pretty wise bunch—particularly when it comes to beauty matters. With Mother’s Day right around the corner (put your flower orders in now), we asked some of our favorite beauty insiders to share the wisdom, tips, tricks, and secrets their own maternal figures have passed along to them. The overlying advice? When in doubt, D.I.Y.

Pati Dubroff, Clarins celebrity beauty artist

“My mother always taught me not to forget the neck, the skin behind the ears and the chest when applying masks, face creams, even eye creams. Anything left on the fingertips goes beyond the face. Recently an actress who is my same age remarked that my neck was ‘holding up well,’ and I’m sure it’s a result of this practice.”

François Nars, founder of NARS Cosmetics

“Blush is one of my favorite products and it’s because my mother used to be so fond of it. She would never leave the house without it. And if she ever didn’t have blush on, she would pinch her cheeks. It always made her feel better.”

Alexandra Balahoutis, founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes

“My mother introduced me to authentic Turkish rosewater. She would always make sure I had a bottle and encouraged me to mist it on my face and hair. I don’t know if she even knew of the powerful antiaging components of rose, but I still use rosewater every day. And my great grandmother who lived to be 104 always told me to wash my face with buttermilk.”

Cynthia Chua, founder of Strip Ministry of Waxing

“One of the best things [my mom] has taught me is this wonderful remedy of myrrh oil for a mouth abrasion, which always works almost instantaneously. She also taught me to drink a glass of hot water infused with lemon first thing every morning to aid your liver in flushing out unwanted toxins from your body.”

Vincent Longo, makeup artist and founder of Vincent Longo cosmetics

“My grandmother always had the most beautiful-looking skin and gorgeous silver hair; it was long down to her buttocks and she would keep it braided and wrapped perfectly around her head. I remember how every morning before braiding it she would wash it and then comb a little almond oil through. She would then take an extra dab of almond oil and rub it over her face. To this day it’s my favorite product for my hair and skin and one of the only ones I always use!”

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Get A Leg Up On Spring


This winter was unbearably long, but after many, many months of being resigned to a rotating wardrobe of heavyweight opaque tights and jeans over those aforementioned tights, the temperature is finally rising…which means our wardrobe is shrinking. The problem is, it’s been a very long time since our legs have seen the light of day, and while they were hibernating, they’ve somehow morphed into pudgy, pasty, furry limbs. Here, to help you get used to the idea of—gulp—shorts, we’ve compiled a top ten list of products and expert tips. Your gams will be ready for their Spring debut in no time.

No Pain, All Gain

While they certainly won’t replace time logged in at the gym, this trio of leg-toning potions does help firm, stimulate circulation, and combat water retention. Super by Dr. Perricone’s Supermodel Legs uses chili pepper capsaicin to do the job, while Origins infuses menthol into its Leg Lifts to impart a tingly, invigorating effect. For a refreshing and revitalizing finish, a slick of Dr. Hauschka’s Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner should do you just fine.

Try It: Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Supermodel Legs, $30,; Origins Leg Lifts, $20,; and Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner, $34.95,

Razor Sharp

As the temperature goes up, so too does your shaving frequency. For the smoothest depilatory experience, dermatologist Dr. Sapna Westley advises wetting hair in warm water for three to five minutes prior to shaving to soften the skin and prevent irritation. “Always use a shaving cream or gel, ideally a fragrance-free version to avoid razor burn,” she says, adding that it’s equally important to change the blade weekly, and shave in the direction of hair growth.

Try It: Schick Intuition Natural Sensation Razor, $9.99,

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